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The perfect garden party despite Corona – Our tips and ideas

The garden as the new center of social life? This year, this could be more true than ever. This is because meeting other people because of Corona is considered low risk, especially outdoors. However, only those who create the right conditions on their own property can really benefit from this regulation. The most important tips that can be put into practice for a garden party, we take here in this article under the microscope.

The right lighting for garden party

Lighting for a garden party that lasts into the early hours of the evening is important

Common barbecue that extends into the early hours of the evening? Usually, the lack of lighting puts an end to these plans all too quickly. For this very reason, it is worthwhile to also focus on the right lighting for the outdoor area. Even with simple means and little capital, good results can be achieved. After all, a stylishly illuminated garden is characterized above all by the fact that the lamps are used discreetly.

Solar fairy lights are perfect for a garden party

Underground power cables offer the possibility of providing a fixed installation of lamps and lights. But this is by no means the only option that can be taken in this context. Modern solar lights also cut a good figure in practice. They have the advantage that they can be moved completely free of the existing power grid. In return, buyers have to accept a somewhat lower luminosity as a disadvantage.

Flexible thanks to roofing

Covering the terrace can protect your guests from too much sun as well as from rain

So that the first rain shower does not immediately ruin the festivities, it needs on the terrace also the suitable roofing. Numerous manufacturers offer the possibility to install it subsequently. Usually small works are enough to securely attach the canopy to the house.

For those for whom the mere roofing of the terrace is still not enough, there are other options. In recent years, for example, the classic garden house enjoyed a new popularity. It embodies a form of independence, which provides for extensive use of their own garden. This is possible, for example, with the use as a home office, when work is to take place separately from the rooms of private life. Others prefer to use the garden house as a sauna and create in it for themselves personally a place of relaxation.

Modern garden house can also be used as an outdoor kitchen or home office

Also the costs of the acquisition can be influenced in practice. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that the assembly can be undertaken by oneself. Those who have certain manual skills are able to do the assembly themselves. In this way, the cost of the purchase is reduced purely on the material. Suitable offers for all the different types of the modern garden house are easy to find. A huge garden house selection offers, for example, this site.

Barbecue or outdoor kitchen?

For those who like to barbecue, it is worth buying a high-quality model

The appropriate lighting, a cozy roof and a few decorative plants for the terrace . What is still missing now is the actual place of preparation for the desired dishes. Quite classically, of course, the grill is important in this context. For those who tend to prefer this type of cooking in the summer anyway, the purchase of a high-quality model is worthwhile. Other functions, such as the precise measurement of the temperature, allow a realization of many more exciting recipes that may not have been considered until now.

modern terrace with outdoor kitchen as a perfect location for a party with friends

For those who want to go one step further, it is recommended to take a look at the outdoor kitchen . What has long been a tradition in the southern countries of Europe is now also finding its way into many German homes. In this way, for example, a common social cooking outdoors is possible. On the other hand, dirt and odors, which cannot be completely avoided during preparation per se, remain outside the actual living space. Those who are prepared to bear the costs in the mid four-digit range will benefit from this in any case.

More useful tips on how to organize a house party in Corona times (considering the protective measures) can be found in this article .