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Terrace partition ideas – How to get privacy and sound protection.

To get enough privacy in your own garden is really important. After all, you want to be able to sunbathe, read or chat in peace without being disturbed by strangers’ glances. But especially if you live in a terraced or semi-detached house, this can already become a challenge. Especially on the terrace you want to keep your privacy. And this is where terrace partitions come to your rescue. There are plenty of them – made of wood, gabions, glass, fixed or mobile… We have put together a few ideas and tips to help you make the right choice.

Patio partition wall ideas & tips – pay attention to local regulations!

Patio partition wall ideas - plant walls for a green atmosphere in the lounge area

Each state has its own regulations and each city and town has its own regulations once again. These must be observed so that you do not have to suddenly remove your beautiful new partition. So find out in advance about the respective Neighbor Rights Act (NachbG) at the responsible building regulations office. They will tell you how high such a partition wall may be, who has to participate in it and what materials are permitted. It may be that the local conditions are decisive. For example, if brick partition walls are common in your neighborhood and characterize the overall appearance, you will most likely have to comply with them as well. Such regulations are especially beneficial if you cannot come to an agreement with your neighbor. Then the regulations are your solution.

Design green terrace partition

Tall hedge plants as background for terrace

If you value a lot of greenery, you can of course opt for patio partition ideas with plants. Whether you plant opaque hedges here (in some municipalities even so prescribed) or choose tall-growing perennials and shrubs depends on whether you also value flowers. Very popular are also climbing plants, which you can let grow upwards on a climbing aid.

Trellis with climbing plants for a beautiful privacy screen

However, depending on the type of plants you choose, you may have to wait a while for them to grow large enough to become sufficiently opaque. You can buy plants already grown large, but this is also the more expensive option. Or you can combine the smaller plants with a raised bed , which will automatically raise them. In addition, you should consider whether you need the privacy screen during the colder months and consider this when choosing plants, because not all plants are evergreen.

Terrace partition ideas with plants - hedges provide natural privacy screen

Green patio partition ideas are without a doubt very pretty to look at. But keep in mind that, of course, they also require a lot of care. Some need regular pruning or lose foliage and flowers that you need to sweep up. Also, it’s not uncommon for you to attract insects – something not everyone likes and something you need to talk to your neighbor about. In addition, plant patio partition ideas are also not particularly soundproof.

Romantic patio partition wall ideas with climbing aids for plants

Well-suited plants include:

  • Blood currant
  • Boxwood
  • Deutzia
  • Rock pear
  • Forsythia
  • Kolkwitzie
  • Tree of life
  • Pipe bush
  • Prachtspiere
  • Ranunculus (Kerrie)
  • Thuja
  • Wild roses
  • Weigelie

Wooden patio partition ideas

Terrace partition wall ideas of wood - separate terrace from entrance area

From wood there are so some great patio partition ideas that can be adapted to any patio style. For example, you can choose a classic woven fence made of branches, which you can even weave yourself. But other variants are also possible. For example, from thin strips can be built modern models or buy ready-made. But classic boards are also perfectly suitable and can be installed vertically or horizontally as you like. Pay attention to the right type of wood! Choose a type that is weather-resistant to enjoy your privacy screen for as long as possible.

DIY patio partition wall ideas mir wooden boards and flower pots as decoration

Very convenient is that you can also design such a privacy screen for the semi-detached house on the terrace. For example, if the wall is too bare and boring for you, you can decorate the partition with decorations on the terrace. Attach shelves on which you can display figurines, hang lanterns or fairy lights, or traffic light plants. Or how about planting on the terrace partition? Vertical gardens are suitable for this, as well as hanging flower boxes.

Metal, PVC and glass as materials for modern and noble feeling

Terrace partition ideas made of glass for conditional privacy screen on elevated terrace

Surely you have seen various terrace partition ideas made of glass. Without a doubt, glass is one of the most beautiful materials for both indoor and outdoor use. It looks elegant and modern, and in the form of a terrace partition for terraced house, it quickly turns into a decorative element that is more than just useful. But: glass is only partially opaque. Since you are after privacy, you will naturally opt for opaque frosted glass. However, silhouettes will still be visible, which is something you should keep in mind when considering glass.

Combine PVC and corten steel with motifs on patio for privacy

PVC, on the other hand, is an inexpensive, easy-to-clean and quite durable material that is equally popular and provides reliable protection from prying eyes. Since it comes in a wide variety of colors, including imitation wood, you can find just the right thing for every taste. Whether stand alone as a large panel, or as an attachment for a masonry wall to raise it, in the form of a wickerwork or trellis – inquire to find the best for your needs.

