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How to build pergola yourself with creative ideas and optimize your garden area inexpensively

To optimize the garden area in the spring with a limited budget, you can build pergola yourself with the help of some clever tips and ideas. Thanks to decoration and creativity, any corner of the garden can be transformed into a refuge or meeting place for friends and family. Whether you build pergola yourself for your own structure with ideas or make a small investment with a kit, this would be a simple addition that can transform a standard part of your garden into a divine outdoor living space. So create more privacy and shade in your outdoor space by taking inspiration from the following stylish examples.

Build your own pergola according to your own taste and ideas

corner in the garden with pergola for relaxation and as a refuge from city life

The desired look of such a garden area can be achieved mainly through the appropriate decoration. If you like to get creative, putting up a pergola on your garden deck or patio is the perfect weekend project. The best part is that pergolas usually don’t require a building permit if they meet certain criteria. According to experts, this also brings many more benefits to the outdoor space .

create a cozy corner with hanging lights in the courtyard with pergola and garden furniture in rustic style

For example, wooden pergolas offer a stylish, durable alternative to collapsible gazebos and umbrellas in the summer. In addition, they are perfect for creating an area that lets in a refreshing summer breeze while providing protection from the harsh direct rays of the sun. A Japanese or Mediterranean style pergola would also be an inspiration and can also be used as a support for climbing plants and flowers , providing additional shade and enhancing the appearance of the structure. So, if you are ready to embark on the full idyll of the garden area, the following suggestions can help you do so.

Add an inexpensive extension to the garden area

build your own pergola with a small budget and suitable ideas and enjoy it as an extension of the garden

If you’ve always wanted to expand your garden, a pergola might be the right solution. Less expensive than a glass extension or conservatory, pergolas can be installed on the side of your home to create an extension of your living space. Plus, nine times out of ten, you don’t have to get a building permit to add a pergola to your outdoor space. In addition, you can optimize your interior with a pergola in the garden , using it to continue your interior style outdoors. For example, if your home has a beautiful industrial design style, continue that under your pergola with furniture and accessories that consist of raw materials, bold lines, and dark, neutral color schemes.

Accessorize the pergola with romantic lighting for social evenings.

yellow pendant lamp as a romantic accent for summer evenings in the garden with pergola

Keep the spark alive and cozy up in the backyard with your favorite person or four-legged friend. Marvel at twinkling stars among glowing lanterns and outdoor lighting on your pergola with warming flicker. To keep your outdoor space usable on rainy days, you might also consider creating a sheltered seating area. As mentioned earlier, pergolas can effortlessly extend your living space and provide shelter from inclement weather. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy the fresh air.

fireplace and lights on a garden terrace with pergola in the evening

For a romantic, bohemian atmosphere, you can add lanterns, twinkling lights and blankets to spend pleasant evenings outside without leaving your home. Heat sources such as DIY fireplaces , heaters and table fires allow you to sit comfortably in the garden when the outdoor temperature is less than appealing. In addition, installing such impressive accents enhances the aesthetics of your garden. This also provides lighting for those evenings when you don’t want to go back inside just yet.

Create a multifunctional outdoor space through zoning

zoning outdoor spaces and garden terraces with suitable structures and pergolas

Optimize the functionality of your garden area by building pergolas yourself for suitable ideas to create multiple activity zones. Divide the garden into outdoor spaces dedicated to different activities such as relaxing, eating, playing or working. A pergola is ideal to immediately frame and define the corresponding space. In addition, pergolas are a relatively simple addition to any patio or garden and create the appearance of an outdoor space. Thus, at the same time you add a distinctive architectural element.

white garden design with fireplace and comfortable upholstered furniture under wooden pergola

However, the main purpose of pergolas is, of course, to provide shade. This is essential to improve visibility of screens and equipment while studying or working from the garden office, and to provide cool relief on hot days. Another way to incorporate dimension into an outdoor space is with lattice. These stylish and versatile panels not only act as dividers for activity zones, but also minimize unsightly views.

