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Summer garden design: 10 ideas that will turn any garden into a place of relaxation

Summer is for many the most beautiful season and with warmer temperatures also finally starts the garden season again. In the following, we provide you with 10 ideas for inspiration for the perfect summer garden , so that you feel especially comfortable in your own little nature oasis during this season.

Idea 1: Solar lights for garden paths

Solar lights for garden paths

Sufficient daylight and sunlight provides the best conditions for solar lights , so that they can charge sufficiently. They look especially beautiful when you line garden paths with them. This not only looks romantic, but also makes the paths safe in the dark.

Idea 2: Creative planters with colorful flowers

Summer garden decoration make yourself from old things and flowers

To bring neat color into the summer garden, creative planters with a variety of flowers are suitable. Use as vessels, among other things, Mediterranean terracotta pots or even colorful rubber boots, if you like it a little more colorful. Typical summer flowers include petunias, geraniums and sunflowers. But also small ornamental palms provide a neat vacation flair in the garden in summer.

Idea 3: A pool in your own garden

Enjoy summer in your own garden with a pool

Is there anything nicer than not having to drive miles to the outdoor pool in the summer? With a pool in your own garden you get exactly that. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money for this, because with above-ground pools you come much cheaper than with permanently embedded pools. Frame pools, for example, available here among others, are extremely robust and promise guaranteed bathing fun.

Idea 4: Lounge furniture with colorful cushions

Lounge furniture with colorful cushions

On hot days and especially on balmy evenings, you sit in the garden again longer, so the seating furniture should be comfortable. Perfect for this is lounge furniture, because these set visual highlights and at the same time invite you to relax. To spread summer flair, it is best to use colorful cushions and pillows in typical summer colors such as yellow, orange or green for the lounge furniture.

Idea 5: Bamboo privacy screen

Privacy screen from bamboo plants in tubs

If you often spend time in the garden, you also want to be protected from the strange looks of the neighbors. A privacy screen made of bamboo combines here the beautiful with the useful: The appearance of the bamboo plants provides a Far Eastern flair, while at the same time the densely growing plants protect privacy and ensure that you are undisturbed in your own garden.

Idea 6: Herb garden made of euro pallets

Herb garden from euro pallets as summer garden decoration

A herb garden is almost a must in every summer garden, because it offers numerous advantages: It looks pretty, smells wonderful and the herbs are also delicious and enchant every dish. For example, use vertically placed euro pallets as a base for this. It’s easy and looks very stylish at the same time.

Idea 7: Flower meadow for insects

Bee friendly meadow with lavender

You have a free meadow and want to do something good for the insects? Then create a paradise for the little animals with Seedbombs. In this way, you not only protect nature, but insects in the garden also ensure that your fruit trees are pollinated and the harvest is thus rich.

Idea 8: Lanterns & fairy lights on the terrace

Wind lights tinker from old jam jars

Lighting effects always create a pleasant mood, especially in the evening hours. With stylish lanterns and various fairy lights you can create a cozy ambience. Especially lanterns can be quite easy to make yourself from old jam jars or with sandwich bags.

Idea 9: Set up a fireplace in the garden

Fireplace in the garden set up for relaxing summer evenings

A fireplace is a sociable place and with it, cooler evenings in the garden can be endured. Very popular are fireplaces made of natural stone, because they look very visually appealing. In addition, you do not ruin the lawn with it, if nevertheless once some pieces of wood should fall beside it.

Idea 10: Make your own wind chimes for the garden

Wind chimes make your own from shells

If harmonious sounds are created in the garden when the wind blows, then it looks very idyllic. Small wind chimes you can easily make yourself from some natural materials such as bamboo canes and shells. To make the wind chimes look especially beautiful, simply hang them at different heights and then enjoy the sounds in the wind.