Brown metal fence combined with wooden privacy screen and pergola

Metal is equally durable and practical as a material. Especially popular are aluminum and stainless steel. The latter is also available in the beautiful rust look , which is suitable for both traditional and modern garden styles.

Terrace partition ideas made of metal - corten steel for stainless steel look

Metal privacy screens for patio and garden

Patio partition wall ideas for narrow gardens with metal fences


Combine wood and gabions for a high privacy wall

Modern, weatherproof and robust are also gabions . Another advantage of gabion fences as patio partition ideas is that they are also soundproof. These consist of wire baskets that are usually filled with stones, but not only. Depending on what the allowed height is for the patio partition and how high you want to build it in the end, a foundation may also be necessary.

Fill rod mats with crushed stone for a thin partition and raised bed

Since concrete gabions can turn out to be quite lush, you can use so-called bar mats as a partition wall for the semi-detached house and terrace instead. Bar mats are grids that are placed in pairs at any distance from each other and then filled. So, visually, they are the same as gabions, only in a narrower version. For filling, home and garden owners also like to choose tree bark or coconut shells instead of pebbles and gravel. This is a matter of taste. The bottom line is that you get a wall for the patio without having to lay bricks. So, gabions and bar mats are without a doubt very practical and quick to install patio dividing wall ideas if you like the modern look.

Brick terrace

Brick patio partition wall ideas - white brick on a patio

Without question, the best visual and sound protection is provided by a wall. If the patio is masoned, you get an extremely sturdy and reliable partition wall, for which there are the most diverse design options. You can choose from a variety of materials with which you can implement terrace partition wall ideas for a wide range of styles. The classic is probably the brick . Exposed concrete, in turn, is very popular for modern and minimalist architectural styles, while natural stone brings Mediterranean flair to the garden and is ideal for natural garden designs. Plan here for a height of no more than 60 to 80 cm, for purely structural reasons.

Patio partition ideas with wall for seating area and pool

With a mortared wall, you can already have a higher wall built. 1.80 cm are possible here, but then with a thickness of a full 30 cm and a stable foundation. This is important so that the weight is well supported and the wall for the terrace can serve as a privacy screen for a long time. Otherwise, it is quite possible that this will suddenly fall over at some point. An expert opinion is therefore highly recommended. Either way, a lot of space is needed for brick patio partition wall ideas, which you should consider.

Brick wall with wooden fence in lattice look in a traditional garden

More cool patio partition wall ideas

Wooden patio partition ideas - attach boards horizontally.

Add shelving to wooden wall

Wooden privacy fence in gray with DIY shelf for decorations

Simple wooden privacy screen in two colors

Privacy screen idea with privacy fence for terraced houses and semi-detached houses

Corten steel on the terrace as a partition for semi-detached house

Small terrace shield with corten steel in rust optics

Small garden of a terraced house protected from prying eyes

Small urban garden with terrace and partitions to the neighbor made of wood

Protect terrace of semi-detached house with wooden beams

Modern terrace partition wall ideas for semi-detached houses with vertical wooden beams

Terrace with half-height wall and wooden fence

Low wall and wooden slats with climbing plants for protection on the terrace

DIY partition wall ideas with integrated shelf for flower pots

Shelf and partition in one - practical privacy screen idea with space for flower pots

Half-high wall of concrete to the neighbor and blocks for the pool

Plain concrete wall in white protects from prying eyes on the terrace and by the pool

Trellis for a semicircular terrace

Semicircular terrace with wooden trellises for a natural look

Combine masonry wall and corten steel

Combining masonry patio partitions with other materials - Laser-cut Corten panels.

Weave fence yourself with branches

Woven fence as a partition to the neighbor's garden to do it yourself

Modern wooden partitions and laser-cut panel

Cool patio partition wall ideas with laser cut panels and wooden privacy screen

Cool idea for design with photo motifs

Cool design of concrete walls with photo motifs

Colorful partitions and fences

Colorful partition wall made of painted wooden boards on a raised bed

For terrace partition wall ideas – gabions as sound insulation with stone

Terrace partition wall ideas with gabions - combine metal and stone

Modern in white from concrete for a small terrace in the front garden

White partition wall on a terrace in a modern front garden

Brick wall and wooden lattice

Plant brick wall and combine with wooden lattice

Aluminum lattice for planting, combined with raised beds

Plantable Aluinium panels as a climbing aid and privacy screen