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Ideas for the terrace: summer planting for tubs for sunny, semi-shady and shady locations

After the ice saints is the right time to plant the terrace . In this regard, the potted plants enjoy increasing popularity, because they offer a flexible solution even for the small garden. Because both flowers, and perennials, and even ornamental trees feel comfortable in a flower pot with proper care. So even exotics can be displayed on the terrace during the warm summer months and then brought back to their winter quarters before the first frost. Flowers also bloom magnificently and delight the eyes with a true sea of blossoms throughout the summer season. We offer you 25 ideas for summer planting for tubs on the terrace. Be inspired by the charming ensembles and create your own oasis.

Summer planting for tubs: Designing the terrace creatively

Summer planting for tubs how to arrange terrace with summer flowers

Every amateur gardener wants a flower paradise in his own garden. Especially with small outdoor areas, there is little space for cozy flower beds. Then the tub garden offers itself: stylish flower and plant arrangements in tubs, which border the terrace . However, for the final result to be convincing, good planning is essential. In particular, when you choose the container plants, you should take into account a few things. Always combine flowers, grasses and ground covers that have similar requirements for soil, location and care. Choose plants that get along well. Then get advice at the garden center regarding the size of the container. Only then can you put together a plant ensemble.

Summer planting for tubs: accents on the terrace.

Summer planting for tubs planting terrace with potted plants

It looks particularly beautiful if you plant plant species of different heights in a tub . For a coherent arrangement in purple, place the following types of plants and flowers next to each other:

  • Petunias
  • Dwarf chili (Capsicum anuum)
  • Angelonia (angel face)

The matching tub: the ensemble is the perfect summer planting for ceramic tubs with drainage.

Care tips: Place Angelonia in the center of the planter, border it with petunias and fill in the gaps with dwarf chili. As for location and care, all plants have similar requirements. They prefer sunny locations, a humus-rich, moderately moist soil with a neutral pH. The appropriate substrate is potting soil, which you can fertilize with organic liquid fertilizer after planting. During dry periods in the summer you should water the plants regularly.

Planting tubs on the terrace: A splendor of flowers in purple

Planting tubs on the terrace for summer

The next ensemble is also composed of purple flowering plants. It is the perfect choice for all amateur gardeners who want a monochromatic look. The purple flowers bring a touch of nostalgia to the garden, perfect for a country style patio.  And these are the flowers you need:

  • White and purple petunias
  • Angelonias in lavender nuance
  • Magic bells with lavender flowers
  • Speedwell

The appropriate container: for planting in planters made of wood, which you can paint white. To fake the old look, sand the edge of the tub with sandpaper.

Care tips: These ensembles of low-maintenance summer bloomers do best in sunny to off-sun locations, in moderately moist, humus-rich soil with a high clay content. Be sure to lay a layer of sand at the bottom of the planter to help water drain away more quickly. Fertilize the flowers with compost to start the gardening season, watering as needed. Cut back speedwell by one-third in early June to encourage flowering.

Potted plants for patio: ornamental grasses for full sun.

Potted plants for terrace for full sun Blue fescue and lavender and speedwell

Flowers don’t always have to play the starring role in the tub arrangement. Other potted plants are also suitable for summer planting and, in terms of appearance, are in no way inferior to flower ensembles. The combination of ornamental grasses and plants for the rock garden looks particularly effective. They have one thing in common: they are very easy to care for and are perfect for amateur gardeners who do not have much free time. Here comes an idea for perennial container plants for full sun:

  • Speedwell
  • Lavender
  • Blue fescue

The right tub for heat: Since these are tub plants for full sun, a tub made of natural stone is best. It will get extra heat and excess water will evaporate. Good drainage is an absolute must, as is sandy soil.

Care Tips: All three plants prefer a sunny location, a lean and dry soil and do not need wind protection. However, if the summer is rainy, then you should put the tub in a covered place. This is because none of the three plants can tolerate waterlogging. The right time for planting is the end of May, and from June the plants can be put on the terrace. They manage with little water, so water very sparingly. Fertilizer they do not need at all.

Potted plants for terrace: summer planting with flowers

Potted plants for terrace ideas for summer planting with flowers

A rule of thumb when planting containers and window boxes is that you need three types of plants: An eye-catcher for the center, a ground cover for the edge, and a gap filler for the areas between the two. The next idea is for a colorful arrangement using this rule of thumb. You will need these potted plants:

  • pink club lily – 2 plants
  • blue delphinium – 3 plants
  • pink snapdragon – 3 plants
  • purple dipladenia – 3 plants
  • white fan flower – 1 plant
  • ornamental asparagus – depending on available space
  • red bearded carnation – 2 plants
  • palm tree – 1 plant
  • gold pennywort – depending on available space

The suitable tub is made of clay, is high and provides sufficient soil volume for all plants. Do not plant the plants too close together so they can still grow.

