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Pampas grass does not bloom: these are possible causes + tips for proper care for a lush flowering season.

Ornamental grasses are among the most popular ornamental plants for the home garden, and no wonder. They are not only very beautiful to look at, but usually grow quite quickly and the tall varieties can even serve as privacy screens. Not only the grasses for the garden themselves are a feast for the eyes, but also your flowers or the so-called fronds – another point, which is why many decorate their gardens with these plants. This is also the case with the beautiful pampas grass. Of course, it is all the more disappointing when this flowering period fails for some reason. Your pampas grass is not blooming either? What could be the reason?

When is the flowering season?

Pampas grass does not bloom - causes and tips for care.

Before you get angry, you should first know when pampas grass blooms in the first place. You may just be mistaken and expecting them at the wrong time. When does pampas grass bloom? The so-called flower fronds appear in summer, usually in July or August. In some cases, however, they don’t appear until fall.

It would be actually just blooming time, but from fronds far and wide nothing is to be recognized? Or have you even been waiting for it for several years? Then it probably has other reasons. Check the following to find the possible problem.

Pampas grass does not bloom – These may be the causes

The plant is still too young

Pampas grasses not only need to get used to their location, but they also need to be old enough to form flowers. So it could well be that your plant is merely still too young and you simply need to be patient, because the pampas grass flowering season only sets in for the first time after about two to three years. Until then, the plant focuses on forming its roots well.

The ornamental grass gets too much shade

When pruning in spring, do not shorten the new shoots

Your pampas grass is not blooming because it may not be getting enough sun. Pampas grass in the shade can not form flower fronds. Therefore, provide it with really plenty of light by finding a location that offers several hours of sun. If the plant lacks it, do not need to expect an impressive flowering period.

The flower fronds of the ornamental grass appear in summer or autumn

Temperature is also important: at least 20 degrees during the growth phase, the pretty grass needs to thrive. Therefore, carefully choose the location, respectively, replant the grass if you have chosen an unfavorable one. Spring is ideal for this, and more precisely April or May, after you cut back the plant.

Pampas grass does not bloom due to unfavorable soil conditions.

On the keyword “location”, it is also worth mentioning the condition of the soil. Because if the soil is not right, it also interferes with the plant to develop properly, and flowering is now part of it. The pampas grass does not bloom in excessively compacted soil, for example, because they cause waterlogging. Instead, provide a loose and well-drained soil that also provides the ornamental grass with sufficient nutrients (fertilize appropriately). The soil may be drier at times (in any case better than waterlogging), but it should never dry out completely. Therefore, water regularly if the soil is dry.

Is it a male or female plant?

Pampas grass does not bloom due to a lot of shade and little sun

If it is a male specimen, you can count yourself lucky if you get to see a flower or two at all. After all, male pampas grasses bloom quite sparsely or even not at all. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this when buying. This also applies if you grow your plants yourself from purchased seeds. Again, you have no way of knowing what kind of seed it will ultimately be. Sharing a female plant that you also know will always produce abundant flower fronds is therefore a better choice.

Be careful when you cut pampas grass!

Too young ornamental grasses can not bloom because the flowering period begins later

If you care for your pampas grass, pruning in the spring is also part of the process. After that, the new blades of grass will grow, and, hopefully, later in the season, beautiful fronds. Not, however, if you do something wrong in the process. Your pampas grass will not bloom if you also cut off new shoots that have already appeared. Therefore, proceed carefully when pruning.

Pampas grass in a container does not bloom

Even with tub plants, it can take several years before they bloom for the first time. Have several years passed and you seem to have given the plant the right care, but it still continues to fail to bloom? Then lack of space could be a possible reason. Pampas grass will not bloom if it does not have enough room for the roots. Therefore, get the plant a container with a capacity of at least 40 cm, so that the rootstock can develop well.

Pampas grass does not bloom in the container due to lack of space

In general, it is also true that the plants in the pot are more delicate than those in the garden, and therefore also require a little more attention in terms of care. Adhere to the above-mentioned conditions regarding watering, soil condition and fertilization, as well as the location and remember that a lack of nutrients and drought occur more quickly in the pot than in the bed.

Pampas grass does not bloom if the plant is male