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Winter decoration for the terrace 2021: many beautiful ideas for your winter outdoor room

Even though winter is synonymous with low temperatures and snow, we do not necessarily have to give up spending time on the terrace. With the right furniture, some warm blankets and a beautiful decoration, you can create a cozy atmosphere outside, which invites you to stay despite the weather. We have collected here some tips and many beautiful ideas for winter decoration for the terrace, in which you will fall in love. Design your terrace in winter so that you can enjoy the cold season to the fullest.

Decorate the seating area on the terrace in winter

Winter decoration for terrace so it will be cozy outside

Instead of clearing everything away from the garden and patio during the winter months, you can make the frost your friend and enjoy the Scandinavian outdoor lifestyle. The outdoor space can be a great alternative place to spend quality time together with family and friends.

Winter decoration for terrace sleigh winter decoration

If you only have a balcony, it’s perfect because it’s a great little space that you can make beautiful and inviting without much effort. However, if you have a larger patio, you’d better focus on warming and decorating just a small area. Not only will this make your job easier, but it will also create a sense of intimacy.

Covered terrace winter decorating in Scandinavian style

Of course, whether the patio is covered or open, you can’t miss a comfortable seating area in the winter. To decorate the seating area in winter, it is best to rely on cozy, warm blankets that can warm you and at the same time look very decorative. Fluffy faux skins are also popular, as they add a nice rustic touch.

A decoration with natural materials will fit perfectly on the rustic designed winter terrace

Winter terrace decoration in natural look large wicker wreath table decoration from natural material

Decorate the outdoor seating area with artificial sheepskin and comfortable seat cushions

Winter decoration for the terrace wreath from needle branches artificial fur

Evergreen little trees in pots are perfect for a natural winter decoration on the terrace

Winter terrace decoration with evergreen trees and fairy lights

Winter decoration for the terrace: ideas for the terrace table

Winter decoration for the terrace table lanterns and lanterns

If there is a table on your terrace, then of course you can use it to arrange a pretty winter decoration on it. Among the most popular options are lanterns and lanterns, which you can decorate with natural materials or Christmas decorations for a festive touch, depending on your mood.

Table decoration ideas for the winter terrace

However, elaborate decorations are also fine if you feel like it. This arrangement of needle branches as coasters and in glass bottles combined with seasonal fruit and candles under glass bells looks really romantic. The whole thing is topped off wonderfully with the twinkling lights of some fairy lights.

Super simple patio table decoration: put pine cones in a bowl and arrange glass lantern in the center

Terrace table decorating with cones and candles in winter

You can easily decorate the patio table with a few lanterns and a small tree in a pot

Winter decoration for covered terrace lanterns and Christmas tree in basket

Create cozy ambience with light

Cozy terrace in winter decorated with fairy lights and soft textiles

In winter, the evenings are longer, so it is definitely worth thinking about patio lighting. With the right light, atmospheric accents are set, which immediately affect the atmosphere on the terrace. Warm light is especially recommended, which can come from both natural and artificial sources.

Table decoration with candles for the terrace table

Candlelight, for example, immediately warms up a room, if not literally, then definitely psychologically. Twinkling fairy lights, on the other hand, create a cozy atmosphere by creating strong, contrasting shadows and beautifully framing your chosen space.

How to decorate the terrace in winter festive mood with lights

You can use fairy lights, lanterns, glow-in-the-dark stars and other LED decorations to add a special glow to your outdoor space. Use the lights selectively while trying to accentuate the decor.

Winter decoration for the terrace 2021 coziness with textiles and wood

The outdoor fireplace is also an essential element in winter. There is no better light than the flames of a fire to enhance the atmosphere and create a relaxing mood. Whether made of stone or metal, wood or gas-fired, on the wall of the house or directly on the patio, the outdoor fireplace will be the star of the winter. Surround it with seating such as chairs and benches to enjoy the cozy warmth. Display the firewood nearby for a beautiful natural winter decoration for the patio.

Do-it-yourself winter decoration for the terrace

Decoration arrangement for the terrace in winter

In winter, it is not at all difficult to make a pretty decoration for outside by yourself. Nature offers plenty of material for crafting and decorating and from it you can create beautiful winter flower arrangements .

Decorate the tubs on the terrace winterly

Winter decoration for the terrace in tubs do it yourself

A wonderful DIY idea is to fill unnecessary planters with seasonal decorations. You can make as many arrangements as you have pots. In this DIY winter decoration for the patio, pine cones, green fir branches and red Christmas balls are put into the pots. Especially if the pots are already filled with soil, you don’t need many materials to finish this decoration for the patio. For a fairly inexpensive decoration, just use what you have on hand.

Fill a wire basket with natural materials

Winter decoration for the terrace do it yourself in a wire basket

Arrange cones, needle branches and berries in a wooden box

Winter decoration ideas for terrace fill box with natural material

Instead of candles, present large pine cones in a lantern

XXL lantern filled with cones as a decoration for the terrace in winter