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Planting pansies: When, at what spacing, and with what planting partners? Spring garden ideas

They are true messengers of spring and beautify the garden and balcony with their bright colors and delicate flowers: pansies. If you want to plant pansies, then you certainly ask yourself many questions regarding their care. From when the cute flowers are allowed outdoors, how much cold they can tolerate and at what distance they are placed in the box or flower bed, we tell you in the article. And then give several ideas for planting partners in the spring.

When to plant pansies: At what temperature do spring flowers thrive outdoors?

Gardening in March planting pansies when

Plant the varieties that bloom in spring as early as March . Frost-sensitive summer-flowering pansies are planted in the ground in spring, around the time of the Ice Saints. In the fall, plant the early bloomers. These varieties thrive without problems frost and cold and form their flowers as early as March.

At what temperature can pre-sprouted pansies go outdoors?

Planting pansies in March tips and ideas

Pre-sprouted young plants are already insensitive to frost and can be planted in the flower bed or balcony box as early as March. Planting in the spring also makes sense, because then the supply of young plants in specialized stores and nurseries is the largest.

When can pansies be sown?

Planting and caring for pansies in March

The right time for sowing is at the end of summer, when daytime temperatures do not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. The flowers are placed in the soil with a distance of 20 cm. The seeds then need about two weeks to germinate.

How much cold can pansies tolerate?

Planting pansies with iris flowers and ornamental grasses in sunny corners

Most varieties of pansies are classified as climate zone 7 and can tolerate temperatures as low as -17° Celsius in winter. As long as the ground is not completely frozen and daytime temperatures are above 0° Celsius, you can put the young plants in the ground.

Planting and caring for pansies: Instructions

Pansies planting tips for spring

When planting pansies, the main thing that plays a decisive role is the location. Early-flowering varieties need plenty of direct sunlight. Summer-flowering pansies thrive in partial shade. The permeability of the soil is also very important. If necessary, you can add gravel to the soil. When planting, proceed as follows:

  1. Loosen the soil. Fill joints in the flower bed with sand to inhibit the growth of weeds.
  2. If there are already weeds in the flower bed, you can kill them with boiling water and then remove them.
  3. Digging plant holes.
  4. Place the root balls in the soil and cover them with a layer of soil.
  5. Water and fertilize the young plants to encourage growth.

At what spacing do you plant pansies?

Pansies are planted 20 inches apart. For varieties that grow in width, The distance from other flowers and ornamental grasses should be 30 cm.

Planting pansies: Ideas for the garden and balcony

Planting tulips and pansies in flower pot tips

Where to plant pansies? The flowers are great for edging beds, but can also be planted in larger areas. In spring, they thrive best in a sunny location with fresh, well-drained soil. Below we give you several ideas for possible planting partners in flower beds and containers.

Planting pansies and tulips in the flower bed and in the tub.

Flower bed with tulips and pansies (1)

These two spring flowers have a lot in common: they prefer a sunny location, can tolerate heat poorly, and thrive best in well-drained, nutrient-rich, acidic soil. Regular applications of fertilizer, about 2 times a month, will extend the blooming season.

Plant the pansies as a border in the flower bed. Tulips will grow much taller and therefore need to be planted behind the pansies.

In the flower pot, tulips are planted in the center and pansies – on the edge.

Pansies and daffodils are good planting partners.

Daffodils and pansies planting tips

Daffodils also have similar requirements for soil, location and care. They do best in partial shade and full sun and prefer nutrient-rich soil with good drainage.

Daffodils grow as tall as tulips and are arranged similarly in containers and flowerbeds. In the cottage garden, the daffodils are grouped in fives. Pansies make excellent gap fillers.

Planting Pansies: Ideas with primroses as planting partners

Pansies and primroses planting together ideas

Primroses and pansies are popular planting partners. They have similar requirements for soil and location. Plant the flowers 25 inches apart. Most primroses have a compact growth habit. You can fill in the gaps between perennials with gravel to inhibit weed growth.

Plant pansies and rockweed around the garden path.

Pansies and rockweed planting together ideas

Both pansies and rockweed emit a gentle fragrance and attract butterflies and other pollinating insects to the garden. They are low maintenance and have similar requirements for location and soil. Both plants are low and are perfect as edging plants for the garden path .