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These are the most important garden design rules that all amateur gardeners should know!

Spring is here and we are drawn outside more and more often. After all, there is hardly anything more beautiful than enjoying the sun’s rays in your own garden. As the legend Audrey Hepburn once said, “When my soul needs a vacation, I go to the garden”. Gardening is fun and the outdoors is increasingly being used as an extended living room in the open air. But whether you’re brand new to the gardening world or an experienced gardener, garden design is no easy task and often turns out to be a real challenge. In order to create our little oasis of well-being and properly maintain our own garden, there are a few important garden design rules that should always be followed. What these are and how you can succeed in gardening optimally, we will explain in a moment in our article.

Garden design rules: Create a garden plan

Create structure in the garden tips garden design rules

A basic idea and a garden plan are undoubtedly among the most important garden design rules to keep in mind. Beginners in particular often tend to think that everything must be in place immediately. But a good garden first needs time and must be well planned. Each of us has a rough idea of how the dream garden should look. In order to be satisfied with the result, you should answer some basic questions. Is there a particular style that you like? What will the garden be used for? Do you want to grow vegetables and fruits there or would you rather create a place of relaxation and tranquility?

Create garden plan tips garden design rules beginner

Also, are there certain elements that should not be missing from your garden? In order to design the outdoor area according to your wishes, it would be helpful if you make a scaled sketch and create a garden plan. After all, not all of us have the knowledge and imagination of how we should design the garden as best as possible. When planning and choosing plants, also think about the location and light conditions.

Create structure in the garden

Create garden path tips the main rules of garden design

Garden design rules back and forth – how you design the outdoor space depends on your own taste and the size of the garden, of course. But even an overgrown cottage garden is based on accurate structure. Cleverly placed flower beds, garden paths, hedges and trees create a unified look and give the garden a face. So before you create the first beds, you should spatially divide the area. Partitioned areas in different shapes provide an exciting and exciting touch. Hedges, walls and fences are not only great eye-catchers, but also give the garden a framework.

Garden design rules what privacy screen in the garden

To create more structure in the garden, you should also separate the spaces that are used differently. For example, the playground and balcony furniture have no place near the vegetable garden. Geometric shapes and regular patterns exude a special calm and look harmonious and inviting. Perfectly trimmed hedges and straight paths provide a coherent concept in the so-called orderly garden style. Curved paths and bed edges, on the other hand, enhance the depth effect and loosen the structure. To make the garden look exciting, try to structure it so that you can’t see everything at a glance. Especially if you have plenty of space available, you can really get creative with the design.

Create garden paths

Create garden path what to look for garden design rules and tips

Garden paths no longer only serve the practical purpose of getting from A to B, but have now developed into beautiful design elements. Since you use them to divide and connect different areas, creating garden paths is one of the most important garden design rules that should be followed right from the start. Whether straight, curved, with steps or curves – how you lay out your garden path is purely a matter of taste. Depending on the size of the garden, appropriate lighting along the garden path should not be missing. Here, too, you are spoiled for choice and can select from a wide range of variants.

Garden design rules for beginners which garden plan creating tips

Who wants to create a garden path, should also pay attention to the choice of the right material. Less expensive materials, such as gravel, bark mulch and chippings, are perfect for paths that are used less frequently. For main paths, it’s best to use flagstone and pavers. While natural stone is always a good choice in terms of durability and appearance, it does come at a price. An inexpensive and equally good alternative would be concrete block pavers. To achieve a consistent overall look, consider the overall garden style when planning.

Garden Design Rules: Comfortable seating

Garden furniture trends garden design rules for beginners

In our own garden, we want to relax and feel comfortable. To set up the outdoor area as a second living room, the right garden furniture plays an important role. There are a few garden design rules you should follow for this as well. Make sure you have enough space even for guests and that everyone can leave their seats quietly and undisturbed. Also think about the light conditions and don’t forget that sunlight changes during the day. While on the east or north side of the house you sit in the shade most of the time, on the south and southwest side, sun protection in the form of parasols or trees is simply essential. In order for the furniture to be stable, the floor of the seating area should also be level.

Pay attention to the right location for the plants

what flowers to plant in the garden garden design rules and tips

This garden design rule sounds logical, but still often disregarded. Beautifully fragrant and gorgeous flowers are simply part of any perfect garden. But beginners in particular often do not know where and what is best to plant. At the same time, different plants have different requirements. To determine the requirements of different plants, it is recommended to measure the pH of the soil. For example, you should not put flowers next to each other, which hinder each other’s growth. To ensure that each plant gets the amount of sunlight it needs, make sure that the larger plants do not overpower the smaller flowers.

Grow vegetable garden what to look for garden design rules

When planting shrubs and trees, also remember that you can’t transplant them. A lush green lawn is much more than a gap filler and completes the overall look perfectly. Again, proper and advance planning is key and therefore one of the most important garden design rules. First, consider what type of lawn you want? Location factors, such as the right position and sunlight, play a decisive role in the creation of the lawn.

Create flower bed in the garden tips golden rules garden design