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How to design a guest toilet with shower even with limited space – 50+ images.

Anyone who often has visitors will appreciate a guest toilet. If it is also a guest toilet with shower, it makes the stay more pleasant not only for the visitor, but also for the host, because the sharing of the large bathroom is eliminated.

Open floor level shower and modern vanity cabinet in white for a chic guest restroom

However, since the guest bathroom is usually very small, many people don’t even think of integrating a shower and creating an entire guest bathroom in this way. Thereby, with the right planning, a guest toilet with shower can be put together even in the smallest space.

Guest toilet with shower in white and niche for washing machine

Therefore, we have a few tips on how to plan a guest toilet with shower. With their help, you will learn what options are available to turn a small guest toilet into a compact, yet useful bathroom that will definitely fulfill its usefulness.

Guest WC with shower – what is required?

Attractive bathroom idea with blue hexagon tiles and white furniture

The smaller the space to be planned, the more important it is to prepare it properly. You do not have much room to maneuver, so it is especially important that you know the exact dimensions, based on which you can subsequently locate the appropriate furniture such as sink and washbasin for guest toilet, as well as the right shower size, cabinets and toilet. When planning the guest toilet with shower, also consider windows, doors and niches in the room .

Mini guest toilet with shower with silver radiator and marble tiles

Sketch a floor plan and first consider where to put the most important elements – shower, toilet and sink. Only after these have been distributed, you can think about the secondary pieces of furniture and accessories, which include shelves and cabinets for storage space, bathroom radiators, decorations and the like. Be careful with the amount, however, because a small room can very quickly look cluttered. Mirrors can be used generously, as they visually enlarge the space.

Minimalist industrial bathroom design in black for visiting

Since it is a particularly small room and therefore moisture collects especially, it is recommended to design the room exclusively with waterproof materials to avoid mold. For example, tiles are ideal for the guest toilet, as well as furniture made of plastic. Wooden furniture is less suitable, as the high humidity could ruin it in the long run. An exception is bathrooms with completely closed wet room, but they need a window or a vent to allow the steam to escape.

Guest toilet with shower minimum size

Floor level shower with shower tray and minimalist vanity cabinet in small bathroom

By and large, the optimal WC dimensions depend mostly on what you want to fit in your small guest bathroom. For the shower, you should plan for at least 70 x 70 cm. If you then add the toilet and a small sink, 4 square meters is the ideal size for a mini guest toilet with shower. With 6 square meters, you already get plenty more room to maneuver.

Guest WC with shower and sloping roof functional furnishings

But this does not mean that you can not design a smaller room with a wet room. Since the room will be used by guests not permanently, but temporarily, great freedom of movement is not necessarily the first priority. And as you will learn below and see from our guest bathroom ideas, there are the most diverse variants for showers and ways of installation that you can use to save space.

If you can’t imagine the layout of the room despite the sketched floor plan, you can also cut out the shapes of the toilet, shower and sink from paper or cardboard in full size and distribute them in the room. In this way, for the guest toilet with shower, the size can be super illustrate.

Color accents in guest toilet with shower - petrol green wall and Moroccan tiles.

Cabinets, washbasins and vanity unit guest toilet

Cabinets and especially washbasins are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Thus, quite quickly find the perfect model for your needs – small, narrow or but for the corner. In terms of cabinets and shelves, floating variants are the most suitable, as they leave the floor free and in this way make the room look more spacious.

An alcove is handy for showers or built-in cabinets

Existing niches can be used not only for the shower. Especially if it is quite small, it is perfect for a built-in cabinet or shelf. It is not uncommon, however, that a washing machine can also find a place there . In general, in a small room, it is necessary to effectively use every free corner and wall to get the best out of it.

The shower for the guest bathroom

Guest WC with shower practical and comfortable furnishings

Although you may still not want to believe it, but you can integrate a shower even if you design even a very small guest bathroom. Here, the guest bathroom with shower can resort to the most diverse types of shower enclosures.

Gray modern tiles in stone look for a small guest bathroom 4 sq.m.

In small rooms, floor-level showers are probably the best option. The fact that the floor is level throughout not only creates a more spacious feeling, but the room also remains free of annoying thresholds, steps, edges and corners. Floor-level showers can be lockable or semi-open with a simple glass shower partition that protects the toilet from the water, for example.

Space saving solution with folding shower and rain shower head

Instead of an open shower, would you rather be able to close the shower completely, but you think you don’t have enough space for it? Then you should know that the doors of the shower can be not only static or sliding. Practically, you can choose glass doors, for example, if you set up a guest toilet with shower 2 sq.m., which can move freely and face inward when the shower is not in use. You can see such an example in the picture above. When opened, they form a square room.

Otherwise, you can also choose the classic sliding doors or resort to folding models, with which you get more freedom of movement when the shower is not in use.

