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Terrace design ideas: 100 of the most beautiful examples for every garden style

Spring is already here and the beautiful weather invites us to spend more and more time outdoors. And where better to do that than on our terraces? To make us feel comfortable in our own outdoor space, patio design plays a crucial role. From the floor design to the patio furniture to the matching plants, every little element has a big impact in our outdoor living space. In this post, we have collected many patio design ideas, inspirations and tips that can help you create the patio of your dreams. Browse through our image gallery to discover the most beautiful examples.

Terrace design ideas in different styles

Terrace design modern ideas for lighting and roofing

For many, the patio serves as an outdoor living room where you can relax or socialize with friends and family in the spring and summer after a long day at work or on the weekend. And just like the living room at home is characterized by different interior design styles, you can stick to a certain style in the outdoor area as well.

The modern terrace

Modern patio design ideas with canopy slatted roof

Among the most popular styles for patio design is, of course, the modern style. Modern patios are usually characterized by clean lines and shapes, spacious furnishings and monochromatic design elements. They are usually designed as an extension of the interior, with a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Both spaces stylistically merge into each other and make a calm, relaxed impression.

Modern style terrace design in garden with dining area and hanging chair

Although modern patio design may seem a bit sterile and boring at first glance, it actually offers quite a lot of design options. This is because the modern style can also be interpreted in different ways. So, a modern patio can be designed in a sporty, elegant, cozy, Scandinavian or urban style. The differences between these styles, as well as many examples, can be found below.

Terrace design ideas modern and cozy with lounge and dining area

Terrace design ideas teak wood floor and furniture

The sporty-modern terrace

Terrace sporty modern design clear lines dark colors

The sporty-modern terrace usually has a roofing, has a floor covering made of wood or WPC and forms a harmonious overall picture with the house facade. Whether tone-on-tone design or light-dark contrasts, you decide yourself. The main thing is to pay attention to straight lines and use accessories and patterns sparingly. Evergreen plants or grasses in tubs wonderfully complement the sporty-modern terrace.

Black metal structure over the terrace in modern style

Terrace design in modern style with dining area and small lounge

Backyard terrace design mini lounge area

Elegant terrace design ideas

Terrace design elegant-modern with marble slabs

Somewhat more elegant look, for example, large-format patio slabs made of noble stones , which can be completed either with a roofing on slender beams or a stylish wooden pergola. The color palette can again be dark or light, but here also noble textiles and elegant furniture give the terrace that special something. A hedge trimmed into shape can serve as both an accent and a privacy screen in this patio design.

Terrace design elegant-modern with roofing and furniture in earthy tones

Modern patio design ideas with elegant touch

Terrace design with large format floor tiles looks particularly elegant

The cozy terrace

Terrace design ideas modern and cozy with outdoor carpet

If you want to make your modern terrace really cozy, you are well advised to use materials in warm tones and elements made of natural materials such as wood. Outdoor rugs add to the coziness and harmonize wonderfully with other textiles such as seat cushions and upholstery. The coziest patio design ideas also include a hammock or a hanging chair, which you can hang between the posts of the roofing or on the slats. Here, potted plants with large leaves fit perfectly as green accents. Elements such as fireplaces and atmospheric lighting still add to the coziness of the outdoor area.

Make the modern terrace cozy with warm lighting

Make yourself comfortable on the terrace with a fire pit

Cozy patio design with lounge example

Urban terrace

Modern style urban garden design with terrace

The urban terrace is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. You can choose between a classic city look, an urban industrial look or an urban jungle look. You can find the most beautiful urban style patio design ideas in the picture gallery!

Modern terrace in urban city look

Urban jungle on the terrace in the city

Terrace design ideas urban jungle design

Modern terrace to relax in urban look

Scandinavian style patio design

Designing the terrace in Scandinavian style lighting decorative accessories

When it comes to a modern patio design, we simply can’t go past the Scandinavian style. This interior design style is characterized by brightness and lightness and can turn any area – indoors or outdoors – into a cozy retreat. Light, natural woods, translucent patio canopies and textiles in light and pastel tones are among the key elements of the Scandinavian patio. For planting, tall grasses, potted plants like bamboo and planted gabions are perfect.