Care tips: The ensemble assembles exotics and native plants that like warm weather and direct sun.

Plant patio for summer: Flowers for shade

Potted plants for terrace for shade examples

You can also turn the shaded areas on your patio into a true floral paradise. Tall and upright flowers are the perfect planting partners to low groundcovers and creeping plants.

  • Begonias
  • Geraniums
  • Madagascar Immense Green
  • Sun lilies
  • Gold Pennywort
  • Bearded carnation

The matching tub has a wide opening and is made of clay.

Care tips: All are shade plants that do not tolerate midday sun. Sites that receive full sun only in the morning or evening are best. Place them in a spot protected from the wind. Line the container with a layer of expanded clay to allow excess water to drain away. Water only when needed and do so sparingly. Fertilize the plants every two-three weeks to encourage flowering.

Below we offer more examples of successful combinations between different potted plants.

Terraces with summer planting in tubs: geraniums as an accent

Terrace with summer planting in tubs geraniums

Geraniums of the variety “Dark Red” prefer a warm climate and high humidity. Therefore, they are perfect for the south terrace, because they can withstand direct sun, as well as rain and wind. They can be combined at will with exotics in the pot.

Potted plants for terrace in partial shade

Potted plants for sunny terrace combine sun lilies

Sunflowers, ornamental asparagus and ivy are lush growing plants that thrive in partial shade. The sunlily has particularly strong roots that grow quickly. Therefore, the flower requires a container with a volume of at least 60 liters.

A colorful arrangement for partial shade

Potted plants for terrace in partial shade arrangement

When it comes to suitable flowers for partial shade, violets are the favorites par excellence. They can be combined at will with other plants that have similar requirements for soil and location. Violets do best in nutrient-rich, moderately moist soil and will do with little water. They do not tolerate waterlogging or direct midday sun. An east-facing terrace is ideal for such arrangements. This way they will be in the sun for several hours in the morning and then in cool shade in the afternoon.

Summer planting for tubs: flowering splendor in pink

Summer planting for tub flowers splendor in pink

Set accents with a splendor of flowers in pink and a tub in contrasting color. In the large tub at the very back are yellow-flowered mullein, in the middle are pink snapdragons, and in the front and in the gaps between the two tall flowers are planted purple and white bearded carnations. Over the edge of the tub protrude silver leaf and Siberian stonecrop. Petunias are planted in the medium sized tub and Siberian stonecrop in the small tub as well.

Summer planting for tubs: ensembles for a raised terrace

Summer planting for tubs ideas for raised terrace

Do you have a raised terrace? Create a visual connection to the garden by arranging three tubs of different heights and planting them with cozy summer flowers. Yellow and pink zinnias, purple verbena, and blue magic bells accent the space. Various gap fillers add texture to the ensemble.

Summer planting for terrace: flower paradise in small format

Summer planting for terrace with potted plants

So that the corners of the terrace do not look bare, you can put a planter there. Strelitzia, Wandelröschen, Angelonie, crown-leaved spurge, Ixora, steppe sage, vanilla flower and Cape fuchsia provide a sea of flowers in the tub.

Potted plants for terrace: petunias as soloists

Summer planting for tubs for terrace petunias

A combination of different plants looks very attractive. But one type of plant can also attract attention. Petunias, for example, are the perfect soloists and offer a simple but effective option for planting. Petunias come in all the colors of the rainbow. Very beautiful look contrasting ensembles of purple, pink and white.

Planting containers for terrace: Useful plants

Planting small tubs with kale and lavender

Ornamental cabbage and lavender make a surprisingly successful duo. These two edible plants thrive in full sun and are the perfect summer planting for small and medium-sized tubs. You can, of course, experiment with other edible plants and herbs. The following types of vegetables are great for planting in tubs: tomatoes, zucchini, peas, cucumbers and various types of peppers. You can also plant fruit trees in the tubs.

Combine succulents and flowers

Planting succulents in flower tubs

The echeveria variety “Pearl of Nuremberg” together with the incense variety “Limelight”, purple petunias and pink flowering gap fillers of your choice form a harmonious ensemble.

The tubs and the plant pots bring variety to the garden. They serve several functions at once: as soloists, they accent corners, in front of steps and next to the front door. In groups, they can divide the patio into several areas, create a seamless transition to the garden or simply serve as an eye-catcher. When planting a container garden, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Group only plants with similar soil and site requirements. Each ensemble consists of three elements: plants that serve as eye-catchers, plants that overhang the edge and suggest volume, and gap fillers.