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Planting zinc buckets: Tips and instructions for a mini garden that also fits in the house or on the balcony!

A zinc bucket is a beautiful decorative element, especially when it is in full bloom. Below are some great ideas on how to plant your zinc bucket and what to look for when planting. Zinc buckets are not particularly large, unlike a zinc tub, for example. Therefore, the planting options are somewhat limited. Here are some planting ideas, tips and tricks for small zinc buckets that we have collected for you!

How to grow a garden in a galvanized bucket

Planting zinc buckets - tips and instructions for a mini garden, which will also fit in the house.

Growing plants in a galvanized bucket is so easy and incredibly practical. There are three important things to keep in mind when planting bucket gardens:

  • Fresh soil
  • Plenty of sun
  • Plenty of water

You can use any type of container as a planter as long as it has good drainage, but galvanized buckets are great!


  • Step 1. Be sure to drill several holes in the bottom of your galvanized bucket or the drainage will not work properly.
  • Step 2. fill the bucket about 3/4 full with fresh soil.
  • Step 3.Add your plants and spread them out so they have enough room to grow.
  • Step 4. Make sure your plants are always well watered and fertilized, and you should enjoy them all summer long!

Planting Zinc Buckets: What can you grow

Be sure to plant lavender - it smells good and blooms beautifully

You can plant with different plants your zinc bucket and use it as a decoration for your garden , balcony or kitchen. Here are some useful and colorful ideas for you!

The zinc bucket herb garden

Find out what herbs can be planted together

As we said, zinc buckets are not very big, but they are very decorative. So how about planting zinc buckets of different sizes with one plant each, in this case a delicious kitchen herb? Place your zinc buckets in a nice formation in the garden, on the balcony, in the kitchen and enjoy your herbs. Be sure to plant lavender with them – it smells great and blooms beautifully.

The zinc herb garden looks pretty and you will always have fresh herbs

Before you start your herb garden, find out which herbs can be planted together. The staff at your local garden center are usually very helpful in answering questions. We also did our research for you and found out which herbs get along well. After making sure these herbs can be planted in the same galvanized bucket, we decide on the following herbs:

  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Chives

The rock garden with succulents in mini format

Fill the zinc bucket with sand and soil and plant mini succulents and cacti in it

Luckily, there are very small plants you can plant zinc buckets with that will fit very well! Fill your zinc bucket with sand and soil and plant a few mini succulents and cacti in it. In between, place stones and finally cover the bottom with pebbles. Your rock garden in a zinc bucket is ready.

Planting zinc buckets with colorful flowers

You can use colorful plants for the zinc bucket

Here’s how to add color to your zinc bucket: hang your zinc bucket from a beam and plant it with hanging, colorful flowering plants like magic bells, bluebells or petunias. Paint your zinc bucket colorful and plant it with greenery such as bobblehead or spider plant. Bulbous plants take up less space – why not create a spring-blooming zinc bucket with violets, daffodils and hyacinths, for example.

Are galvanized vessels food safe

Are galvanized containers food safe so you can plant herbs and vegetables

Some people are afraid to plant herbs or vegetables in galvanized pots because zinc is harmful to health. While it is true that zinc can be toxic if consumed or inhaled, the danger of growing vegetables near it is very low. In many areas, the drinking water supply was, and still is, provided by galvanized pipes. Compared to this, the amount of zinc that can enter your vegetables through the roots of your plants is insignificant.

Does the bucket need drainage holes.

Does the zinc bucket need drainage holes if you plant in it

Whether you should drill drainage holes in your zinc bucket depends primarily on where you plan to place it. If you want to place it outside where it will get rainwater, you should definitely provide drainage holes to allow excess rainwater to run off and prevent the roots from rotting due to waterlogging. However, if the zinc bucket is to be placed indoors, you can do without the drainage holes, but then you should water with great care.