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Winter decorations for outside: creative DIY ideas to make your outdoor space super cozy this season

If you always get sad when it comes time to take down your Christmas decorations, winter gives you the opportunity to decorate all season long. Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you can’t invite friends over to enjoy a hot tea on your patio. And it will be the coziest greeting for visitors to find everything decorated. It’s time to get hands-on and create a cozy winter decoration for outside.

Winter decoration for outside do it yourself

How to make winter decorations for outside yourself

First, put away the pumpkins, leaf garlands, scarecrows, and any decorations that remind you of the harvest season. Make room for the fresh, new winter decorations .

Try using bolder colors for this. Instead of the beautiful oranges, rusts and golds used in fall decor, try cooler colors like burgundy, deep blue and classic black.

Hang a beautiful winter wreath on your front door – evergreen, a decorated straw or grapevine wreath. Probably one of the prettiest and easiest ways to add a winter touch to your entrance.

DIY evergreen star wreath

Winter decoration for outside - immegrüner star wreath

This evergreen star wreath will greet your guests and look fantastic doing it. Grab a wooden or foam star shape and some evergreen branches and twigs from your garden and get to work. Try to trim your branches to maintain the star shape you want. Use twine, hot glue and some adhesive spray to secure the branches and hold your evergreen star together.

Make winter wreath with old scarf

Make your own winter wreath from old scarf

You can get this simple winter wreath in just 10 minutes, using materials you already have at home:

  • Straw wreath (in a size that fits your door).
  • a long scarf (each of us has one that hasn’t been worn in years)
  • 1 pair of gloves (the snowflakes on them add an extra wintry touch)
  • a few pine cones
  • safety pin

In just 3 steps, it’s ready:

  • Wrap the scarf around the wreath, making sure to cover it thoroughly, and secure it to the back with a safety pin.
  • Secure each of the gloves with a safety pin (do this inside the glove to hide the pin).
  • Attach the pine cones to the wreath with safety pins.

If the scarf already has a tassel, you can simply split the strands in half to make the ends for the bow. Otherwise, you can just use yarn or even a pretty ribbon.

Winter decoration for outside: make your own ice lanterns

How to make an ice lantern for outside

Celebrate the chilly temperatures with a craft you can make with your kids. Create one or more magical ice lanterns to place on the front steps.

You will need two empty tin cans, one small enough to fit inside the other. Add artificial greenery and berries, stones or other heavy objects, a ribbon and tea lights. Put a small amount of water in the larger tin can and then place the smaller one inside. Add a few stones to the smaller tin can. The tops of the two tin cans should be level, use tape for this. Stick the greens and berries in the water between the two tins and pour in some more liquid. Once temperatures drop below freezing, place the cans outside to freeze overnight. If it’s too warm outside, just put them in the freezer.

Winter decorations for the outside windowsill

Winter decoration with flower boxes for the outside windowsill

Design is a very personal thing, but the trend in recent years is to use natural objects and greenery in winter decor. When designing your window boxes, consider the overall look and style of your home.

Any evergreen plant will work, but using a variety of branches can be a great look. It looks great to have branches of similar length either straight up or protruding slightly downward. Remember, you don’t have to fill the entire window box unless you can see the entire top from the inside or outside.

Next comes some color: berries, real or fake (just make sure they’re labeled “weatherproof” if you’re using artificial ones), but here’s where you can get really creative: artificial plants, ornaments, pine cones, feathers, and anything else.

Give the cozy garden bench a winter feel

Enchant the garden bench with cozy pillows and blankets

If it’s cold outside but calm, you can enjoy a hot tea outside in the fresh air wearing a thick winter jacket and ski pants. A cozy pillow and a warm blanket will protect you from the fresh winds. The garden bench is the perfect place to spend some time outdoors.

Winter decoration for outside: winter baskets

Decorate the house walkway with these simple winter baskets

Short on time but still want to add a DIY element to your winter patio? Fill a few baskets with firewood, pine branches and cones, and you’ll add some personality to your decor.

Skate decor for the trees in your backyard.

A creative decoration idea with Schltt shoes for winter

Hang some old skates on a tree in your garden and complete the scene with evergreen branches and a few feathers.