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Design garden house: these modern models will inspire you wonderfully for your own cottage!

Modern garden houses look like a jewel in the garden. With their clean lines, simple and elegant materials and glass fronts, they transform any outdoor area into an inviting paradise, where not only your guests will feel comfortable, if it is intended as a guest house. You can also create your own wellness area in it and in this way enjoy your garden area in a whole new way. Of course, a design garden house in cube or similar look should also match the rest – so do you own a modern house design with modern garden, designer garden houses are just the right addition! We show you a few successful designs.

Design garden house with glass front

Design garden house with glass front made of concrete - Mobile prefabricated house from Kodasema

This design garden house comes from the company Kodasema. It is a prefabricated model made of concrete , convertible and extends on two floors, the second of which is the sleeping area. It offers enough space for the creation of a mini-house, but of course can be used for other purposes. A nice feature is also the large window fronts, which make further windows on the other walls unnecessary, so they can be best used for furniture and other essentials.

Modern and with a rustic touch

The Writer's Shed with facade of slats for rustic flair

Despite its modern design, this model exudes rustic warmth. The so-called “Writer’s Shed” by Weston Surman & Deane Architecture impresses with its façade of slats and abstract roof shape. In addition, the design garden house is equipped with a terrace, so you can enjoy the sun outside with a few comfortable chairs. Designed the cottage to serve as a workspace.

Organic shapes

Original garden house design with organic shapes and made of wood

If you like it extra fancy, you can turn away from the typical straight walls and choose curved shapes instead. Platform 5 Architects has developed a designer garden house of a special kind that, despite its small size, serves perfectly as a workspace. Also, those who are planning a garden sauna , with such a model receives the perfect foundation. The cottage also has a sympathetic effect due to the wood and the glass front, which adapts to the shape of the curved outer wall. The project is called “Shoffice”.

Desk with panoramic window above for plenty of natural light

Unusual roof shapes

Window fronts for bright interiors in garden houses

Modern buildings are characterized, among other things, by roofs of a somewhat different kind. So it doesn’t have to be the classic gable roof. The flat roof in particular is very popular in minimalist and contemporary architecture, but the butterfly roof also catches everyone’s eye. So it’s no wonder that the “Whidbey Island Cabin” by Chesmore/Buck Architecture makes such a wonderful impression. The wood-clad garden shed with a canopy and large fronts also has a small deck. The foundation compensates for the slight slope of the garden. The elevation was used to surround the terrace with raised beds.

Pool house for the garden

Design garden house Nevis with pool and dressing room

If you often have visitors who use the pool, a cottage for the garden is very convenient as a lounge with sanitary facilities. Who wants to change clothes or use the toilet, then do not have to specially cross the house for this, but get the whole thing in the immediate vicinity. The unique model of Robert Gurney Architect offers exactly that, and in a unique style. Modern and practical at the same time, with fireplace and a wonderful combination of wood, stone and metal as materials. The toilet and shower area have separate entrances, while the lounge area with the fireplace also has a kitchen counter with a picture window.

Design garden house with fireplace and stainless steel counter

Winterized garden house for living

Living in the garden for guests - building mini houses

Those who want to offer their guests full living comfort and privacy can take advantage of a design garden house, which includes everything necessary – kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping area and, of course, heating for the winter. Multifunctional and compact interior ideas make sense here and guarantee that your visitors will not lack anything. Half-height upper floors, which are prepared for sleeping, also prove to be very practical in such cases.

Design garden house with sliding or folding doors

Sliding doors for a shed with home office and sofa

Since the living space in a garden house design is limited, the right choice of doors is essential in order not to lose valuable space. Doors that open to the outside, for example, are well suited. However, the modern look particularly benefits from sliding doors or folding patio doors , which allow you to open a full side and ensure a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

More ideas for a design garden house

Design garden house with various functions - Modern ideas to replicate.

Depending on whether you want the house to offer privacy, window fronts can also be fitted with blinds or curtains that can be drawn when needed. But otherwise, a window front is preferable to closed walls, because it gives you the perfect view of the garden and you can enjoy it at any time.

Two-part garden house design with different functions

Large, two-part house design by a pool with a flat roof

If the design garden house is to serve several functions, it can be built large and divided. For example, one part can serve wellness, while the other takes a living or home office function. Fitness rooms in the garden are also extremely popular and look great with large windows. Sliding doors make working out even better, because you get the feeling that you’re working out in the middle of nature. And with plenty of fresh air, you’re also providing yourself while you’re at it.

Half floors are perfect for the sleeping area

Design garden house for living with sleeping area and library

Modern glazed idea with loft bed

Design garden house for guests with bed and living area

Garden houses are perfect guest rooms

Small shed converted into a habitable area with lots of windows

Flat roof with small terrace and roofing

Flat roof for a cottage with terrace and roofing