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When do hydrangeas bloom depending on the species and variety? This list gives you an overview of the flowering times

Due to the fact that the hydrangea is quite easy to care for and, moreover, thrives in different light conditions, it can now be found in more and more gardens, where it impresses with its magnificent bloom. However, every newcomer surely asks himself when he can expect the flowering. Of course, this depends mainly on the variety that you have planted in your garden. We have collected the most popular varieties of hydrangeas. So, when do hydrangeas bloom?

When do hydrangeas bloom?

When do hydrangeas bloom and in which colors depending on the hydrangea species

With proper care and the right location, the blooming season generally begins around June and sometimes lasts until the end of September. However, since the flowers are still very pretty to look at even when wilted (they are also often dried for decorative purposes), they can still grace your garden even during the winter months.

And pruning after flowering is taboo anyway, because this would remove the already formed flower sprouts for the next year.

In Germany, the following species are particularly widespread and are among the most popular:

  • Oak-leaved hydrangea ( Hydrangea quercifolia ).
  • Garden hydrangea ( Hydrangea macrophylla )
  • Climbing hydrangea ( Hydrangea petiolaris )
  • Panicle hydrangea ( Hydrangea paniculata )
  • Velvet hydrangea ( Hydrangea sargentiana )
  • Snowball hydrangea ( Hydrangea arborescens )
  • Plate hydrangea ( Hydrangea serrata )

Hydrangea species and varieties and their flowering times

When do hydrangeas bloom - list of varieties and flowering times

These species are further divided into different varieties, which in turn differ in flower colors and flowering time. Below you can see a few examples of the different species and some of the typical varieties that can be found in German gardens.

When do hydrangeas bloom – oakleaf hydrangea.

When to bloom hydrangea - oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) have white colors

All varieties have a white flower color, but differ in the time of flowering. The neutral colors combine well with bold flower colors of other flowers or shrubs. It’s best to guide yourself by your variety’s bloom time to find the perfect bloom partner. When do hydrangeas of this type bloom?

Starting in May:

  • ‘Alice’ (through June)

From June:

  • ‘Pee Wee’ (through the end of July)

From July:

  • ‘Snowflake’ (until September)

When do hydrangeas of the species ‘Garden Hydrangea’ bloom?

Ball hydrangea or garden hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) bloom from May to October

In this type of hydrangea there are numerous representatives in a variety of colors and always with different flowering times. So, if you combine several with each other, you can enjoy a long flowering period throughout the season.

From May:

  • ‘Endless Summer’ (until September) – Learn more about this variety here.
  • ‘Kanmara’ (until September)
  • ‘Tiffany'(until September)

From June:

  • ‘Adria’ (until September)
  • Bouquet Rose’ (until September)
  • Cityline Venice’ (until end of August)
  • Magical Four Seasons ‘Amethyst’ (until October)
  • Pirates Gold’ (until September)
  • Tovelit’ (end of June until mid September)
  • ‘You and Me Romance’ (until September)

From July:

  • ‘Forever and Ever’, ‘Hanabi’ (until September)
  • Hanabi’ (until September)
  • Beacon’ (until end of September)
  • ‘Mme. Emile Moulliere’ (until October)
  • ‘Beautiful Bautznerin’ (until October)

Climbing hydrangeas and their flowering periods

When do hydrangeas bloom - climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) with flowers from May to August

The climbing hydrangeas you’ll find in the following list have white to yellow flowers that look simply wonderful on a wall or facade amidst the foliage. But when do hydrangeas of this climbing species bloom ?

From May:

  • ‘Semiola’ (until mid-June).

From June:

  • ‘Cordiflora’ (until July)
  • ‘Miranda’ (until end of July)

From July:

  • ‘Silver Lining’ (until August)

Panicle hydrangeas with their interesting flower shapes

When do hydrangeas bloom - panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata) in all colors except blue

Among panicle hydrangeas there are some representatives that begin to bloom later in the summer, while the offer for bloomers in May and June is less. But just look for yourself. Except for blue, all colors are represented here.

From May:

  • ‘Dharuma’ (through June)

From June:

  • ‘Praecox’ (until August)

From July:

  • ‘Grandiflora’ (until September)
  • Great Star’ (until September)
  • Kyushu’ (until September)
  • ‘Limelight’ (until August)
  • Little Lime’ (until September)
  • ‘Unique’ (until September)

From August:

  • ‘Phantom’ (until October)
  • Pinky Winky’ (until September)
  • Silver Dollar’ (until September)
  • Tardiva’ (until October)
  • ‘Vanilla Fraise’ (until end of September)
  • ‘Wim’s Red’ (until mid September)

Velvet hydrangea (Hydrangea sargentiana) in pink and with white flowers

When to bloom hydrangeas – The velvet hydrangeas for the whole summer

With velvet hydrangeas, you’ll find every shade from white to pink to purple. When do hydrangeas of this species bloom? Their blooming season is from spring until the end of summer.

From May:

  • ‘Hot Chocolate’ (until September)

From June:

  • ‘Kawakami’ (until August)

From July:

  • ‘Macrophylla’ (until August)
  • Mauvette’ (until August)

When do snowball hydrangeas bloom?

Snowball hydrangea or forest hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) Annabelle blooms between June and September

These specimens bloom in mid-summer and impress with their delicate white to greenish flowers. You can expect the following bloom times with them:

June onwards:

  • ‘Annabelle’ (first blooming in late June and lasting until early September) – Learn more about this variety here.

From July:

  • ‘Grandiflora’ (until early September).
  • ‘Hayes Starbust’ (until September)

Plate hydrangeas and their flowering times in Europe

Plate hydrangea (Hydrangea serrata) blooms from white to pink and purple to blue

Among the plate hydrangeas, in addition to the already mentioned colors, there are also blue representatives, so you have the complete choice in this regard. From June and into the fall, the plate hydrangeas bloom for you.

From June:

  • ‘Golden Sunlight’ (until September)
  • Kiyosumi’ (until September)
  • Rosalba’ (until September)
  • ‘Tiara'(until September)

From July:

  • ‘Bluebird’ (until October)
  • ‘Blue Deckle’ (until October)
  • ‘Impératrice Eugenie’ (until September)