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Summer decoration for terrace: how to make the outdoor area more beautiful in the summer!

Summer is already here and the beautiful weather tempts us to spend free time outside on our balconies and terraces. In order to feel comfortable in the outdoor area, besides the comfortable furniture, a suitable decoration also contributes. Summer decoration for terrace can be quite diverse – from flowering plants to colorful textiles and atmospheric lights. Here we have collected many ideas that you can use as inspiration to decorate your own outdoor living room.

Summer decoration for terrace: collect ideas!

Small terrace decorate in summer with plants and lanterns

A beautifully designed outdoor area is the much-needed sanctuary for many when the weather gets warmer. Enjoying your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine outdoors is a great way to start or end your day. The only thing you need to do is design the outdoor space so that you really want to spend time there. Are you just looking for ideas on how to design and decorate the patio for summer, you will surely find it in this post.

Decoration ideas with a homely character

Decoration for terraces in summer pallet sofa with cushions fairy lights

Have you moved your living room to the garden for the summer? To make you feel at home outside, you can decorate the outdoor living area with homely elements. A comfortable sofa with soft cushions and colorful sofa pillows is a must-have for such a space. You don’t necessarily have to buy an expensive lounge furniture set. A DIY sofa made from pallets looks just as nice and blends in beautifully with your outdoor space.

Terrace decorating in summer outdoor carpet with botanical motif

A colorful outdoor rug can instantly lift the mood on the patio. Depending on the garden style, you can choose between different patterns and motifs. For the classic garden with a terrace, models with natural motifs are perfect, while geometric patterns are very trendy on the modern terrace.

Set accents with lighting

Outdoor decoration summer paper lanterns climbing plants textiles

Lighting has not only a practical function on the terrace. Playful garden lighting can be used to create beautiful accents in the outdoor area, which is great not only for garden parties. During the day, garden lights beautify the terrace with their designs and in the evening you create an atmosphere to feel good.

Summer decoration with paper lanterns

Summer decoration terrace with lamps and candles

For summer decoration for terrace paper lanterns are in fashion right now. They are offered in various colors, and the white variant is a popular choice. You can hang the paper lanterns both on the terrace canopy, if there is one, and on a tree. If you combine lanterns of different sizes and colors, the overall look will be even more interesting.

Decorate the terrace with fairy lights

Summer decoration for terrace with canopy paper lantern

Another popular option for decorating the patio with lights are fairy lights. You can find these in a variety of designs and styles, and they can be used to add atmosphere to canopies, house walls, and walls. In this article, you will get tips on how to hang string lights outside.

Lanterns with vintage flair

Summer decoration terrace vintage lantern with LED candle

If you want to give the outdoor area a touch of vintage, then old lanterns are wonderful for this purpose. You can position the lanterns anywhere on the patio and decorate them as you please. If you want the lantern to function as lighting as well, you can put an LED candle inside.

Summer decoration for terrace – ideas for the terrace wall.

Summer decoration for terrace house wall tapestry with palm trees

Often the terrace is located directly on the wall of the house or sometimes on the garden wall. In both cases, there is a wall next to the seating area that you can decorate appropriately. For example, how about a tapestry with a tropical or beach theme? Or a beautiful mural? These two ideas are also perfect if you want to hide unsightly spots such as small cracks in the wall.

Summer decoration for terrace straw hats on fence green plants in tubs

If you want to decorate the patio wall, there are many options to choose from. For example, these straw hats on the fence are a beautiful option to add summer flair to the outdoor area. In combination with other decorative elements made of natural materials, such as these wicker baskets, the overall look will be perfectly completed.

Summer decoration for outdoor terrace wooden paravent with macramé light chain

You like the trendy boho chic style and want to integrate it into the summer decoration for terrace? Then you simply can’t go wrong with a macramé on the patio wall. In order for the white macramé to come into its own better, it must be attached to a dark background.

Terrace decorating in summer with plants and botanical motifs

Furthermore, you can also green the patio wall by attaching a vertical garden or various hanging pots to the wall. These ideas look natural and modern at the same time and fit almost any garden style.

Colorful summer decoration for outdoor wall decoration

Also consider painting the fence in a new color. This way, your patio will have a whole new look for the summer. For example, how about a fence painted green?

