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Repel mosquitoes on the terrace: These methods, home remedies and tips really help!

The sunny days and balmy summer evenings invite us to spend our free time in the garden and on the terrace. However, even after a short stay outdoors and especially at nightfall, we notice them – the small bloodsuckers that infest our exposed arms and legs. In addition to itchy bites, these insects can also transmit a number of infectious diseases . Don’t let them spoil your summer! Learn how to repel mosquitoes and keep them off your patio in this article.

There are supposedly many different methods to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay from your home and garden. From household remedies to scented plants to various mosquito repellent devices. Here, we’ll summarize all the options so you can find a suitable remedy for mosquito infestation on your patio.

Preventing mosquitoes on the terrace

Mosquito infestation on the terrace what to do tips methods

If you are dealing with a large mosquito infestation on your patio, the first question you need to ask yourself is: What actually attracts the mosquitoes and what do the insects dislike? Only then can you effectively protect yourself and your family.

The first thing you need to do is to prevent the mosquitoes from getting to your patio in the first place. So, in order to do this, you need to remove anything that may attract the insects.

No standing water

Standing water on the terrace attracts mosquitoes

Mosquitoes will lay eggs in any standing, non-chlorinated water, whether it’s an inflatable pool or a flower pot. Make sure there is no standing water on the patio to stop the pests from reproducing. If you have a garden pond, for example, you can install a small fountain or other water feature so that the water does not stand still.

Change the lighting

Tricks against mosquitoes on the terrace change the lighting

You may already know that lights attract mosquitoes. But some lights prefer the insects, such as white light. If you want to keep mosquitoes off the patio in the evening, go for lights with a high yellow, orange or red content. The colored light not only protects you from pesky mosquitoes, but also creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

Did you know that? LED lamps have a low UV content, so they are difficult for mosquitoes and other insects to perceive. Since bloodsuckers do not like LEDs, they usually stay away from living spaces and patios with LED lighting.

Keep the garden well trimmed

Tip against mosquitoes Mow lawn regularly and cut plants

Mosquitoes love the shady areas created by overgrowth of plants. Bushes, tall grass and overgrown trees are excellent hiding places for mosquitoes on hot summer days when they need a break from the sun.

A surefire way to get rid of many of these pests is to trim hedges, bushes and other greenery to eliminate their hiding places and make sure they have nowhere to go besides your patio.

But don’t stop there! Take a look at your neighbors’ gardens, too. If they are overgrown and provide ample shelter for mosquitoes, you should pitch the idea to them as well. If everyone joins in and trims their gardens regularly, mosquitoes will have no place nearby to take up residence.

Avoid perfumed body products

Prevent mosquitoes on terrace no perfumed body products

It has been proven that mosquitoes are attracted to most fragrances used in cosmetic products. So it is not uncommon that we ourselves attract mosquitoes on the terrace . If you do not use scented shower gels and body lotions, you are less likely to get bitten.

Repel mosquitoes with an outdoor fan

Mosquito repellent outdoors with ventilators

It’s not for nothing that you see indoor and outdoor fans in mosquito-filled areas like the tropics. In fact, a fan has been shown to reduce insect landings by 45 to 65 percent for people sitting nearby. Not only does a fan make it harder for mosquitoes to fly against the airflow, it also helps disperse carbon dioxide emitted by humans. So place fans where you spend the most time on your patio.

Repel mosquitoes naturally: These options are available

How to fight and get rid of mosquitoes on the terrace

Mosquitoes have a very strong sense of smell. In fact, this is the main reason they are attracted to humans and other animals. The carbon dioxide produced when we exhale and many of the scents we emit are irresistible to these pests. Likewise, mosquitoes find a variety of odors unattractive. These can be used to repel the pests without resorting to chemicals or other repellents.

Plants as a natural remedy for mosquitoes on the terrace.

Drive away mosquitoes on terrace with plants basil

Among the most environmentally friendly variants to repel mosquitoes on the terrace are plants and herbs whose scent keeps them away. You can plant them in tubs and position them next to the patio seating area.

Burn coffee grounds and drive away the mosquitoes

Burn coffee grounds and drive away mosquitoes outdoors

If used properly, coffee grounds is one of the best home remedies against mosquitoes . If you want to use coffee grounds to get rid of mosquitoes, you need to burn them. This method is often used by people who work in agriculture. In order for the coffee grounds to repel mosquitoes, it must be completely dry. So you put it on some aluminum foil and add a few drops of grill oil. Then you light the liquid, wait for the fire to ignite, and then smother it with a damp cloth. The smoke will keep mosquitoes away from the patio.

