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Sun protection in the garden: tips and four solutions from simple to complex.

The joy of having your own garden is especially great in the summer. After all, here it is possible to enjoy the beautiful weather in private, move the home office outdoors and spend family dinners away from the dining room. As beautiful as the sun is, however, it’s important to protect yourself from its rays. Here, there are a variety of options for different budgets and needs. Which one fits in the individual case? Here garden owners get a first overview.

Why sun protection at all?

sun protection is important not only from a health point of view

The summer sun can be very strong. Not only does it increase the risk of unpleasant sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. It is also simply unpleasant to spend time in the garden in the blazing sun. Depending on the location, this can quickly develop great heat, making it impossible to stay comfortable. Since summers in Germany have been getting hotter and sunnier for some time now, this problem is likely to intensify. According to weather experts, the number of hours of sunshine is increasing and was

  • 2018 at 2015
  • 2019 at 1834
  • and in 2020 at 1896.

In addition, there is the fact that sunscreen also relieves eye strain due to its shading function. Anyone who likes to sit in the garden with a good book, a tablet or even a notebook will hardly be able to enjoy this without sun protection. This is therefore especially true for all those who would like to set up an “outdoor home office”.

Sunshade relieves the eyes through its shading function

However, anyone who wants to plan sun protection for their own garden faces a major challenge. After all, there are numerous ways to keep the sun’s rays out. For an overview and an individual consideration of the situation in your own garden, there is the tool Schattenfinder , on the net, where different solutions can be compared.

Four of these solutions, ranging from inexpensive and flexible to somewhat more expensive and complex, can be found here in a compact overview:

The sun sail: Simple solution with flexible structure

A sun sail can be integrated into the garden in quite a variety of ways

A sun sail can be integrated into the garden in quite a variety of ways. Here it depends on how much space is available, whether a certain area should always be shaded and whether the sail should remain permanently in the outdoor area. If you want a permanent solution, you can hang awnings with the help of sturdy poles and let them hang throughout the season. However, during storms and thunderstorms, it is usually recommended to roll up the awning to avoid damage.

As an alternative to permanently installed sails, there are flexible solutions where the sails can be tied to specific anchor points as needed. This is worthwhile, for example, if there are areas in the garden where sun protection is only needed sporadically. The sun sail can then be attached to trees, the wall of the house or even the garden fence and removed again in the evening. This solution is usually the cheapest when it comes to sun protection for the garden.

Parasol: Do not save on quality

High quality and modern parasols need space

Parasols are the classic among sun protection solutions for private gardens. They can be purchased practically anywhere and can be set up flexibly in the garden. However, it is also clear that good parasols are not cheap. Those who save on quality and opt for particularly inexpensive models will not infrequently find that they last a maximum of one season and wear out quite quickly.

A parasol should, in order to make permanently happy, have a solid stand and a high-quality produced, stable rod. It is also important that the parasol is uncomplicated in daily handling and can be folded up quickly in a storm or thunderstorm. Crank systems are proving particularly popular here.

Sunshades are the classics among sun protection solutions for private gardens

What is important before deciding on an umbrella is to take a close look at the space available in the garden. Often, especially with larger umbrellas, the space required is underestimated, which can become problematic when unfolding and setting up. With large umbrellas, flexibility is also more limited, which is why they are usually placed in a fixed location. This makes it all the more important to choose a model that meets individual needs in terms of both quality and appearance.

The awning: a good idea for space savers

awnings are an exciting option for small gardens and terraces

Not quite cheap, but for small gardens and terraces an exciting option, is the awning. Compared to sunshades, where a quite considerable area is blocked due to the stand, the awning only needs some space on the house wall. Different models of the articulated arm over the cassette up to the sleeve awning exist here, why the own decision should precede in each case a careful comparison.

Terrace canopy with awning and windbreak for outdoor living

Anyone who already uses smart home solutions indoors could be very happy with an awning. With some manufacturers, this can be linked to the existing system and digitally controlled.

Important for lasting satisfaction with an awning is that it is well adapted to the conditions at the location and can also withstand wind and, if necessary, keep out rain. In terms of color, the choice of awnings is quite large. Depending on the design, brand and model, the costs are in the mid four-digit range.

Pergola: Creative, but quite complex

The design possibilities are extremely diverse with a pergola

A pergola is the dream of many homeowners. This is an extension, which is made either of wood or metal, and thus can provide permanent protection from the sun. Very popular here is the planting of a pergola, so that the extension fits into the green design of the terrace.

Here, of course, it is important to know that it can take several years until the pergola is so overgrown that an all-around solid sun protection results. But even for this there are now solutions. For example, connecting a pergola with sun sails, which can be flexibly opened and closed.

Overall, the cost of a solid pergola equipped with sun protection, including installation, is usually in the high four-digit, if not five-digit range. However, since it is a permanent solution, the investment can be worthwhile.

Whether a pergola is suitable for one’s own garden depends not only on personal taste. In the case of permanent structures, it also depends on the respective building law at the location. Not in every settlement is the installation of a pergola near property lines allowed. This can be especially problematic for owners of mid-terrace houses. Consequently, a thorough clarification is required here in advance.

Pergola made of wood and polycarbonate web panels

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