Scandinavian terrace design bright colors cozy atmosphere

Terrace design ideas scandinavian white furniture with simple elegance

Scandinavian style roof terrace furnished with comfortable sofa

A country house and cottage style terrace.

Country style patio design flooring idea

Country cottage gardens are the ideal place to relax after the long work week. They exude a feel-good atmosphere and can take us back to the past, when everything was somehow simpler. The most significant design elements of this style include the use of natural materials, playful and floral patterns, as well as pastel shades and worn surfaces. As for planting, cottage-style patio is characterized by colorful flowering potted plants, fragrant climbers and hanging hanging baskets. Accents can be set by decorative items such as old watering cans, pots, baskets and patterned textiles. You can see many beautiful patio design ideas in popular country style below.

Romantic cottage style garden with small terrace and cottage

Lively patterns for the terrace in country style

Terrace design ideas in cottage style furniture and decoration

Design terrace with seating area in country style

Green terrace with canopy and mirror

Small terrace in country style natural stone flooring

Patio design ideas in boho chic style

Terrace design ideas in boho style furnishings and decoration

The totally hip boho chic style is also applied to the outdoor area. The Boho balcony and patio have a casual look that gives us a feeling of comfort and invites us to linger. With natural materials, different fabrics and atmospheric lights, boho chic can also be implemented on the terrace.

Cozy backyard terrace in boho chic style

Boho patio design patterned seat cushions baskets

Terrace with seating area in boho style design

Boho chic terrace design in the garden

Design a terrace in a Mediterranean style

Mediterranean terrace with corten steel elements as decoration

If you want to bring a piece of southern lightness and a bit of Spanish or Italian vacation flair to your home, the Mediterranean style terrace is an excellent choice. The main elements that make up this style are, of course, the Mediterranean plants, as well as a rustic flooring, romantic furniture made of wrought iron and the right decorations. Such a terrace should blend harmoniously with nature, so natural materials such as terracotta, natural stone, wood and ceramics simply can not be missing. As for the plant world, we explain in our article ” Planting a terrace Mediterranean “, which plants and plant combinations are best suited for this style.

Mediterranean style terrace with terracotta flooring

Tuscan style terrace design with vertical garden

Spanish garden with patio design ideas

Patio design ideas Italian style chairs and wrought iron plants

Terracotta floor tiles for a Mediterranean terrace

Italian Mediterranean style patio design ideas

Terrace with roofing in Tuscany style

Tuscan terrace with wrought iron furniture and lush planting

Terrace decorating with Italian flair flowering plants wooden fence

Terrace design ideas mediterranean furniture wrought iron buckets made of clay

Mediterranean terrace in Spanish style with large seating area and fireplace

Mediterranean terrace with pergola as a sunshade

Mediterranean flair on the terrace textiles in white and blue

Vacation flair on the terrace with white furniture and blue color accents

Outdoor kitchen with terrace mediterranean design

Asian style terrace design

Japanese style terrace design tips

A terrace in Asian or Japanese style is not very common in our latitudes, but nevertheless the design elements of this style enjoy great popularity. These include, above all, rock gardens, water features and Asian decorative elements. Japanese patio captivates with its simple beauty and can give your outdoor space a Far Eastern flair. In this article, you will find a few free Japanese garden planting plans and many garden design tips.

Terrace design ideas in Asian style planted pergola potted plants

Japanese style terrace design Corten steel privacy screen

Modern outdoor area with Asian elements hammock gravel floor

The terrace furniture

Modern rope patio furniture arm chairs and side table

Patio furniture is an important part of any terrace. Whether you choose a small seating group or a large lounge area depends largely on the available space but also on the planned budget. Here we have collected a few examples of the different design options.

