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Does patio lounge need to be weatherproof? If you want durable outdoor furniture, yes! Here are the options!

Once you’ve decided on the style of patio furniture that best suits your lifestyle, it’s time to think about the materials. Below, we’ve summarized some of the most important factors you should consider when looking for the most durable investment. Because if your patio lounge is weatherproof, then you’ll be able to enjoy your cozy evenings outdoors for longer.

What are the most durable materials for patio furniture

You can enjoy your cozy evenings in the outdoor area

There are several options that will provide you with both durability and stability of the furniture, as well as a beautiful design that would complement the charming look of your patio. We will show you the most suitable materials for patio lounges, as well as some models that we believe you will be impressed by. Think spacious and modern sofas and dining table sets made of durable hardwoods or rust-resistant aluminum that stand up to the elements just as well as the timeless designs.

There are several options that offer you durability and beautiful design

There are also gorgeous options from timeless aluminum-framed rattan lounge sets, contemporary aluminum Adirondack chairs and dining sets, as well as a mix of more affordable acacia and mahogany patio furniture and extra-durable teak options.

Aluminum makes patio lounge weatherproof

Aluminum makes the patio lounge weatherproof

Whether you choose a metal patio lounge, a wicker corner bench, or a dining set for your patio, it’s likely that metal will be used as the basic structure of the furniture design. While typically much more expensive than powder-coated steel alternatives, aluminum-framed outdoor furniture is by far the more durable metal option, and this added outdoor durability can make it a far more affordable investment in the long run.

Aluminum provides a protective barrier that prevents moisture from seeping in

This is because unlike corrosive steel, which relies on powder coating for protection, aluminum forms its own protective barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating its surface, making it an extremely rust-resistant and weather-resistant metal. Because of this, aluminum patio furniture can be left outside year-round, making it an extremely low-maintenance option.

Wicker is beautiful and durable

If you want durable outdoor furniture, the patio lounge needs to be weatherproof

Wicker furniture is a popular option for patios, offering a timeless look that can be paired with most garden styles. However, most modern wicker or rattan outdoor furniture is made of PE rattan or poly rattan, a polyurethane plastic that is lightweight, waterproof, weather resistant and low maintenance.

The most important criterion is the construction of the metal frame

The most important criterion when buying the best outdoor wicker furniture is the construction of the metal frame that gives rattan furniture its support. As explained above, a powder-coated steel frame is likely to weather much more quickly than an aluminum frame, which means that steel wicker furniture will likely need to be stored under cover in bad weather, while an aluminum-framed version is far lower maintenance and more durable, but will likely come at a higher price. With rattan, you can always manage to find the perfect balance between classic and modern.

Wicker furniture is a popular option for patios

Wooden terrace lounge

Teak has a dense grain that prevents moisture penetration

If you want your patio lounge to be weatherproof, then you can opt for some wood options. Wood patio furniture comes in many different types of wood, but if you’re looking for the most durable outdoor wood furniture, look for hardwoods. Teak is the most highly regarded hardwood for its strength and durability outdoors. Teak not only has an extremely dense grain that prevents moisture penetration, but it also has a high content of natural oils that keep the wood from weathering after it is cut.

What are the most durable materials for patio lounge

You can refinish teak by using teak oil to make it even more weather resistant, but many allow the wood to weather over time until it takes on its characteristic soft, silvery patina. There are sleek teak chairs and patio lounges with just the right amount of understated detail to enhance your backyard décor. Reclaimed teak can be a more environmentally friendly solution. When purchasing a wood product, look for FSC certification, which ensures that the tree was cut in a managed forest and does not contribute to harmful deforestation.

If you want your patio lounge to be weatherproof, opt for wooden furniture

Cheaper and faster-growing alternatives that have become popular for outdoor furniture are acacia and eucalyptus hardwoods. While these woods are slightly less dense than teak, they grow much faster and can be grown and managed to produce larger quantities of wood in a more sustainable manner – though again, look for FSC certification. A little maintenance with an annual coat of wood preservative should ensure that these hardwoods maintain their weather resistance.

Acacia and eucalyptus are very popular for outdoor furniture