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When to cut hibiscus: what cuts are allowed as care in August and September.

This garden beauty, if properly cared for, will delight us with lush flowers for several months. And this care includes, first of all, regular care pruning. But how and when to cut the hibiscus, depends primarily on the variety of hibiscus. For example, Chinese rose hibiscus, which is suitable as an indoor plant, is cut differently than the perennial with giant flowers. When to cut hibiscus and what cuts you can make now, especially in midsummer? We explain it to you.

Cut hibiscus – when and how much is allowed?

When to cut hibiscus - In late winter instead of autumn

When to cut back hibiscus? When it comes to care by pruning, hibiscus plants are divided into two. First, there is the more radical pruning and then even less radical and small cuts during flowering, which can be done several times a year. Pruning serves to promote the formation of new shoots and, of course, flowers and is done in late winter, preferably between early and mid-February, but no later than the end of February.

When pruning, you can be bold, because the plant is very tolerant of pruning. The branches can certainly be shortened by a third. It is best to remove only what bothers you or has grown out of shape. Now and then it is also useful to thin out the branches so that enough sunlight can also reach the inside of the crown and promote flower formation.

When to prune hibiscus - The indoor hibiscus (Chinese rose marshmallow) can always be pruned

You can cut and shape the indoor hibiscus at any time of the year without any problems. However, we recommend that you always wait until flowering is over and check beforehand to make sure that buds have not already formed. It would simply be a pity for the beautiful flowers. However, you would not harm the plant if you remove buds.

Small tip on the side: the cut branches from both garden and indoor hibiscus you can use as cuttings to get new plants .

The hibiscus with giant flowers is a perennial that withers at the end of the season. Even if the plant has already stopped producing flowers by the end of August or September, you should still wait to prune it back. Only when the above-ground parts of the plant begin to turn brown, you can shorten it to about 30 cm.

When to cut hibiscus – Why you should not shorten the flowering shrub now.

Properly care for the marshmallow with cuts for flowering splendor

Many flowering shrubs already receive pruning in the fall, and many an amateur gardener would like to do it at this time for hibiscus as well – after all, the flowering season is over anyway and the shrub no longer looks too pretty. However, you should not cut the garden hibiscus, because this will deprive it of an important frost protection for the winter. Shoot tips, which are not yet well matured, would then be more likely to suffer damage, but thereby protect the mature branches from frostbite.

Pruning in this shrub also stimulates the formation of new shoots. So, if you cut the branches now in the summer or even in the fall, most likely, by winter new shoots will appear, which are simply not robust enough to survive the sub-zero temperatures. As a result, they will most likely die and you will get sparse to no bloom next year.

Should you cut off faded hibiscus flowers?

Pluck off wilted hibiscus flowers to encourage bud formation

So with the season coming to an end, maintenance pruning or topiary is not necessary and even taboo for summer hibiscus. But what about the faded flowers? Does it make sense to remove them regularly (after all, they are not very pretty to look at either) or does this also harm the plant? Why, how and when to cut hibiscus flowers? We explain:

Hibiscus bush is quite invasive. This means that it can quickly self-propagate with its formed seeds, which is not necessarily desirable in the structured garden. To prevent this, you can cut the faded flowers, because then the plant will also not form seed pods. This maintenance pruning has another advantage: namely, the hibiscus plant puts a lot of energy into the formation of seeds, which in the end lacks it for the formation of buds. So if you remove withered flowers, the shrub can concentrate on flower formation and delight you longer with flowers.

When to cut hibiscus flowers and why you should remove them

In addition, the old flowers remain on the shoot for a while. At the latest when it rains, they thus cover the buds that have not yet opened, which can cause them to stick together. This, in turn, prevents them from developing well and opening. This can even cause the unopened buds to simply fall off.

How and when to cut hibiscus flowers?

Of course, you do not have to run incessantly in the garden and cut every flower immediately after wilting. Still, this maintenance task should be done regularly, and for this you do not even need garden tools. Just take the withered flower between your thumb and forefinger and break it off to the side. Of course, if you want, you can use pruning shears to help.

And until when to cut hibiscus flowers? The shrub can always produce new buds and flowers until the end of September. Nevertheless, removing the flowers is only recommended until September, for the same reasons that other pruning should not be done after flowering – the plant is stimulated to sprout, which can cause it damage in the winter.

How much to cut back garden hibiscus

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