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How to choose from the best for your patio roof configurator – How to plan your outdoor space online

The roofing of the patio area an important element, whereby you can also use online for a patio roof configurator quite convenient. In addition, the weather or privacy screen is always in vogue and improves the privacy of the living and outdoor area. In this way, you can not only protect your outdoor space from prying eyes, but also increase your well-being outdoors. So, if you want to plan a patio enclosure easily, here are some of the best ways to do it online.

For optimal planning of the terrace roof configurator in the net test

3d plan of patio area with roofing made of flagstones and glass

For your patio roof can choose from materials such as wood, glass or aluminum or a combination, all of which can provide the best experience in the garden. Such an improvement of the outdoor area protects against rain, solar radiation, high temperatures and wind. Many manufacturers and builders already offer such an option to help their customers choose. Therefore, it is worthwhile for any home or garden owner to take a look and customize this service to their requirements.

The potential online providers in the test

large and planted roof terrace with roofing and floor made of wooden boards

At the provider Skan Holz you can find configurator for your new terrace roof, which opens in a new window. Here you can choose between two types of patio roofs – one for wall mounting and one that is freestanding. Selecting the type will take you to the extension tool, but it requires you to install a plugin for your browser.

Patio roof configurator from Novum-Carport

optimally furnished and covered patio created with modern patio roof configurator

This is a clear and easy to use configurator with pictures to explain many components and materials. Unlike the online configurator above, this one works without extensions and is easy to use. The selection of materials and variants is enormous and perhaps a bit too much for a beginner at first glance. At second glance, however, this tool shows what it can do: Thanks to a quick info bar, the user gets a short and understandable explanation of almost all options, partly with pictures, which is quite helpful.

online plan of patio roof configurator choose from the best on the internet

After completing the configuration, you are redirected to a contact form to have the documents sent to you via PDF. Providing an address and phone number is also required in the process. After a request, you will actually receive the offer via email within a few seconds. Except for the obligatory specification of personal data, which is not mandatory for the price information, this configurator of Novum-Carport is definitely recommended.

Conveniently plan on the site of Zimmerei Hoffmeister

modern patio design with round garden furniture and shade in the form of an umbrella

This is another online tool that can be quite helpful in your selection. The navigation is easy to use, clear and very informative, which distinguishes the configurator of the supplier. The selection is just as easy and convenient thanks to the tips with additional information. After each step, you can view the updated price. Finally, you can also have the offer on the page emailed to you with a calculation of shipping costs.

Detailed planning with the terrace roof configurator from Holzon

combination of tarpaulin and wood for a rustic terrace with a modern look

On the page of the provider Holzon you can get a detailed offer created by e-mail. Here, too, the configuration is completely uncomplicated. The tool guides the user safely through the process and stands out above all for its transparency – all individual prices are already displayed before the selection. This gives interested parties the opportunity to weigh up the various materials and, in the case of certain components, such as drainage, to choose copper over zinc, which is about 15% cheaper. After completing the configuration, it is necessary to provide an e-mail address. This comprises seven pages and once again lists all components individually with a description of the materials, as well as the prices.