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Design terrace with gabions: Ideas for windbreaks, patio edging and raised beds.

Gabions find versatile application in the home garden. Previously used only as decoration, they have now become an important design element in the outdoor area. We have already given you various design ideas with lighting. In today’s post, we focus on the various uses for the patio. Whether to support an elevated patio, as a border or as a windbreak, there are many variations on how to design your patio with gabions.

Designing a terrace with gabions: An overview of the various possible uses

Gabions as terrace edging and ideas for garden design with stone and wood

Thanks to their natural look and numerous possible uses, gabions have established themselves as an important garden element. They are also often used in patio design and offer a customized solution for problem areas.

Gabions as terrace edging

Use gabions as terrace edging ideas

If the terrace should be visually divided into several areas, then you can use gabions as terrace edging. They are especially functional for cozy sitting areas with fireplaces. The gabions protect the garden and the surrounding lawn from sparks, for the seating area they provide wind protection.

Supporting a terrace on a slope with gabions

raised terrace with gabions fall ideas for design

On sites with an open ground and a large slope, the gabions can be used as a slope support for the terrace. In order for the filled steel baskets to support the terrace, they should be properly installed.

terrace on slope with gabions crash ideas

Higher gabions are mounted on a foundation. First, the mesh baskets are installed; if necessary, they can be additionally supported with steel posts. Then they are filled on site. As for the filling, there are numerous variants to choose from: from coarse-grained stoneware to shattered glass. Combinations of several materials are also possible.

Gabions under terrace to crash ideas

Gabions are not only practical, quick to erect and inexpensive compared to stone walls. They are also good for the environment. The gaps between the stones are home to insects, lizards and other small animals. You can also plant them as you like, this will not affect the stability of the structure.

Gabions as windbreaks for the terrace

windbreak for terrace with gabions ideas for house

You do not need to surround the whole terrace with gabions. Because even targeted gabions provide perfect wind protection and can contain noise. So, for example, it can be used to shield the terrace from the bedroom. A wall made of gabions fulfills another important function – it protects the terrace from foreign eyes.

Gabions as windbreaks for terrace ideas

To make the high gabions really stable, they are often additionally supported with steel posts. The construction of the structure should definitely be carried out by a professional. In the small garden you should still take into account that the gabions cast a dense shadow. In addition, the stones heat up very much in the summer and then give off heat. So it is not exactly easy to plant the area directly in front of the gabions.

Gabion raised beds for the terrace

Garden design with gabions and wooden raised bed as privacy screen ideas

A little less complicated is the installation of raised beds with gabions. It does not necessarily have to be custom-made. In many cases, manufacturers have prefabricated mesh basket modules in stock, which can be filled with various materials as desired.

Gabions planting terrace ideas with evergreen plants

Before planting the raised bed, the subsoil must be compacted and the raised bed must be lined with pond liner. For planting are suitable mainly shrubs, perennials and ground cover for the rock garden. The gabion wall can heat up a lot in the summer, so choose only heat-loving plants.

Raised beds with gabions crash and plant terrace on slope

Another option is to support the raised beds with posts made of gabions. The stone basket posts look great with both wooden flower boxes and corten steel tubs. In the wooden flower boxes you can plant heat-loving native flowers, ground covers and low perennials. In the tubs made of corten steel, only true sun worshippers such as cacti, succulents and ornamental grasses from desert regions will feel at home. This is due to the fact that the steel heats up under the strong rays of the sun.

Pergola made of gabions and wood on the terrace

Design pergola with gabions ideas for roofing

You want to build a pergola in the garden? Then you can support the wooden structure with gabion posts. They can be planted with climbing plants and look very natural. However, the posts are not only a real eye-catcher, but also give the construction additional stability.

pergola with gabions design and bench and garden table ideas

A pergola with gabion posts can be perfectly combined with wooden furniture and gabions. Whether a bench made of gabions or a table for the outdoor dining area: The possibilities in the design are simply endless and no limits are set to them. For example, building a bench from gabions and wooden panels is a project that even inexperienced DIYers can easily master. Simply have the wooden panel cut to size at the construction center, set up the gabion wire baskets at the desired location and fill them. Place the wooden panel on top – and you’re done!

Decorating with gabions

Terrace with artificial grass and gabions and retaining wall ideas

Gabions are a very decorative element. Filled with natural stone, clinker, bricks or glass, you set accents in the garden. With gabions you can also beautify the water features for the terrace.

Raised beds and privacy screen for terrace with gabions

Gabions are real eye-catchers in the home garden. To ensure that you set the scene for them properly, you should seek advice from a professional. The design possibilities are practically endless and there are no limits to your own creativity. You can use the gabions as a decorative element, as well as a complete solution. The gabion wall saves space, can be adapted to the terrain conditions. In low walls you can even integrate benches.

Garden design with gabions ideas for accent decorative

By the way, gabions are often used by architects of luxury houses. They are very popular mainly for their soundproofing properties.