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Natural cultivation for the eco-utility garden: use the plot as much as possible and eat a vegetarian diet.

Those who feel uncomfortable in their skin want to change their habits in the long term. In addition to a regular sports program, for many women and men this includes a change in diet. That is why many experts recommend a vegetarian diet , to stay fit into old age. We explain how a natural cultivation for the eco-nutrition garden succeeds.

Natural cultivation: Different programs for healthy food

Growing vegetables in the kitchen garden care tips

It is well known that many nutrients are contained in vegetables or legumes. Whole grain products are also considered important sources of energy. Popular alternatives are whole-grain pasta or bread varieties with whole kernels. The German government has therefore developed various programs for healthy eating in the meantime.

For a fresh kick in the morning, many people process different types of fruit into fresh juice. The immune system is gladly strengthened by a juice cure. In order to achieve the desired effect, health-conscious people feed exclusively on liquid food for several days.

That is why it is worthwhile to grow natural

natural cultivation in the organic kitchen garden with greenhouse itself

Anyone who frequently conjures up delicious dishes from different types of vegetables wants food that tastes aromatic and is as little contaminated with fertilizers or other chemicals as possible. If you have your own garden, you can grow different varieties yourself. Children also love to watch the seedlings grow. But often the plants are exposed to unfavorable weather, after all, in the spring can still be quite frosty nights. If you have enough space, you can build a high-quality greenhouse with convenient features. For balconies or small terraces are suitable space-saving mini-greenhouses.

By the way, transparent garden houses are also ideal for wintering ornamental plants. Because most Mediterranean small trees do not tolerate sub-zero temperatures. Sensitive perennials can be placed in the all-rounders, well protected from downpours or pests.

Use greenhouse for organic growing tips

Inexpensive greenhouses in various sizes can now be ordered from a well-stocked online store. Depending on preference, there are models made of foil or sturdy versions made of aluminum. Hobby gardeners get special comfort with a smooth-running sliding door. And a separate skylight ensures an optimal supply of fresh air on hot summer days.

Growing cucumbers what to consider tips

If you cover your daily needs with home-grown produce, you would ideally like to do without chemical aids. Finally, an organic garden provides much-needed biodiversity because the population of insects or other beneficial animals has dramatically decreased. To ensure that as many species as possible find food, you should plant the beds with a variety of flowers and herbs.

Buy wisely: Alternatives to growing naturally

Growing vegetables in your own garden Tips for environmentally friendly gardening

Those who cannot grow their own vegetables for various reasons buy their preferred varieties from the supermarket. Here, more and more consumers are focusing on environmentally friendly purchasing. Valuable tips can help avoid unnecessary waste. For example, it is worth buying unpackaged apples or bananas. In addition, washable cotton bags should be used instead of disposable bags.

A current problem of our time is the enormous food waste . Therefore, only the amount that is actually consumed should be packed. Buying shapeless potatoes or carrots also contributes significantly to easing the situation. The goals should be achieved with a national strategy.

Growing fruits and vegetables without pesticides in your own garden

A vegetarian diet can bring many health benefits. However, for the food to be truly qualitative, the fruits and vegetables should not be treated with chemicals. Natural growing in your own garden is possible if you follow several basic rules:

  • Control pests without chemicals
  • fertilize ecologically
  • do not use pesticides

In case of permafrost, crops can also be grown in advance in a greenhouse. In this way, the gardening season is also extended and you can enjoy fruits and vegetables from your own cultivation all year round.