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Make the outdoor seating area in the garden or on the balcony comfortable: Tips for choosing seat cushions

If you want to make yourself comfortable in the garden or on the balcony all summer long, you should definitely plan an outdoor seating area. Whether a whole seating area with sofa, armchairs and table or just a couple of deck chairs, the main thing is to be able to relax well and enjoy the sunny hours in the warm season outside. An essential part of cozy garden furniture is the matching cushions, pads and pillows. They provide optimal seating and reclining comfort and transform the outdoor area into a real oasis of well-being. Anyone who needs new seat cushions for outdoor furniture will find valuable tips for selecting them in the following article.

Custom-made seat pads for a cozy outdoor seating area

Outdoor seating with cushions for roof terrace

You’ve just found and ordered the outdoor furniture you want for your outdoor space, but it comes without matching cushions? A chair or garden sofa without cushions can quickly become uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time, which can make spending time outdoors unpleasant. Whether it’s a garden chair, sofa, high-backed or low-backed chair or armchair, any outdoor seating needs a soft cushion pad to provide greater comfort.

Cozy balcony with deckchairs with comfortable cushions

Seat pads are available for a wide variety of garden furniture, but sometimes it’s a big challenge to find the exact dimensions you need. A practical solution that guarantees you perfectly fitting cushion pads is custom made. Made-to-measure seat cushions have many advantages over ready-bought models, and we will mention the most important of them below:

  • They fit both new and old furniture.
  • You can choose not only the size, but also the thickness of the upholstery, hem design, color and method of fastening
  • Practical upholstery even for homemade furniture with unconventional dimensions

When is custom upholstery an option?

Seat cushions made to measure for homemade garden furniture from pallets

With custom seat cushions, you can make just about any piece of furniture in the garden and on the balcony more comfortable. But are custom seat and lounger pads always the better choice? For garden furniture in standard sizes, custom-made is actually not absolutely necessary. For sun loungers, among other things, it is worth taking a look at ready-made cushions first, as their dimensions usually match. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with outdoor seating furniture such as a sofa, armchair or bench, then using a cushion configurator can save you time and effort.

What material is suitable for seat cushions?

Make outdoor seating area more comfortable with cushions

For a seat pad, not only the cover but also the filling is important. While the former provides the appearance and protection from the weather, the latter determines the comfort of sitting or lying. Most cushion pads have a foam core, which can vary in thickness depending on use and preference. As a rule, seat cushions for chairs are slightly thinner than those for couches. However, if you order the cushions made to measure, you can adjust the thickness to your individual needs.

Outdoor seating furniture upholster with custom seat pads

As a cover fabric for seat cushions is best suited Dralon, as this material is particularly durable. It can perfectly repel water and dirt, and at the same time does not lose its color and appearance because of UV rays and other weather conditions. Other well-suited materials are polyester and cotton.

How to choose your custom seat cushions

Order round seat cushions easily with custom pads

With a cushion configurator, you can quickly and easily customize your new seat and recliner cushions to your liking. The first thing you need to do is determine the measurements. To do this, measure the seating or reclining area with a tape measure directly on the piece of furniture. There is little point in measuring the old pad if you want the new one to fit perfectly.

You should still consider whether you need only a seat cushion, or also a back part to it. For the back padding, you should still measure the backrest. Next, determine the thickness of the overlays and select the edge design. Finally comes the selection of color and type of attachment for your new cushions and you’re done. In just a few steps you have designed the perfect cushions that will enhance your outdoor seating area on the balcony or in the garden and make it more comfortable!