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What must not be missing in a cozy garden: Our 5 tips

Every garden is a paradise. It may not bring eternal life like the Garden of Eden, but it combines so many positive things like no other place. A cozy garden is also an excellent refuge to forget the stress of everyday life . It is quite easy to transform the garden into a harmonious oasis of well-being with a few ideas.

1. hidden happiness

large garden comfortably furnished with many sitting areas

Like a room in the house, a garden without imagination and details can seem characterless and uncomfortable. Yet it can be used to create a perfect outdoor space for feeling good and relaxing. Hidden elements give it a sense of intimacy and encourage to go on a journey of discovery. Garden furniture in different areas of the garden invite various activities such as eating, reading or watching animals. Climbing and climbing plants on garden sculptures give the garden a tranquil atmosphere. Sometimes it’s the little things that are invisible at first glance that add that special charm. For example, larger gardens often lack connections between individual areas. If a sense of cohesion is created, the garden appears more cozy. In this regard, materials used in the house can be continued on the terrace and in the garden to create a unity.

2. magical atmosphere

lighting in the garden creates a special magical atmosphere

When evening comes, lighting in the garden creates a very special magical atmosphere. Fairy lights and tea light lanterns look simply magical. With them, a glass of wine at the end of the day becomes an event that makes the soul rest. Meanwhile, there are also many pretty solar lights and battery-powered lanterns, as the wide selection on shows. With them, paths can be illuminated, several LED light chains create a party atmosphere and there are even special chandeliers for outdoor use that create a romantic light. An outdoor fire pit warms and can be used as a grill or for roasting marshmallows. Whether with friends or family, a cozy end to the day in an illuminated garden always creates a pleasant mood. Outdoor lighting is also an important aspect of creating a seamless transition between home and garden.

3. mysterious adventure

comfortable lounger to feel good in a corner of the garden

Small or awkwardly shaped gardens sometimes seem unsuitable for creating a cozy retreat. Yet even the most inconspicuous corner here can invite you to relax. With a little imagination, a hidden seating area can be set up along neighboring walls or fences, making for a relaxing afternoon. Large outdoor seating cushions easily become a comfortable lounger for lounging or a small picnic area. If there is a possibility to visually separate the place from the rest of the garden with plants, sculptures or other accessories, small paths can lead to the hiding place, illuminated at night.

4. mobile sea of plants

combine different herbs in a large tub on the terrace

Planters or hanging baskets can be used to grow plants that break up the garden and add visual interest. Grasses in tubs are an excellent privacy screen and also look magical as a border around a small pond. Colorful flowers are particularly effective when they are somewhat elevated, and plants that do not tolerate frost hardiness can be easily transported to the garage or basement during the winter. Planting can be adapted to suit specific needs, for example when guests are visiting and a larger area is needed for the barbecue. Old containers such as paint cans can be used to grow herbs and flowers, adding a unique flair to the garden.

5. delight people and animals

Garden fountain column on gravel in lavender garden

No garden is too small for water. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a pond. A small fountain, bird bath or waterproof container such as pots or troughs is often enough to make the water feature in the garden a relaxing eye-catcher. It can be placed in a flower bed, on the patio or on the lawn and surrounded with contrasting plant shapes. A great advantage of water in the garden is that it attracts numerous animals that can be observed. It makes no difference whether the water is still or moving. Glass balls floating on the water surface transform the water feature into a moving sculpture with dancing reflections, adding something magical to the garden.

transform garden into a cozy oasis of relaxation

With a little imagination and creativity, any garden can be transformed into a cozy oasis of relaxation. No matter how big or small the budget or garden, there are numerous ways to give the garden a unique character, just like rooms in the apartment or house.