Prevent heat sink on the patio and build pergola yourself with creative ideas.

prevent heat sink in summer with the help of shady garden structures like pergolas

Protect paws and feet with a sturdy pergola or patio screen that provides property protection, plant support and beauty for your patio. When your patio floor heats up, the shade from such an addition adds comfort. DIY pergolas can not only look good, but protect homeowners and their outdoor furniture from the summer glare of the sun. In addition, such structures also provide ample space for climbing plants such as vines and many other plant varieties, while also preventing heat sinks.

rustic design for pergola in garden for shade and sun protection

Most garden terraces are made of concrete, which absorbs significant amounts of heat and then releases it into the environment. This could damage plant roots, as well as the exterior of the house and the soles of your feet. Such temperatures can reach from up to 60 °C. This burns pet paws, kills valuable soil microorganisms, and increases the cost of air conditioning.

Choose shade plants for your pergola

build your own pergola with natural materials and clever ideas and plant it with vines

Spread passion over your pergola with fragrant climbers and trellises that will transform it into a vibrant outdoor oasis. Accordingly, a pergola over a beautiful garden path could be a great opportunity for growing shady plants. Honeysuckle is a favorite when it comes to plants for pergola. Vines do well, as do passion flowers. Anything that grows along a vine or is classified as a clinging plant is perfect for such garden structures. All you have to do here is make sure the pergola itself is in an area that gets enough sunlight and rain, depending on what your plant of choice requires.

Create an outdoor oasis with trendy colors

colorful garden design with hanging plants and trendy colors like jewel and turquoise blue

If you’re ready to make your pergola colorful, an emerging 2022 trend color might be the right choice. Magenta pink has been named the color of the year, promoting a sense of positivity and escapism, making it the perfect choice for an outdoor oasis. With Google Trends seeing a 190 percent increase in search volume for spot colors last spring, it’s clear that this is the color of the year for spring gardens. So make bold accents in the spring season and bring the beauty of rare gems to your garden.

luxurious garden terrace design and decor with white pergola

Bright exterior colors of shiny cobalt blue and uplifting pink can revive uninspired furniture. This applies to table legs and pergolas, as well as sheds and fences. In addition, eye-catching trendy colors are a stylish choice for anyone who wants to make a statement with their garden. To combine the most in-demand garden trends this spring, experts recommend planting wildflowers and orchids outdoors.

Build your own pergola with colorful decor and ideas

colorful decoration for party in the garden and with creative ideas build pergola yourself

If you’ve opted for a super simple DIY pergola design as a more budget-friendly option, that doesn’t mean your pergola can’t be the right place for gorgeous garden party ideas. Brighten up the area with eye-catching pillows and add pops of color from top to bottom with pennants, colorful fairy lights and more. If blue skies are also your thing, you could bring that part as color to your pergola. A splash of color will give your entire outdoor area a fresh feel. This is a great trick in gardens large and small to create a little cohesion with what’s outside your four exterior walls.

What size and shape is right for your garden structure

diy ideas build your own pergola and install it outdoors next to garden paths

The dimensions of your pergola will depend on your personal requirements and preferences. In general, however, the roof of this type of garden structure should be high enough for taller guests to walk under comfortably. A height of up to 2.5 meters would be sufficient in most cases. When it comes to width and length, you can go as far as you like as long as the structure is supported. Before you measure, you should also check if there is a way to create more space by moving garden furniture or flower beds. A little feng shui in the garden is also part of the process if you want to build pergola yourself after some great ideas.

build your own pergola with modern design and colorful ideas and set it as an accent in the garden

The selection of designs for pergolas is, of course, very extensive. These can generally be divided into two main styles: traditional and modern. Unlike other aspects of choosing a pergola, the style mainly depends on your taste. If you have a rural garden, you may prefer a traditional style. Should you live in a more urban area, then an elegant design would suit it more. In this case, of course, the choice is entirely up to you. Some of the most popular places to place such a garden structure include driveways, garden patios, outdoor kitchens and outdoor dining areas, as well as pools and garden paths.