Guest WC with shower in a narrow room - idea with and without glass partition

You have only a tiny room and want to create a guest toilet with shower 1.5 sq.m.? Then the best option is to turn the room itself into the shower (see above left). So you get a large wet room, in which there is also a small toilet and a small sink, respectively, hanging. The disadvantage of this is that when you shower, the toilet also gets wet, but as long as the lid is down in the process, the toilet seat remains dry and nothing stands in the way of going to the toilet.

Small guest toilet with shower ideas

Tiny bathroom furnish and design in bright colors

Below you will find a gallery and sample bathrooms that you can use as inspiration. Thereby are equally guest bathrooms viewed from the bird’s eye view, which you can use as an inspiration for the floor plan in the guest toilet with shower. Look at the pictures for guest toilet and convince yourself that not much space is needed to create a successful and comfortable guest bathroom.

Design guest toilet with shower small – toilet and sink in small format.

Pendant lights as decoration in monochrome guest bathroom and wood as an accent

Idea with indirect lighting in blue

Beautiful and modern idea with square corner shower and blue light

Small sink with base cabinet for guest toilet in industrial style

Black hexagon tiles as accent wall and industrial style accents - metal and wood combined

Large sink in guest toilet and half-open shower

Glass partition for a semi-open shower in a narrow bathroom for guests

Visitor toilet modern design

White guest toilet with shower with colorful patchwork accent wall

Toilet modern design in monochrome look

Minimalist and monochrome in gray with practical layout of shower, toilet and sink

Partition between shower and toilet

Monochrome guest bathroom with floor-level shower enclosure and black tiles

Guest toilet ideas with open shower look more spacious

Open shower with bench and partition forms niche for wash cabinet with sink

Corner shower with shower tray

Corner shower in minimalist guest bathroom in gray and white

Create a small washroom for visitors

A comfortable guest bathroom doesn't have to be big

Folding glass shower door

Folding shower doors for guest bathroom wet room save space

Irregularly shaped shower area in the toilet

Guest toilet with shower - ideas, pictures and inspirations for different room sizes.

Space-saving folding doors for the corner in the guest bathroom

Guest WC with shower with practical glass doors that fold inwards

Washbasin, built-in shelf and large mirror

Guest toilet with shower modern furnishings - Bright tiles and wet room

Guest WC washbasin as a space-saving alternative to a vanity unit

Guest WC with shower, built-in shelves and small, space-saving sink

White guest bathroom with accents of turquoise mosaic and vanity unit in gray

Guest bathroom without windows and with lots of lighting

Combination of tiles in wood and stone look

Spacious wet room with indirect lighting for visitors and wood look tiles

Large wet room and small toilet area with mini sink

Large shower in guest bathroom and small sink without cabinet

White bathroom with mosaic accent wall – Spacious shower with sliding doors

Large wet room, green mosaic tiles and white bathroom furniture

Minimalist and chic creates a feeling of pure luxury

Semi open shower floor level design for a more spacious feel in the guest bathroom

Wood look shower area and built-in cabinet above toilet

Semi-open shower enclosure, bathroom cabinet and shelf - wood look, combined with white

Private, purist shower toilet for visitors with hexagon tiles

Hexagon tiles for the walls and white vanity with sink

Fully enclosed wet room allows the use of wood in the rest of the guest bathroom

Wood in guest bathroom with enclosed wet room as shower

Shower with glass door in a wall niche

Idea for glass door and built-in shelves in small bathroom

Guest WC washbasin with small vanity unit

Small guest toilet with shower open with glass partition wall

Luxurious marble tiles and built-in cabinet

Small guest toilet with shower and built-in cabinet - Brown stone-look tiles

Comfort in the mini-bathroom despite small open space

Small guest bathroom in brown and white

Artful decorative wall pleases the eye of guests

Luxurious guest bathroom with accent wall and shower with sliding door

Idea for small guest bathroom with shower area and large mirror

Large mirrors make the small bathroom look visually larger

Guest toilet with shower floor plan and bird’s eye view

Large 6.5 sqm guest bathroom with floor plan as interior design idea

Spacious guest toilet with washing cabinet in the floor plan

Large window in a small bathroom - floor plan for a 6 square meter WC

Guest WC with shower 3 sqm

Floor plan for guest toilet with shower 3 sqm with sink and vanity unit

Guest WC with shower 2.5 sqm

Tiny guest bathroom with shower stall and washing machine in a wall niche

Alcove with shelf and washing machine

Floor plan idea from above - corner shower, built-in shelf in an alcove and toilet with wall unit

In the small bathroom use the walls for hanging furniture and accessories

Small guest bathroom with corner shower from bird's eye view in floor plan

Guest WC with shower 2 sqm

Mini guest toilet with shower 2.5 sqm and toilet - floor plan idea

Guest WC idea in natural colors and with many plants

Open bathroom design with partition between toilet and shower

Instead of shower choose a tub with glass partition for showering

Idea for a tub with shower function in a more spacious guest toilet