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Design sitting area in the garden: Create the perfect retreat with dream beautiful ideas

The seating area in your outdoor space is one of the most important elements. After all, this is the place where you can relax and enjoy the result of your hard work in the garden. No wonder, then, that you should pay special attention to it in the design. The location also influences the choice of additional accessories, such as shade or windbreak, because if a tree and a privacy wall, respectively, already perform these tasks, you can save yourself from buying the other two. We have collected a few tips and ideas for you to consider if you are in the process of designing your own sitting area in the garden.

Design small sitting area in the garden

Design sitting area in the garden between two walls with gazebo and hanging plants

Especially when the space in the garden is limited, sometimes it proves difficult to find the appropriate place or type of seating. Are you looking for ideas for small terraced gardens ? Perhaps you can find a corner that you can use for this purpose – literally. For example, in the picture above, a “half gazebo” was built between two walls, which provides not only benches for sitting, but also a canopy at the same time, so you can escape the sun there, but also the rain, without having to flee into the house. In turn, the location between the two walls guarantees perfect protection from the wind.

Modern seating area in the garden design with concrete, built-in bench and tubs

A similar idea, but more modern in style, is this built-in bench framed by concrete walls. Additional decorative elements, such as the large bucket with tree and the wall lamp, provide additional comfort and prettify the garden corner. Every detail makes a big difference when you design your backyard seating area.

Combine garden elements when space is limited – think multifunctional!

Design seating area in the garden on the stairs - original combi partners for lack of space

If you’re designing a sitting area in the garden but don’t want to sacrifice too much space for it, you can also simply combine several elements – dining and garden lounge in one, for example (instead of a coffee table, use a dining table), or a fire pit with a wide edge that can serve as a storage and coffee table replacement. Or how about the idea above? The hillside has been divided into two levels connected by steps. But these steps also include a long garden bench with seat cushions and even small planted areas.

Freestanding sitting area outside with enough space

Design freestanding sitting area in garden with background of natural stone

If space allows, turn the seating area into the focal point of the garden! So instead of relegating it to a wall or corner, choose a more central location in your outdoor space instead when designing the backyard seating area. You can pave , tile or flagstone this to create a more stable surface. Choose any shape – round, square, asymmetrical, oval or maybe you have your own idea?

Create sculptural sitting area in the garden

Designing artistic seating area in the garden - sculptural seating made of wood by a fireplace

Have you planned a fire pit, but don’t quite know how to choose seating? Simple chairs or would you prefer a lounge ? How about an artistic and sculptural design as in the example above? Such a thing is guaranteed not to have any of your friends, because it can be made according to individual wishes of a carpenter. Also very original in this idea is that some of the seats can serve as stools (or if you sit on one of the chairs and want to put your legs up), and still others can be put together to form a bench or lounger. How practical and space-saving! The planted background also looks very pretty, as does the pebble floor to contrast with the warm wood.

Raised seating area with gravel

Design seating area in the garden on a gravel bed and plants in the background

You can visually separate the seating area from the rest of the garden by building a pedestal or simply pile up gravel as shown here . This gives the garden corner clean lines and always looks neat. To prevent the growth of grasses and weeds, it is recommended to incorporate water-permeable garden fleece.

Naturally wild and romantic

Natural seating area in the garden design with lush planting at all levels

Create an overgrown yet cozy seating area in the garden by planting everything around it – even the area under the bench by choosing shade-loving plants. Raised beds in the background thus also bathe the height of the seating area in lush greenery, while from above the branches of a tree or taller shrub/hedge can green up the garden corner.

Bench seating around a tree with natural garden design

Cool idea with wooden slats, climbing plants and built-in tub

Design modern sitting area in garden with wooden ledges and climbing plants

Cushions and textiles create comfort

DIY bench made of wood in front of a brick wall with upholstery

Modern pergola decorated with wrought iron

Natural garden design with modern accents, pergola and wrought iron

Design Mediterranean seating area in the garden

Mediterranean seating area in the garden design with shade plants and trees

Romantic lighting seating areas for the evening hours

Lighting up seating area under a pergola with fairy lights

Use vertical garden as a background

Planting privacy wall with the help of hanging flower boxes

Romantic seating areas in the garden with vintage furnishings and parasol

Colorful seating area in the garden design with parasol as a sunshade and carpet

Design narrow gardens with a small seating area by a fireplace

Plan small gardens with raised beds, pergola and climbing plants to green the fences

Covered seating area in the garden between privacy fences

Covered seating area in the garden with pergola, gravel bed and sofa

Small seating area in the garden with natural design with meadow flowers

Hidden table and chair as a retreat in natural garden

Vintage bench in pink in front of a rose bush

Vintage metal bench with colorful textiles and outdoor rug

Furnish chill corner in the garden with colorful textiles

Garden sitting area with Plexiglas canopy and textiles in bright colors