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Modern garden fireplace with chimney: this is how elegantly a patio fireplace fits into your outdoor space!

If you want to provide pleasant warmth in your outdoor area even on fresh days or evenings, patio stoves and patio fireplaces are an excellent choice. Apart from their warming properties, they create a pleasant atmosphere with their appearance alone, which is enhanced with the flickering fire. Outdoor fireplaces can be used in absolutely any style, but especially modern variants create a contrasting look – warm fire wrapped in cool colors, shapes and materials. Today we present you some particularly aesthetically pleasing variants and that is the patio or garden fireplace with a chimney. We also explain why it is better to buy a fireplace instead of building it yourself.

Garden fireplace with chimney – DIY or prefer to buy?

Modern garden fireplace with chimney and storage space for the firewood

DIY enthusiasts can be found more and more often these days. Therefore, we would not be surprised if you also want to build your patio fireplace yourself. This may seem quite plausible in terms of cost, especially if you have a knack for craftsmanship and other projects anyway. However, there are some things that go against it, especially if you’re considering a garden fireplace with a chimney. We’ll explain why, in the long run, it’s more worth it to buy a ready-made one instead of building the garden fireplace yourself :

Low heat efficiency

Garden fireplace with chimney - Why buy is better than DIY

An important plus point of purchased models is that they are equipped with a steel shell. However, in homemade variants, this is usually absent. For indoor use, this can be an advantage, since it allows the bricks to be heated as well, and they continue to give off heat after the fire goes out. However, outdoors, this is a waste of heat, because it is simply lost.

The wrong chimney size affects the flue

Modern garden fireplace with chimney in gray and with simple lines

Chimneys, as you know, have the task of discharging smoke. Otherwise, your seating area would be surrounded by it. But for this to work well and effectively, the ratio between chimney size and firebox is essential. If it’s too small, it can’t suck up enough smoke, which can cause smoke to leak out of the firebox to the seating area. If, on the other hand, it is too wide, it will suck up more air than necessary, which will also cause heat to be lost.

Minimalist garden fireplace with chimney and wood look in front of a slatted wall

So what chimney built for the stove is very important. In a professional garden fireplace with a chimney, the ratio is ideally calculated, so there should be no problems of this kind. Another option would be fireplaces without chimneys .

Too strong a draft increases heating costs

Patio fireplace with glass, stone top and place for the wood

If the chimney for the garden fireplace pulls the air up too much at low height, this leads to the fact that fire is also “spit”. The flames are then visible at the top of the chimney opening. Sure, this may look quite interesting and cool at first, but it is a sign of improper construction. As a result, the wood burns faster and you have to reheat more often. So your patio stove is anything but efficient and economical. And not to mention that you can expect to pay more in heating costs (up to 3-5 times more wood could be necessary), you will also spend more time getting new wood instead of enjoying the fire in peace.

Wrong materials for the garden fireplace with chimney will not last long

Pool area with patio fireplace and built-in bench seat

A purchased, high-quality fireplace was made with just the right materials – ones that can easily withstand the intense heat and weather conditions. If you build it yourself, you probably will not use such materials, which sooner or later will lead to cracks. And that, over time, looks unkempt and far from beautiful, and will have to be renewed again and again – a greater expenditure of time, combined with costs that always occur, in other words.

Less effort than in construction

Garden fireplace with chimney under a modern pergola made of metal

Surely you have already considered this point, if you had decided to build a garden fireplace with chimney yourself. But think about it again! If you buy a ready-made, you only need to prepare a foundation of concrete. If the fireplace will be located on the terrace, the normal terrace foundation may even be enough. In this way, you will be able to prepare for the season much faster and, perhaps, already organize a barbecue party with your buddies for Men’s Day.

The typical look of the modern fireplace is harder to achieve

Attractive garden fireplace with chimney in white and modern indirect lighting

We know – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if they want to achieve such elegant and simple look as in our sample pictures, a ready-made model will probably be a better choice. If you simply want the garden fireplace to be brick-built, you could certainly do it yourself. However, this plain style could be more challenging depending on what kind of material you want the fireplace to be made of. In this case, the appearance plays an important role. The patio fireplace should look attractive even when there is not a fire flickering in it.

The purchased garden fireplace with chimney is safer

Contemporary patio fireplace with two chimneys for heat efficiency

Safety, of course, comes first, and this is most likely to be guaranteed in a high-quality and purchased model. Fireplaces and stoves of any kind are always tested under the most diverse influences and environments. The professional garden fireplace with chimney must withstand all these tests before it can be sold. I wonder if this would be the case if you build a garden or patio fireplace yourself? That’s probably unlikely.

Stone privacy screen with built in patio fireplace

Metal and stone fireplace

Masonry garden fireplace with chimney on an open terrace

Modern fireplace for the terrace in gray

Build or buy your own garden fireplace with chimney

Built-in compartments for firewood are very practical

Freestanding garden fireplace with chimney and open hearth

Minimalist model in front of a hedge

Small modern garden fireplace with chimney in front of hedge as privacy screen

Practical garden and terrace accessory

Accessory for garden terrace with decorative firewood

Idea with marble and corten steel

Idea for a patio fireplace made of white stone and with corten steel

Outdoor kitchen with integrated patio fireplace

Outdoor kitchen made of concrete with integrated garden fireplace with chimney