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Visually enlarge small garden: With these simple tricks you could blur boundaries and proportions

Outdoor space is more precious than ever and can greatly increase the value of your home. Learning how to visually enlarge a small garden will not only help you sell it, but will make the time you spend there all the more enjoyable.

How could you visually enlarge a small garden

With these simple tricks you could visually enlarge your garden

Small garden ideas include all types of spaces, from balconies and patios to small lawns and petite courtyards . No matter how much space you have, there are simple tricks to make the most of a limited outdoor space. If you think outside the box and make a few small changes, you can visually enlarge your narrow garden.

Blur the boundaries and proportions

Planting at different heights increases the open space

Plant at different heights: Blurring the boundaries of your outdoor space is an easy way to make a small garden look larger. You can achieve this effect by growing plants at different heights. This way, it won’t be obvious how far your garden area actually extends.

You can plant a wall to add depth to the outdoor space

You can plant a wall or use hanging baskets at different levels to add color and depth to the outdoor area. Remove bulky shrubs and trees as they take up a lot of space. Put pots of colorful flowers in their place.

Paint exterior wall in green to make the garden look bigger

Dress up exterior walls: Use garden color ideas to make walls fade into the background. A simple but effective trick is to paint an exterior wall green. Among the trees, grass and plantings, it won’t stand out, especially if you pull a climbing plant up it. The wall will blend in and the “end” of the garden won’t be noticeable.

How could you visually enlarge a small garden

Combine scales and plants: Proportion can play a big role in how you visually enlarge a small garden. One way to accomplish this is with a shed. A narrow, small shed combined with flowers, tall hedges, climbing plants and large planters will break up the proportions of the space. The shed then looks like a larger version that stands further away than it actually is, in contrast to the closer objects and plants.

Play with lighting and colors

Play with lighting to visually enlarge the garden

Bring light up high: Garden lighting helps highlight the best parts of your outdoor space and hide what needs to be hidden. It also makes your garden appear larger than it actually is. Mount your lighting as high, as possible, on the fence or wall, and your garden will appear both wider and taller.

Paint the wall a shade to visually open up the space

Paint all surfaces one color: Paint walls, fences, countertops, etc. a single shade so they blend evenly, because a mix of colors looks chaotic and cluttered and visually closes off the space. Enhance this effect by choosing the tiles you need in the same color as the paint. Choose a light, cool shade to diffuse light and make the room look even larger.

Create the illusion of extra space with a garden mirror

Adding mirrors: Create the illusion of extra space with a garden mirror. Mirrors are great for making a room feel larger. Even consider adding mirrors along the entire length of a wall to double it up.

Create zones to visually enlarge the garden

Create zones to visually enlarge the garden

If you learn how to plan a small garden, you can get the most out of it. By setting up specific zones and varying the furniture and flooring, you can create the illusion of extra space. Furniture that sits around the garden can make it look cluttered and therefore smaller. However, if you set up different zones where your grill, table and chairs are all at home, the garden will look more organized and larger. You can also use outdoor rugs to perfect this step.

Choose garden furniture according to the size of your garden

Consider what furniture you are using: Make sure all your furniture fits in the space and is not too big. If a table looks huge, it will become the focal point of the room rather than the beautiful plants and flowers you have lovingly grown around it. Make sure the individual elements work well together and don’t overwhelm the room.

An elegant garden bench is the perfect solution to make your small garden visually larger

Build custom seating with storage: for a clever furniture solution, there’s nothing better than a custom built-in design. An elegant garden bench that is tailored to your exact needs is the ideal solution to make your small garden look bigger by making the most of the space. A custom garden bench takes functionality a step further by converting the base into a storage compartment. Multifunctional and an optimal use of valuable garden space – what’s not to love?

A hammock can be the best gift for a small garden

Make the use interchangeable: A hammock can be the best gift for a small garden because it is very flexible. All you need are secure hooks to support the weight of a hammock when you get comfortable. However, if you need more space, you can simply remove the hammock and open the space for a larger social event.