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Outdoor table decorations for winter: Beautiful winter decoration ideas from natural materials for the garden table

Although you’ve already winterized the garden, that doesn’t mean you should give up spending time outdoors. Every season has its own beauty and winter, of course, is no exception. Since the environment outside is a bit more gray right now, you can target some decorative elements in the garden and on the terrace to beautify the outdoor space. But what fits on the garden table? Many beautiful ideas and tips for outdoor table decoration in winter are waiting for you in the article!

Winter table decorations in the garden – how to beautify the garden table.

Beautiful winter decoration ideas for the garden table

So that your patio does not look bare and gloomy in winter, you can decorate the garden table with a suitable decoration. The ideas for this are almost infinite, but you need to take into account a few things. For example, the decoration should be weatherproof, otherwise it can be damaged because of rain or snow. Plants in pots, on the other hand, become a possible choice only if they are hardy. Among the best options are natural materials that you can use to make pretty arrangements and flower arrangements yourself.

Only weatherproof materials for outdoor table decorations in winter.

Modern table decoration for outside in winter with berry branches and XXL lanterns

But what materials are considered weatherproof? For outdoor decorating, the most suitable materials are treated wood, stainless metal, plastic and glass. For example, if you want to decorate the patio or garden table with some lanterns, you should use only suitable lanterns for outdoor use.

Beautiful arrangement of fir greenery and moss as a decoration for the garden table in winter

Another idea for weatherproof outdoor table decorations are natural materials. With conifer branches, cones, berry branches, etc., you can make beautiful arrangements that will transform the simple garden table into something very special.

Tips for outdoor table decorations with candles.

Garden table winter decoration with candles under glass bells

Since most of the time in winter it is cloudy and gloomy, you can use light to bring the garden to life. Among the most beautiful ideas are, of course, candles, which you can create a beautiful ensemble together with natural materials and decorations.

How to decorate the garden table for winter

If candles for the garden table are used in winter, then they should be equally protected from the weather. For this you can use simple lanterns, but lanterns are even better. Instead of real candles or tea lights, you can insert battery-powered LEDs into the lanterns. Another alternative is also glass bells, which you simply place over the burning candles.

Fairy lights for outdoor table decoration in winter

Make your own table decoration for outside in winter from natural material

But it does not necessarily have to be candles. With sparkling fairy lights your table decoration becomes a real eye-catcher in the garden.

Garden table decoration in winter with lights

With outdoor lights, you can both embellish a flower arrangement or a wreath for the table and conjure up a completely new decorative element. For example, if you fill a chain with many small lights in a lantern, the lights look like beautiful fireflies. Plus, this atmospheric lighting will instantly put your garden in a festive mood.

Party outside in winter – why not?

Table decorations for outside in the winter set the table Christmas

Outdoor parties tend to be a rarity in the winter. If the weather permits, it’s worth bringing the festivities outside. How about decorating the garden table for Christmas and inviting friends and family to a Christmas party in the garden? For example, cover the table with a few tartan blankets and further decorate it with beautiful candles and natural materials.

Useful table decorations for outside in winter

Arrange the garden table in winter with birdseed

Some decorations in the garden can even be useful. Even a small feeding station for wild birds can really help the flying guests of the garden during the cold season. If it’s snowing outside or you don’t use the garden table in winter, you can turn it into a bird café.

Useful table decoration for outside in winter set up bird feeder station

You can even make the bird feeder yourself and arrange it nicely. This way you add a decorative accent to the garden and help your feathered guests at the same time.

DIY table decoration for outside in winter

DIY outdoor table decoration in winter mini trees from twigs and cones

For all craft enthusiasts among you, we have also collected some DIY ideas. Let yourself be inspired and tinker yourself a pretty decoration for the garden table.

For example, with a suitable base, you can make such mini trees from twigs and cones. They look very nice and can also be used as winter decorations next year.

DIY table decoration for outside in winter from twigs DIY star and vase from teapot

For example, an old teapot can be turned into a vase. But you don’t necessarily have to fill it with flowers. Even some twigs look decorative and provide beautiful accents. On it, if you wish, you can also hang some small Christmas balls to give the decoration a festive touch. From the leftover branches you can make a simple star.

Garden table Christmas decoration with DIY fir trees made of wood

From slightly thinner sticks and tree slices, on the other hand, you can make small Christmas trees for the table. These look very nice and can be further decorated with bows, fairy lights or other decorations of your choice.

Table decoration for the winter garden

Create cozy atmosphere in the winter garden with beautiful table decorations

A covered patio or conservatory is perfect for spending a little more time overlooking the garden in the winter.

Table decoration for winter garden candle arrangement in bowl arrange deco tray with cones

The table decoration for the covered terrace does not necessarily have to be weatherproof, as rain, snow and wind do not play a role here. So you can be creative and conjure up a suitable decoration according to your wishes.

Use small clay pots for outdoor table decoration in winter

We love the decoration in the Nordic style. Here, mainly natural materials are used, which are successfully combined with classic Christmas and winter elements. In this example, the empty clay pots serve to display pine cones and branches, and the white decorative elements add a Christmas touch.

Ideas for the porch

Table decoration for the porch mini fir trees in small bags or Behählter with cones

If you have decorated your front entrance for the winter and equipped it with a cozy seating area, then you can decorate the table here festively as well. However, it doesn’t have to be opulent decorations. Even a few Christmas trees or a bowl filled with cones will do just fine.