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Which fertilizer to choose for strawberries? With these variants, your fruits are guaranteed to grow big and juicy!

Strawberries have become standard in almost every hobby garden. Even on balconies and terraces, these delicious fruits are cultivated with pleasure, ease and frequency. If you, too, would like to dare this year and indulge in this summer delight, you should, of course, deal with the proper care. And this includes fertilizing. After all, the plants need strength through nutrients to be able to form healthy, large and tasty fruits. We devote ourselves to this very topic in this article: which fertilizer for strawberries can and should be used best?

What fertilizer for strawberries should you use?

What fertilizer to use for strawberries - organic or mineral

With so many fertilizers to choose from, finding the right one seems like no easy task. But this is not entirely true, because beginners can also quickly find strawberry fertilizer in stores, which is specifically designed for the needs of this plant. Strawberry plants need, first of all, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

It is important to know that only everbearing varieties should be fertilized in the spring and at planting, and then every two weeks. If you have chosen a variety that bears fruit only once, it is not necessary to give fertilizer in the spring, but in the fall, when these varieties form their flower buds. What other fertilizer is suitable for strawberries, besides the strawberry fertilizer available in stores?

Organic fertilizers

What fertilizer is best for strawberries - tips for garden and balcony.

It will not surprise you that compost, organic fertilizer is perfectly suitable for strawberries. However, it is necessary to choose the right compost. In fact, the conventional one is quite salty, which the strawberry plants do not like very much. They prefer soils that are low in nutrients and humus. Therefore, leaf humus is the best choice or bark humus, for example.

When and how to always bear and once-bearing strawberry varieties.

If you do not have compost available, manure ( especially horse manure ), which you can get at a farm, is also suitable. Whether the strawberry plants go in the bed or in a pot/tub, the selected fertilizer is first mixed directly into the soil. Compost and manure is a high-quality slow-release fertilizer, so the plants are well and permanently supplied first.

Mineral strawberry fertilizer

Strawberry plants need sufficient nutrients

Mineral fertilizers are suitable to a limited extent, as this is very salty, which, as mentioned, does not particularly please the strawberry plants. Promoted rather the growth of leaves, while the formation of fruit is somewhat lacking. If, then many gardeners opt specifically for the blue grain. A good alternative idea would be to combine organic and mineral fertilizer, but only if you do not value organic quality. In this case, be sure to use organic biofertilizer.

Making fertilizer for strawberries yourself

What fertilizer to buy for strawberries - compost, manure and from the kitchen.

You do not have the desire or time to go to the garden center, nor to visit a farm? And you don’t have compost either because you don’t have a garden and want to cultivate your strawberry plants on your balcony? No problem! Then you can easily make your own fertilizer for strawberries in pots. And the best thing is that this is also suitable for bedding plants.

Tea and coffee grounds as fertilizer for strawberries.

What fertilizer for strawberries - coffee grounds for fertilizing plants.

Coffee grounds contain all three of the minerals we mentioned above, making them a wonderful fertilizer for your strawberry plant. At the same time, its acidity also balances the pH of the soil. However, coffee grounds alone are not enough and must be combined with an additional agent (1:1). Blue grain, but also horn meal is ideally suited. Horn meal works wonderfully here due to its high nitrogen content. Use the mixture with coffee grounds in an amount of 15 g per square meter in spring. After the harvest, you can fertilize everbearing varieties again with 40 g per square meter.

Also suitable are the used tea leaves from the tea bags, for example, which you mix into the soil. However, keep in mind that tea is much weaker than coffee grounds.

Fertilize with pure wood ash

Fertilize strawberry plants with pure wood ash

Wood ash may be used as long as you are sure that it really originated from pure wood – no varnished wood and also no ash from the grill or fireplace, as it could be contaminated by metals. Otherwise, 30 g per square meter is quite enough to feed the plants.

Prepare nettle liquid manure

Make a nutrient-rich brew yourself with nettles

Very effective is also nettle liquid manure. After you have prepared the nettle liquid manure, dilute half a liter of manure with 20 liters of water and water the plantlets with it. However, do not do this too often. After all, there is a risk that the fruits will acquire a certain taste of nettle.

Crush potassium-rich banana peels

Banana peel as a natural fertilizer for potted and garden plants

Very quickly and easily you can get a good fertilizer for strawberries with the peels of the banana . All you need to do is to cut the peels into small pieces and then mix them into the substrate. For this purpose, you do not even have to wait until the hulls rot. This process then takes place gradually in the soil, gradually releasing nutrients.

Tips for the potted plants

With what to fertilize strawberry plants - home remedies and other ideas.

Potted strawberries require the same nutrients as their garden bed relatives. However, fertilizer application occurs much more frequently, every two weeks. Also, avoid the ordinary potting soil for planting the strawberry plant in the pot , as this is also very salty. The better alternative is herbal soil, which you mix with a little leaf humus.