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Patio wall decoration ideas – Spice up the boring, bare wall!

The terrace should look as cozy and inviting as possible. A bare, boring wall is not very useful for this. But fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create great eye-catchers in this area as well. In addition to greenery of various kinds, however, there are other decorative elements that are suitable. And some of them you can even make yourself with a little craftsmanship or tinkering enthusiasm. We present a few cool ideas for patio wall decor!

Terrace wall decoration – letter with light bulbs

Terrace wall decoration make yourself - letter of wood with fairy lights as lighting

The first idea for patio wall deco is especially practical, as it will not only decorate your patio during the day, but can also serve as lighting in the evening hours. Surely, you can buy such a design with bulbs ready-built or have them made. But if you feel like it, you can also build it yourself. To do this, you can cut a sheet of plywood yourself or buy a ready-made wooden letter. On it, then mark the points where you want the bulbs to be. For the correct distance, also calculate their diameter. Then drill the holes with a drill bit. The ideal size is smaller than the bulbs, so that they can not slip through the hole. Only the socket should fit through.

Before you attach the string of lights , paint the letter in the desired color, if necessary several times. Once the paint is dry, you can put the sockets through the holes, screw the bulbs in place and carefully staple the wire to the back. Be careful not to staple through the cable to avoid short circuits.

On the patio decorate the wall with other lights.

Patio wall decoration with lanterns for a touch of romance

Fairy lights aren’t the only option (how about a curtain of lights?). Other types of lamps can also be used to create an attractive sea of lights. Here you have a choice and can adapt the patio wall decor to your house, patio and garden style. For example, in this example, classic lanterns were mounted in large groups on the wall behind the sofa.

Patio wall decoration with tires

Modern patio wall decoration with black tires as DIY idea

Tires in different sizes combined with each other – so simple and yet so creative can be a patio wall decoration. You can decide for yourself how big the decoration for the patio wall should be and how many tires you combine in total. You can also choose the color yourself. Just arrange the hoops on the floor until you are satisfied with your arrangement. It’s best to take a photo of it so you have a template when you glue it afterwards. Then glue the hoops together at the intersections with strong glue. Once the glue is dry, you can color your decoration (for example, with spray paints).

Hula hoop as decoration for terraces

Terrace wall decoration - arrange hula hoop in groups and decorate with plants

If the arrangement is too plain and modern for you like this, you can also add more decorations. How about adding a touch of romantic boho chic by attaching macramé or plants? You can also wrap fairy lights around the hoops here and there. Plants, again, can be real and replaced regularly or you can simply use artificial plants.

Elements from mosaic

DIY decoration for terrace wall with small mosaic stones

From small colorful mosaic stones, you can create the most diverse motifs. If you have imagination and want to create something entirely your own, simply attach the little stones themselves piece by piece and can create motifs of any size. However, you can also use motifs for such a patio wall decoration, which are prefabricated on a net and only need to be attached to the wall with mortar. Glass mosaic tiles, for example, are very popular and especially weatherproof. It is best to coordinate the colors with the textiles of the terrace as well.

Mosaic in a frame

Mosaic mural in a picture frame on a wooden wall

Your terrace wall decoration made of mosaic will be especially elegant if it is framed as in this example. This gives you a touch of Mediterranean flair, which can be combined at will with a modern and simple metal frame, a romantic, ornate vintage frame or a rustic wooden frame.

Moroccan flair

Round ceramic tiles for Moroccan and exotic wall decorations

Or how about some Moroccan ceramic tiles like these?

Wooden pictures

Terrace wall decoration from wooden strips to hang plants

You don’t have to be a professional craftsman to create cool murals out of wood. For example, you can make such an attractive grid from thin wooden strips, for which you just need to cut the strips, glue or nail them together and then paint them. You can also pre-draw the desired design in real size on cardboard, note the dimensions and then have it cut in the hardware store. Such a modern lattice, which can be any pattern, is not only pretty, but also practical – they can hang small flower pots, wrap fairy lights or in other ways additionally decorate for the terrace wall.

Decoration on the terrace for the wall of wooden boards

Terrace wall decoration with paintings made of wood - rustic and modern at the same time

Wooden boards are also great for DIY pictures. As seen in the picture above, they can be arranged in different directions and then painted in different colors.

Corten boards as wall decoration

Terrace walls decorate with Corten steel plates with laser-cut motifs

Corten boards are also an alternative to classic pictures. Mostly they are used directly as a privacy screen, but such plates also look great on a bright wall and take the role of a mural – just weatherproof! There are beautiful models with laser-cut motifs that can be used for this purpose. But also smaller elements like the filigree branch in the picture below are real eye-catchers and a perfect patio wall decoration to spice up the outdoor area.

For the terrace use wall decoration of stainless steel

Filigree branch made of stainless steel to decorate a gray patio wall

Decoration for terrace wall from scrap wood or pallets – Signs and bar for the terrace

Build your own decorations from scrap wood and pallets - signs and bar

Shutters as background for lanterns

Rustic wall decor for the terrace made of dark wooden boards with lanterns

Decorate terrace walls with mirrors and side tables

Mirror on the terrace with side table for plants and decorations and trellis

Insect hotel in metal circles for a nature-friendly decoration

Corten steel insect hotels to decorate the terrace walls in a nature-friendly way

Terrace wall decoration ideas from different materials