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How bathroom design can look modern and go beyond simple functionality by making a statement

Nowadays, personal care is essential, with many people also making the bathroom design modern and luxurious to express their personal taste. Therefore, a simple and functional space is no longer enough to serve this purpose. Bathrooms, accordingly, have evolved beyond functional spaces to something completely different – something much more expressive.

Integrate your own taste into the bathroom design modern

minimalist and luxury bathroom design made modern and comfortable

According to experts, a currently designed statement bathroom should make you feel like you’re in your own spa. This means luxurious finishes and decor that feel more like something high-end than an ordinary bathroom. Moreover, the expressive elements not only make the bathroom design modern, but also bring more comfort to this sometimes underrated living area. In this regard, it is recommended to start with a surface or surface type that will give the bathroom a special finish. Whether it’s an eye-catching natural stone countertop or a handcrafted custom tile, it’s up to your own taste. The important thing is to create a special or unexpected effect.

Turning the bathroom into a wet room

marble wall cladding in shower stall combined with black furniture

Traditional old bathrooms with painted walls are no longer in vogue, according to designers. In comparison, fully tiled wet rooms with added spa features, like rain showers and larger shower enclosures, are all the rage. Creating a standout wet room is all about framing views. Centering the tub or creating a captivating composition could be the appropriate solution here. For the ultimate luxury experience, a bench, steam shower and perhaps some jets can also be added to the shower, for example. More and more people are also opting for walk-in showers and wet rooms instead of bathtubs, while also switching from smaller shower stalls to much larger shower areas. This is combined with colorful and patterned tiles as a trend . The whole thing could create a stunning wall or backdrop.

Eliminate the visual clutter

more order and cozy bathroom design modern with rolled bath towels and pictures

Regardless of personal interior design aesthetics, experts note that maximizing the wellness effect requires a minimalist approach to an eye-catching bathroom. Obtaining more space for everything is crucial in this regard. This creates a calm environment while leaving no visible clutter in the bathroom. Even when adding smaller details, they should be intentional to act as a statement in the bathroom. Any added design elements should also enhance the calm feel of the bathroom and not clutter the space.

double sink according to the latest bathroom trends 2022 with pendant light and mirrors

Before any bathroom design modern updates are made to an area, it is important to consider how much space is left for storage. Most people prefer vanities with tons of enclosed storage. However, if the need for storage furniture is balanced elsewhere, this provides a little more flexibility. For example, small bathrooms can incorporate nice shelving above the toilet for extra towel storage or medicine cabinets.

Add plants

biophilic design for chic small bathroom with bathtub and gray stone tiles on the wall

Biophilic design focuses on the need to expose people more to the natural world. This can be achieved by adding greenery and natural materials to the built environment and interior spaces. Accordingly, the bathroom can be transformed into a kind of sanctuary where there is a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, adding plants is a way to both keep the bathroom design modern and make the space feel like a lush retreat. Aside from personal care, it’s natural to surround yourself with plenty of greenery.

Enrich the bathroom design modern with lighting and texture

contemporary and subtle bathroom lighting with emerald green tiles

Choosing light sources for the bathroom is no easy task. If it goes wrong, it can create an unpleasant and even stressful atmosphere in the room. A practical solution to this is to add dimmers to light switches so that the lighting level becomes controllable. In this regard, even the smallest details could bring the bathroom to a statement level. To that end, the right accessories can make all the difference. A stool or ledge for candles, as well as a diffuser, can be the appropriate addition to the shower area or bathtub in this case. A wireless speaker nearby for some soft tunes would also be recommended.

Add mirror and follow the bathroom trends wisely

stylish bathroom trends 2022 with more plants and wood as natural design elements

Putting a mirror in the bathroom is not exactly fashionable, but its placement can be. According to designers, natural-looking mirrors above sinks or bathtubs are a trend that is constantly growing in 2022. Hanging a mirror horizontally on the wall above the tub also acts as an eye-catcher and instantly makes the room look much bigger. As for the latest bathroom trends, your own concept of an eye-catching bathroom might not always harmonize with it. For example, an increasingly popular trend is to combine metals. The trick here is to create contrast so that the design doesn’t appear flawed. For example, if the main metal in a bathroom is polished nickel, it will pair well with brass accents in the mirror or on the light fixtures.

how to make a bathroom design modern according to the current bathroom trends with metals

Hardware such as handles and knobs, moreover, in bathroom design according to the latest trends, should be considered as jewelry or ornamentation, and not just as functional finger grips. This approach makes the combination of metals look more natural. Although wallpapers are not everyone’s cup of tea, they could make bathroom design modern and eye-catching, especially in small rooms. A backsplash with tiles or stones behind the sink, as well as a lighted mirror are other accents that could make the bathroom extra expressive.