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How to decorate your small bathroom with a Murano mirror

Bathroom is really one of the most important rooms in the house. We use it every day to maintain our health and hygiene and get ready for the day every morning. Although it is a small space, the bathroom has a huge impact on our daily lives. Most people don’t have the luxury of a large or even medium sized bathroom, which poses an interesting problem of how to decorate such a small space. Decorating can easily become cluttered in such a limited space. To inspire you, we’ve put together our favorite ideas for decorating a small bathroom with Venetian flair.

Interesting ideas for a bathroom with Venetian and contemporary design

Bathroom with beautiful vintage style mirror

Do you want to bring the romantic atmosphere of Venice and Florence into your own bathroom? Characteristic of the Venetian style are ornate decorations, precious textiles, Murano glass and precious natural stones. These can also harmoniously fit into the modern bathroom.

Vintage bathroom with Mediterranean flair

A great way to keep things tidy in a small bathroom is to have a few baskets and trays where you can store perfumes and toiletries. Place them in the cabinets of your bathroom or install a few hanging shelves. A standing decorative toilet paper holder takes up very little space and is also a decorative element. Add a pop of color by choosing a roll in a shade that contrasts with your bathroom’s color scheme.

How about some beautiful colors?

small bathroom with venetian design

When it comes to decorating, color is a real wonder weapon. For example, typical colors for Venetian-Moorish style are beige, red and gold. These can transform a wet room into a chic bathroom. If you apply beige as the main color, the bathroom will become a very relaxing place where you can have a good rest. Bathroom accessories in contrasting colors will then provide cheerful splashes of color.

With a Murano mirror, any bathroom will become a magical place

With a Murano mirror any bathroom becomes a beautiful place

An easy way to bring Venetian style into a small bathroom is with a Murano mirror. Murano glass is a special style of glass that is handmade and often has a quilted or mosaic appearance. These decorative glass pieces are made by Murano master craftsmen or highly skilled glass artisans in Murano, Italy, who use vibrant colors. All Murano pieces are hand-blown glass. Many of the hand tools used by the glass masters date back to the Middle Ages. Murano glass includes everything from vases and chandeliers to Christmas ornaments and glass beads. A Murano mirror is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom.

each Murano glass piece is unique and handmade

But how can you tell if the Murano glass is real? The best way to find a genuine Murano mirror is to visit the island of Murano in Venice and buy directly from the manufacturer. Since this is not possible for many people, you can view Murano mirrors online at While each Murano glass piece is unique because it is handmade, some features indicate that it is genuine. The more features you find on your piece, the better the chances are that it is a genuine Murano mirror.

Unique Murano mirror

Because of the way the colors are layered, there will likely be small imperfections, such as air bubbles. No lead is used in Murano glass, so even the clear glass is never completely clear. In hand blown glass, there is sometimes a pontil mark or scar of some sort where the rod has been separated from the glass. You can find it on the bottom of the glass and feel that it is not completely smooth.