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What winter vegetables to grow on the balcony? Here are the best vegetables for sowing in autumn and winter!

Summer may be over, but the gardening year still goes on, because even in autumn and winter there are still plenty of opportunities for growing vegetables. Even if we do not have our own backyard, this is not a reason for disappointment, because those who want to grow their own fruits and vegetables do not necessarily need a large garden. Even if we don’t have much space, we can still enjoy homegrown produce that is much more delicious and cost effective. There are many varieties of vegetables that can tolerate severe frost, making them perfect for sowing in the fall and winter. Want to get your gardening on this year? Then you’ve come to the right place! What winter vegetables on the balcony we can grow and what we should pay special attention? You’ll find the answers in a moment in our article!

Winter vegetables on the balcony: what you should pay attention to when growing them

what hardy vegetables for the balcony what to plant in autumn

If you want to grow winter vegetables on the balcony, you should follow several tips, because even small mistakes can ruin our harvest. And after all, we do not want that, right?

  • The right location is crucial for growing vegetables on the balcony. Even hardy plants need enough light to thrive. Southeast and southwest locations are considered optimal. You should also not underestimate the wind, because it can cause significant damage such as broken branches.
  • The right planters – If you want to grow winter vegetables on your balcony, you should also think about the planters. For a rich harvest, the vegetables need enough space for the roots. Some vegetables, on the contrary, tend to grow in height, and in this case you need a climbing support. Balcony boxes and wooden shelves are ideal for those who want to grow as many plants as possible on the balcony.

What winter vegetables to grow on the balcony?

Planting lamb's lettuce in autumn Grow lettuce on the balcony

By September at the latest, most amateur gardeners are wondering: What vegetables in the fall you could plant? To grow your own vegetables, you don’t necessarily need a big garden, and in fact there are many vegetables that do just as well on the balcony in the fall and winter.

Growing chard on the balcony

when to plant chard grow winter vegetables on the balcony

Often underestimated, but particularly healthy and full of vitamins and minerals – chard enriches our cuisine and is a very good choice for sowing in autumn and winter. The vegetable is quite robust and can even tolerate some night frost – so ideal for all amateur gardeners who want to plant winter vegetables on the balcony. Chard does best in a sunny to semi-shady location and likes moist, nutrient-rich soil. You can harvest chard as early as 8 to 10 weeks after sowing. When the leaves have grown to about 15-20 cm, you can cut them off at the stalk with a sharp knife. To be able to harvest chard several times, leave the heart leaves in the middle.

Grow kohlrabi in autumn and winter

Plant kohlrabi in autumn how to grow winter vegetables on the balcony

Most amateur gardeners grow kohlrabi mainly in the spring. But what most don’t know is that the crunchy vegetable can also be replanted for harvesting in the cooler months of the year. Kohlrabi grows very well in planting bags and pots, making it the perfect vegetable to grow on your balcony in the fall and winter. However, when planting, be aware that the tubers need more space to grow. Kohlrabi loves a sunny place, but can also thrive in partial shade. In the second case, the tubers remain a little smaller, but taste just as good. Only when watering kohlrabi need to be a little careful, because if it gets too little water, it becomes woody. If, on the contrary, we water too much, the tubers can burst.

Growing winter vegetables on the balcony: Beet

Grow beet on the balcony winter hardy vegetables

With a nutty flavor and full of healthy nutrients and vitamins – beet is another vegetable you could grow on your balcony in the fall. It can tolerate some frost and even grow outside until the end of November, so we can enjoy a great harvest even in the cold season. The first tubers are ready for harvest already 50-60 days after sowing. However, beet needs plenty of water and thorough watering is an absolute must on dry days. To thrive optimally, plant beets in containers about 20 inches deep and be sure to fertilize regularly with compost.

Growing carrots on the balcony

Growing carrots on the balcony what vegetables tolerate frost

As long as you choose the right varieties, you can also grow carrots as winter vegetables on the balcony. Small baby carrots, for example, would be ideal for this, as the normal varieties need significantly more space for the roots to grow. Once carrots have had some frost, they taste even sweeter and more delicious. Carrots are a root vegetable and no matter what variety you choose, you should use a pot or container to grow them that has enough room for them to grow and thrive. Also, make sure to keep at least 20 inches of space between each seed.

Growing radishes on the balcony

how to grow hardy vegetables on the balcony planting radishes in autumn

Radishes are undoubtedly the perfect vegetable to grow on your balcony in the fall and winter. All they need to grow is an airy location with a few hours of sun a day and loose potting soil. It is best to plant radishes in small flower boxes sown in a row with a spacing of about 3 cm. The crunchy vegetable is particularly easy to care for and is ready for harvesting after just 30 days.

planting radishes in autumn growing winter vegetables on the balcony