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Pinterest garden ideas according to spring trends 2022 – Inspiring garden design and current trends.

Many people are currently searching for Pinterest garden ideas to get inspired by the latest 2022 garden trends. If you are also an amateur gardener, you are probably already planning what you will plant this spring. With the pandemic, an emphasis on green space proved more important than ever for mental health. Whether it was a walk in the woods or a sunny spot in the backyard where you could catch some rays, the power of nature was essential.

Pinterest garden ideas for a balcony garden

latest trends and pinterest garden ideas for spring garden design

Many avid gardeners are planning their new garden design with the spring equinox on March 20 . So here’s a look at the top spring garden trends as predicted by Pinterest data. Whether you have a luxurious balcony or a rickety fire escape with a single container on it, patio gardens are one of the most popular garden trends on Pinterest. With 964 boards dedicated to the lofty trend, there are 265,259 pins specifically for this data.

colorful balcony garden for city dwellers by maximizing space

This makes designing a balcony garden in the spring a popular trend. In addition, balcony gardens are ideal for city dwellers who do not have their own house with a garden. A patio garden allow you to maximize small spaces. Such a small garden is also quite low maintenance, which is perfect if you are a novice gardener.

Upcycling or recycling in the garden

create calming ambiance with pergola and hanging chair in garden

The second most popular trend after Pinterest garden ideas is garden recycling, with 909 dedicated pinboards on the platform. The great thing about garden recycling is the universality of the trend. Maybe you let the eggshells from your daily breakfast dry and crush them in the soil for a tomato plant, or toss coffee grounds into your leafy plant’s flower pot after breakfast.

rustic retro style garden design with matching garden furniture

However, it goes beyond that, too. Some amateur gardeners use old furniture, such as dressers, to create unique planters and rustic flower benches for their gardens. Such Pinterest garden ideas scored a total of 233,247 pins on the internet platform’s pinboards.

Designing a wildlife garden

create relaxed atmosphere in the garden with asian sculptures and plants

Rounding out the top 3 are the so-called “Wild Gardens” with 1000 pinboards on Pinterest. With 212,502 pins, wild gardens are moving away from obviously designed garden spaces to relaxed, naturalistic garden designs without a strictly defined structure. Water features took fourth place with 177,929 pins, while “wildlife gardening,” which provides food and shelter for wildlife, rounded out the top 5.

More Pinterest garden ideas and spring trends

shrine garden delineate with wooden slats and grow plants

The allotment garden in sixth place, followed by minimalist gardens in seventh and jewel tones in eighth, completed the list of spring gardens. With world-leading trend researchers also reporting the magenta of blooming orchids as the color of 2022, it’s easy to see that most people are ready for a little splash of color after the winter break.

trend color 2022 magenta red flowering orchid in the garden

Moreover, it looks like search engines are following this trend as well. Google Trends, for example, shows a 190 percent increase in search volume for such hues last spring.

current color trends and pinterest garden ideas in spring 2022

As this data was determined, experts scoured reputable publications to create a master list of popular spring garden trends in February 2022. In doing so, they identified the top eight garden trends and matched them to Pinterest using a web application. This allowed them to examine the number of pinboards for each trend while extracting the exact number of pins from them.