Flower decoration for terrace in summer

Decoration for terrace in summer side table with flower pots

Probably the most popular option for decorating your patio and garden in the summer is flowers. Since a large part of the most beautiful flowers and shrubs bloom in this season, you can turn the outdoor area into a real flower oasis. For this purpose, potted plants and balcony flowers are best suited, as you can position them at will and move them as needed.

Climbing plants as summer decoration for terrace Clematis in a tub

So that your planted terrace can please you all summer long, it is best to choose perennial bloomers. A good example is clematis – you can also plant this climbing plant in the container and its flowers will beautify your terrace until autumn.

Summer decoration for outside on terrace flowering plants in purple

And how to find the right flowers and plants for your summer terrace? When choosing, the most important thing is to take into account the site conditions and plant such flowers that will thrive in the given location. For example, plants that tolerate a lot of sun and dryness are ideal for a sunny terrace.

DIY outdoor decoration in summer wooden bench with flowers in pots

You want to decorate your terrace with flowers in pots and tubs, but you do not know exactly where to position them? You have a few options to choose from. For example, you can hang hanging baskets and give the decoration some height. Large tubs, on the other hand, look wonderful in corners and next to the seating area. This can also be used to divide the patio into zones. Alternatively, you can create a flowering corner by decorating a wooden bench, side table or ladder with flower pots .

Summer decoration for terrace in Mediterranean style mural green plants

Flowering plants look beautiful, but often require a lot of care. Green plants are much easier to care for and, unlike most summer flowers, are perennial. They also pair beautifully with warm wood patio furniture and feel fresh and calm in the outdoor space. If you want to add a bit of Mediterranean flair to the patio, you can opt for some of these Mediterranean plants.

Curtains bring summer flair to the terrace

Covered terrace in summer decorate with flowers and curtains

White curtains gently moved by the breeze – doesn’t it remind you of a beach villa by the sea? Even if the beach is far away, you can experience this feeling on your own terrace with the right curtains or drapes. Outdoor curtains can be easily attached to the patio cover and instantly change the look of the outdoor area, just like they do indoors.

Summer decoration for terrace translucent curtains

However, the curtains not only have a decorative function, but can also be used as a privacy screen and sunscreen for the patio. For this, it is important to choose an opaque fabric, but one that allows enough light to pass through. After all, no one certainly likes it dark on the terrace.

Summer decoration for outdoor living room with curtains

Decorate the outdoor area with textiles

Summer decoration for outside colorful with pompoms

Besides curtains and drapes, you can use other textiles as summer decoration for terrace. If you have a seating area outside with a sofa or armchairs, you are well advised to use colorful cushion covers. Both floral patterns and nautical motifs such as anchors, stripes and fish are perfect for summer.

Terrace in summer design cut flowers in vase potted plants carpet

The combination of white, navy blue and red is a summer classic and looks really good on the terrace.

DIY summer decoration for terrace

DIY summer decoration for terrace wooden boxes decorate on the wall

Craft enthusiasts will certainly be happy to make a few elements for summer decoration for terrace itself. Old wooden boxes, for example, are wonderful for DIY decoration. These can be leaned against the wall of the house or even used as hanging shelves. On them you can arrange, for example, flower pots, lanterns, wind chimes, lanterns and much more.

Upcycling idea – planting old drawers.

DIY decoration for summer outside upcycling old drawers

Maritime decoration ideas for the terrace in summer

Decoration for patio table in summer tea lights in sea green

The best way to decorate the terrace in a nautical way is to use textiles in suitable colors. However, you can also add some small elements that will complement the overall look. A few beautiful lanterns or simple tea light holders in suitable summer colors will offer themselves as a nice decoration idea for the patio table. Models made of green or blue glass remind us of the sea and are a great choice.

Terrace table decorating in summer flotsam and jetsam in glass

What is better for a summer decoration than materials from the sea? Shells, snail shells and small sea animals look very decorative and are the perfect craft materials for summer decoration projects. For example, you can use them to decorate a lantern in a summery way. Put the collected flotsam and jetsam in a jar or simply arrange it in the lantern. Add a few nautical elements like starfish and rope and the decoration for the side table outside is ready.