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Decorative flower pots and planters for outdoor attract the eye


Outdoor flower pots and planters present themselves in a variety of designs – design, color, size can be adjusted individually, so that your plants are optimally set in scene. Contemporary cachepots and planters create an attractive ambience and emphasize individuality. If you are looking for the appealing design for your outdoor space, we could help you. We have compiled 60 varied planters from world-renowned companies. Take a look at our suggestions!

Flower pots and planters suitable for outdoor use


When it comes to an artistic design of the outdoor area, you practically have a free hand – the arrangement and combination options are numerous. Choose outdoor planters in appealing colors to match your ambiance. Whether high-gloss white, spirited red, anthracite finishes, metallic look or times orange, apple green, turquoise – choose your favorite colors right away, which can also be excellently combined with each other. Children’s colorful planters always look inviting.

Outdoor planters with integrated lighting

Multipurpose furniture outdoor planters lit from inside design Sahara-2 Pablo-Gironés
Sahara by Pablo Gironés

Your plants and perennials will always feel at home in these modern planters. Shatterproof, easy to clean, UV-resistant, the designs made of fiber-reinforced concrete or high-quality plastic are recyclable and perfect for patio privacy screens. Several of the contemporary designs can be used as multipurpose furniture – side table, footstool, armchair – perfect if you ever expect more guests.

Outdoor planters put your plants in the spotlight


ideas for geometric shapes bysteel-KOBOL planters

Kobol from Bysteel

These exclusive garden accessories in geometric design are a real addition to your living spaces, garden and terrace – equally well suited for indoor and outdoor use – shockproof, heat-frost and UV resistant.

Decorative planters in fresh colors

colorful planters-outdoor-playful eye-catching design myyour-TAO-Rosaria-Copeta

TAO by Rosaria Copeta for Myyour

The clear design and lines look modern and unobtrusive at the same time and can perfectly fit into any ambience.

Charming planters in sculptural design

modern flower pot terrace design- design planter ideas

Boyo by Gentle Giants for Plus Italia

A tasteful element of design

planters clear design imposing il ceppo-ORCHIDEA

Orchidea by il ceppo

Elegant planters for outside and inside

bowl shape flower pot-metallic elegant design eternit

Lausanne by Eternit

Pots that immediately catch the eye

outdoor planters geometric elegant white FAZ Ramon Esteve-VONDOM

FAZ by Ramon Esteve for Vondom

Perfectly shaped quality

garden-terrace planters design naoto fukasawa-cone serralunga

Cone by Naoto Fukasawa for Serralunga

Planters for the perfect design of the outdoor area

planter design-outdoor terrace design ideas DEROMA-REPEAT

Repeat by Deroma

Attractive luminous planters

glow ball garden design solisombra BLOOM planters flower pots

Bloom by Solisombra

Decorative outdoor planters and flower pots

Sculptural designer planters trellis for garden-terrace skyline design

Cyclone by Skyline Design

Metal planters for outdoor

modern metallic planters-perfect for any environment santa cole

Casilindrica by Gonzalo Milá&Martina Zink

Imposing column form

planters-drigani LT 2497-apple green fresh columnar shape

LT 2497 by Drigani in light green

Terrace pots, stands for flower pots in urban areas

Planters-stand street decoration green-plant bellitalia-STELO

Stelo by Bellitalia

Planters provide a beautiful backdrop

outdoor planters recyclable wood metal-greenwood-RIA-von-LAB23

Ria con Lab23 for Greenwood

Planter for low maintenance small gardens

pot flowers arrange modern-edition design-white Jardiniere-perle

Jardiniere pearl from edition design

Casanova by Modenese

luxury planters for indoor and outdoor-golden ornaments

FENCE by Raffaella Mangiarotti for Serralunga

patio pot simple modern design white-serralunga FENCE-Raffaella-Mangiarotti

Nelson by Stern

planters wicker wicker for indoor-outdoor star NELSON

First by Burger

Wooden planters terraces design with lots of green sustainable design-BURGER-FIRST