Repel mosquitoes with outdoor candles

Mosquito repellent outdoor DIY citronella candles

Drive away mosquitoes while creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing summer evening with citronella candles. You can make these yourself using these instructions and place them on the table or near where you sit.

Essential oils help against mosquitoes on the terrace

Mosquitoes naturally drive away terrace essential oils

Even if you’re sitting outside, an essential oil diffuser or fragrance lamp can help repel mosquitoes. You can, of course, apply the essential oil on the skin, but for this it must be diluted and thus becomes less effective. The best essential oils against mosquitoes are lemongrass (citronella), lavender, lemon eucalyptus and rosemary.

Garlic water and vinegar as home remedies against mosquitoes.

Household remedy against mosquitoes garlic water in spray bottle

You can make a simple insect repellent yourself from home remedies like garlic and vinegar. To repel mosquitoes with garlic water, first boil a few cloves of garlic. Then, use the water you got from boiling, put it in a spray bottle and spray it around the patio. You can also use apple cider vinegar for this, as its smell also naturally deters mosquitoes.

Learn how and why garlic repels mosquitoes in this post .

Spray hydrogen peroxide

Keep mosquitoes away from terrace with hydrogen peroxide

To make a homemade mosquito repellent, mix one-third hydrogen peroxide and two-thirds water and spray it on your patio and its surroundings, especially where they sit and eat. Opt for 3% hydrogen peroxide to avoid harming plants.

Repel mosquitoes with cedar oil

Cedar oil helps against mosquitoes on the terrace

A mixture of cedar essential oil diluted with water can be sprayed on the lawn and perennials to repel insects such as flies and mosquitoes. The oil not only keeps mosquitoes away, but can also destroy their eggs.

What helps against mosquitoes on the patio?

What helps against mosquitoes on the terrace anti-mosquito devices

If you’ve done everything you can to create a hostile environment against mosquitoes and natural repellents aren’t doing anything, then you may need to take tougher measures.

Use anti-mosquito devices

If nothing else helps against mosquitoes or you just don’t want to waste time with household remedies, you can protect your patio from the pests with a modern anti-mosquito device.

Mosquito repellent devices come in different varieties. Most of them have the advantage that they do not use chemicals and are considered safe for human health. Instead, you use sound waves, high frequency or blue light to keep the insects at bay. A majority of these devices work on electricity, so all you need is an electrical outlet.

There are also repellents against mosquitoes that work without electricity and with a gas cartridge. This heats special active ingredient platelets that create a wide protective zone against mosquitoes for hours.

Repel mosquitoes on the terrace with smoke

Anti mosquito spiral as an effective remedy against mosquitoes on the terrace

An inexpensive alternative to repellents is offered by various incense mixtures, incense spirals and cones. The so-called anti-mosquito spirals are well suited for outdoor use, and the smoke created quickly makes the pesky mosquitoes seek refuge.

Set up mosquito traps

Set up mosquito trap on the terrace and fight mosquitoes

To keep mosquitoes like mosquitoes away from your patio, you can set up a few mosquito traps. You can either make these yourself or buy them ready-made. Below you will find a few ideas.

DIY mosquito trap made of water and detergent.

To make the simplest mosquito trap, fill a container such as a bucket with water and add some detergent. Since mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs, the water you provide will attract them. However, the detergent will remove the surface tension and the insects will drown. Also, you can increase the effectiveness of this trap by shining a light source on the water, as mosquitoes are also attracted to it.

Mosquito trap in plastic bottle

Mosquitoes fight on the terrace mosquito traps make yourself

We have already shown you how to make a fly trap from household resources. Using the same principle, you can also make a trap against mosquitoes yourself and place it next to the seating area on the terrace. The disadvantage of this variant is that it does not look very nice.

To make the trap for mosquitoes, you need a different filling than for the trap for house flies. Mix some water with sugar and add yeast. Carbon dioxide will be produced, which will attract the insects. So the mosquitoes will find their way into the funnel, but because of the small opening they will not find the exit and drown.

Fight mosquitoes on the terrace