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Patio wall green & decorate – Get the nature on the terrace!

Bare walls on the terrace can be decorated in a variety of ways . A very popular variant here are plantings. And it is indeed impressive how versatile plants can be used as decoration for the terrace wall. In classic flower boxes, fancier planters or in the form of a vertical garden – you can find just the right thing for every taste and patio style. So we’ve put together a few of the best ideas to give you some creative inspiration. Also included is a great crafting tutorial. Create natural flair around your seating or dining area by adding greenery to your patio wall!

Greening terrace wall with drawer organizer

Greening patio wall with organizer for drawers and socks - planting succulents

The fact that you can make creative things with everyday objects is actually nothing new. So it’s no surprise that a honeycomb organizer for socks can be wonderfully used for a vertical garden if you want to green your patio wall. And it’s so easy to make that really anyone can pull it off.

Simply assemble the elements as described until you get the size you want. You can then color this honeycomb lattice with spray paint in any color you like. Once the paint dries, hang the grid on your chosen wall and you’re ready to fill it with plants. Succulents and air plants are best for this, as they are more convenient to water (with a spray bottle) and generally do not require much moisture. You can simply place succulents, pots and all, in the compartments.

Greening the terrace wall with flower boxes

Green terrace wall with hanging flower boxes for colorful flowers

Flower boxes can be found in a wide variety of colors and can thus decorate the terrace in many ways . For example, to use you for the terrace for planting, they can be fixed as above offset from each other and decorate the entire wall.

Pink flower boxes with exotic flowers hanging vertically from a slab

You can also decorate narrow walls in this way, simply attaching the boxes one above the other – as you like, directly on the wall, on a wooden panel, or else suspended from ropes.

Black metal flower boxes on ropes

Vertical planting for the terrace with boxes on ropes

Planting a terrace wall with flower pots

Simple and beautiful wall decoration for terraces with white pots and flowers

With flower pots, you basically have the same options as with the boxes. Set accents or cover the whole wall. There are great DIY projects , which are also extremely easy to implement. How about the following idea:

Green up patio wall - Simple DIY idea with boards, cabinet door handles and spices

Simple wooden boards you provide with cabinet door handles or hooks, and then you can hang the pots on them. And even these you can design yourself. Above, for example, cans painted with paints and provided with holes for the cord. That’s all it takes!

Green freestanding terrace wall - slats for hanging flower pots

Such slatted walls are also very convenient if you want to put greenery on a terrace wall. Indeed, the gaps between each slat are perfect for hanging boxes and / or pots. Ideal to add some splashes of color to the bare wall.

Idea for orchids and other shade plants in clay pots on wooden boards

Pots on a trellis

Plant wooden trellis and save the house facade

Steel trellis in rust look for clay flower pots – industrial flair on the terrace.

Modern industrial idea with steel grid in rust look and clay pots

Greening terrace wall with the help of trellises

Attach a trellis to a wall and hang plants and tools on it

Use planting bags

Greening terrace wall with plant bags - Useful wall decoration quickly and easily installed

Very quickly attached and really practical for greening the terrace walls are also planting bags. They are suitable for numerous plants, including spices and vegetable plants .

Beds on the wall of the house for green terraces

Original idea with trellis fruit - decorating with plants

If you have a bed in the middle of the terrace and right against the wall of the house, you can use it to let plants climb directly up the wall. And here we mean not only the classic ivy. Also trellis fruit as in the picture above is super suitable. For other climbing plants, you will also need a climbing aid, made of wood, sturdy metal or simple wire, depending on the type of plant.

Design terrace with raised bed to plant bare walls

If you do not have a bed available directly in the ground, then you can also simply build a raised bed and use this if you want to green a terrace wall. A raised bed is practical, pretty to look at and can be made of different materials. For example, very advantageous, if it fits your patio style, is the corten steel raised bed .

Greening patio wall in rain gutters

Green facade and terrace wall with rain gutters

You have recently replaced the rain gutters? Don’t throw away the old ones, because they are the perfect flower boxes! You can cut them to fit your needs, so you can use them for small arrangements like the one above, or for long walls like the one below in the picture.

Rustic shabby flair with plants in old rain gutters

More ideas

Greening patio wall in vintage style with birdhouses and birdcages

Planting terraces – original idea for walls and walls in a grid pattern

Greening terrace wall - freestanding wall with grass or moss in lattice look

Use pallets and scrap wood

Green terrace wall with spice plants - Build shelves from pallets or scrap wood

Modern planted terraces

Lush green terraces with vertical gardens for modern style

Green patio with lush vertical gardens

Greening patio wall with vertical garden in frame for modern patios

Bring nature to the terrace!

Old windows as terrace decoration for hanging plants

Decorate patio wall with succulents

Idea for succulents - drill and plant wooden blocks and boards

Greening terraces in a creative way

Cool idea with air plants and bowls at the dining area of the terrace

Plants planted in moss and glued to wooden panels

Homemade wooden planters for exotic plants