Victoriana by Marston & Langinge

planter for garden terrace outdoor-metal frame-filigree

Sky planters from Boskke

hanging planters home decoration ideas modern green-boskke-sky-planters

Domino from Menz-Holz

uv resistant outdoor flower planters-rectangular quality

Tetris from Bysteel

ideas for planters-straight design pool terrace bysteel-TETRIS

IHM by DM Braun

bowls aluminum containers for plants outdoor bench street decoration green

Elevation by Arik Levy for Flora

kids colorful planters arik levy home entrance decorating ideas

Malaga by Menz wood

stair railings wood-integrated planters columnar shape menz-wood-MALAGA

Villa Venezia by Modenese Gastone

luxury home accessories-golden elemente planter indoor plants modenese gastone

Plant stand by Silik

luxury planter stand silik elegant shape stand gold ornamental rich

Grigio by Garpa

flower pot garden-terrace shockproof heat resistant square design

Bilbao by Josep Muxart for escofet

granitimitat planters for street decoration BILBAO-Josep-Muxart-escofet

Raised grow box by Kekkilä

wooden box planter outdoor furniture kekkilae

Thallo from Flora

Outdoor planters-different heights-flora-THALLO

Swithland by Street design

SWITHLAND- wooden street design planters fence integrated

TWISTA by Martin Mostbock for Eternit

ideas for outdoor decoration indoor outdoor planter design modern

Plant Cup by Gitta Gschwendtner

tea cup ceramic planter outdoor PLANT CUP-Gitta Gschwendtner

CREPE by Víctor Carrasco for Systemtronic

aluminum planters indoor and outdoor suitable systemtronic-CREPE Víctor-Carrasco

Kloss by Röshults

metallic optics planter for wall mounting röshults-KLOSS

Greenwall by Luca Pegolo for Nautinox Living

indoor garden low-maintenance trellis system-planters wall-planted

Thinpot by Luca Pegolo for Nautinox living

modern planters-puristic elegant-white indoor garden design

Privé by Slide

minimalist modern planter for wall-integrated lighting led

KADO by Pedrali with integrated light

planters modern led-integrated hi-tech system-pedrali KADO

Balance by Ingo Fitzel for Eternit

outdoor planter-metallic look Balance-Ingo Fitzel-eternit

Palma:L by .hess

aluminum outdoor planter anthracite PALMA:L-von-hess

Green Pedestals by Front, offecct

modern planter with frame-offecct green-pedestals-front

Front by L.Pettersson&L.Notman

flower pot for wall glass L-Pettersson-&-L-Notman design

Meeting Pont by Vicente Soto for Cabanes

fiberglass planters weatherproof frostproof-white purist-design

Bubble and Puzzle by binome

ideas design terrace planters binome bubble and puzzle

Caddo by Ekitta

planter square design-foyer eco design-ideas Caddo ekitta

Lingo by Roberto Garbugli for Tonelli design

reflecting planters indoor garden low-maintenance design

Addicted© by Agence Akïro


Dalia by Petra

urban small garden design planter-bowl shape petra-DALIA

NAÏF by Twentyfirst

Trapezoidal planters-for plants-indoor colors bronze nuances matt

Patience by Decor Pro

outdoor planters-suitable anthracite decor pro PATIENCE

BRF by Atelier Vierkant

planter rectilinear shape-column shape atelier square-BRF

Bloxx from Collstrop

wooden planter garden shockproof heat frost-resistant-collstrop-BLOXX

Onda from Brandoli artwork

decorative planters-column shape texture effective brandoli-artwork-ONDA

ALCO by Franco Zavarise

Wooden planter planter design modern ALCO Franco-Zavarise

DAISY by Mia Gammelgård for Nola

planter outdoor terrace cylindrical shape-nola DAISY-from-Mia-Gammelgård

Cycas lissee by Poterie Ravel

multipurpose furniture decoration ideas planter ceramic-concrete-pottery-ravel cycas-lissee