Patio design ideas with dining area

Dining area on terrace design teak dining table

For many, the patio serves as a second kitchen in the summer, where you can enjoy cooking outdoors. However, if you don’t have room for an entire kitchen in your backyard, you can, for example, furnish the patio with a dining area and dine in the fresh air during the warmer months.

Small patio with dining area design wicker chairs wooden table

Patio design ideas with dining area round dining table made of weatherproof wood

Modern wicker patio furniture for dining area

Patio design with dining area for outdoor dining

Patio design ideas dining area with parasol design

The outdoor lounge – pure luxury on the modern terrace

Garden lounge with sofa and upholstered coffee table

If you feel like more peace and quiet in everyday life, an outdoor lounge in the garden is the best choice. With the right lounge furniture, you can easily move the living area to the terrace and spend many relaxing hours outside in good weather. It is particularly important to pay attention to high-quality materials of the furniture, which are weatherproof and robust. Moreover, the garden lounge is not only suitable for large areas, but can also fit on a small terrace. You can find a few examples in the following picture gallery.

Lounge furniture made of wood with white upholstery radiates coziness

Patio design ideas with outdoor lounge with green accents

Garden lounge with furniture made of rattan and wood on the terrace

Terrace design with lounge area furniture made of rattan

Outdoor lounge on an urban terrace

Terrace lounge with fireplace opposite garden bar

Small terrace with lounge and dining area

Terrace design with barbecue and lounge area

A terrace to relax

Design cozy terrace with sunshade and hanging chair

You can also turn the terraced garden into an oasis of peace and relaxation. With deck chairs, daybeds, hanging chairs and hammocks, the long hours of relaxation and lounging are guaranteed. Whether reading a book, enjoying a nap or just soaking up some sun on a warm day, you’re sure to feel right at home in the patio relaxation area.

pure relaxation on the terrace lounge area with rope hanging chair

Urban garden patio design ideas with mini lounge and hammock

Patio design ideas with hammock and natural materials

Deck chair on the terrace as a relaxation area

design terrace with relaxation area deck chairs

Modern patio design ideas with daybed for relaxing

Decoration ideas for the terrace

Terrace design subdivision into zones dining area lounge with plants and flowers as decoration

Just like in the apartment, a suitable decoration should not be missing on the terrace. The decoration is what rounds off any room, whether indoors or outdoors. Among the most popular options are, of course, potted plants and flowers, but they are not the only option. Textiles like rugs and pillows, hanging fairy lights, lanterns, decorative figurines and interesting water features can add atmosphere to any patio.

Terrace design ideas with plants

Hanging hanging baskets of flowers beautify the space above the dining table on the terrace

Plants and flowers do not only belong in garden beds, but can also beautify the terrace with their splendor. Whether potted plants or hanging hanging baskets , with the appropriate species, the outdoor area can be transformed into a real flower paradise. A vertical garden is wonderful for small terraces, for example, as it is truly space-saving.

Güne oasis on the terrace design with plants

Flowering plants in tubs and pots for the terrace

Decorate the terrace with flowering plants

Raised beds with ornamental grasses as decoration for modern terrace

Modern terrace planting with potted plants

Lush planting with trees, perennials and grasses transforms patio into green oasis

Terrace design ideas for decoration with fairy lights candles and plants

Vertical gardens are perfect for small terraces

Patio design ideas with vertical garden on fence

Plants for patio small vertical garden from succulents

Accessories as decoration for the terrace

Terrace with roofing and green wall

If you don’t want to redesign your patio from scratch, but just want to give the outdoor area a little update, accessories are an excellent choice. Get inspired by the examples in our picture gallery and transform your own terrace into a real place to feel good.

Decoration ideas for terrace design accessories

Terrace design ideas decoration with pictures and plants

Patio design ideas with vertical garden

Hanging plants for the terrace ferns and palms

Textiles and potted plants as decoration for the terrace