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Laying stone carpet: Instructions and possible uses for the terrace, balcony, garden path and driveway

The natural stone gives the outdoor area a distinctive charm. A terrace or balcony with stone tiles looks noble and natural. However, those who choose it, must expect a lot of effort in laying and maintenance. An inexpensive and practical alternative to this is stone carpet – a floor covering made of marble pebbles and polyurethane resin. We explain how to install a stone carpet and what possible uses there are for it in outdoor areas.

1. buy stone carpet or do it yourself?

Stone carpet around pool and terrace disadvantages

Stone carpet is made of small grains of natural stone (mostly marble and quartz) with artificially rounded edges and polyurethane resin, which serves as a binder. You can find prefabricated slabs at home improvement stores, but real stone carpet is installed much like a screed. A seamless installation is favored not only for its appearance, but also for the durability of the covering.

Laying stone carpet ideas for patio decking and pool surrounds

The stone carpet is offered in three grain sizes. The fine grain has a layer thickness of 8 mm and a weight per unit area of 14 kg/m².  The large grain has a layer thickness of 10 mm and a weight per unit area of 26 kg/m². The layer thickness and the weight per unit area of the medium grain vary depending on the manufacturer.

In the past, stone carpet was used exclusively outdoors, but nowadays it is also used indoors as a floor covering for heavily used rooms. In today’s article, we will take a closer look at outdoor applications.

1.1 On which surface can stone carpet be applied?

Laying stone carpet ideas for garden path and driveway modern

Outdoors, stone carpet is used, among other things, as a covering for the terrace , the balcony, the entrance area, the driveway and as a pool surround. In order for the final result to really last, the substrate is of great importance. This should be dry on the day of installation, previously sealed, load-bearing and clean. Suitable substrates include concrete and concrete slabs, sloped screed and some walkway slabs made of porcelain stoneware or natural stone. If you want to lay an outdoor staircase with stone carpet, then wood, natural stone and metal are still possible.

Laying stone carpet ideas for garden design

The first step in laying a stone carpet is preparation. An absorbent substrate must first be treated with a special floor primer for stone carpet and a non-absorbent substrate is first sealed with a special agent for stone carpet. The outdoor temperature should be between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

1.2 Laying stone carpet yourself: Instructions

Stone carpet laying instructions step by step

Laying stone carpet is not too difficult task. If you have already laid screed, you will certainly succeed. For laying you will need the following materials: special floor primer for stone carpet (depending on the type of substrate), a stone carpet mix of marble and/or quartz, a binder (polyurethane resin) and a surface consolidator for natural stone. Store the materials for 2-3 days in a dry place (especially the stones must not be applied wet). You will also need the following accessories: work protection (gloves, goggles, suitable protective clothing, rubber boots), a mortar mixer, a stripping plate or squeegee, a paint roller.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. clean the surface on the day, let it dry and seal it with the special agent for stone carpet.

2. the binder consists of resin and hardener. After the two materials are mixed, you need to use it immediately.

3. pour the marble pebbles into a mortar bucket and add the binder. Mix everything well with the mortar mixer.

4. spread the finished stone-binder mix evenly on the floor and smooth it with a trowel.

The stone carpet needs 1-2 days to harden. During this period, it must not be moistened and walked on. The temperature should be between 15° and 30° Celsius.

1.3. stone carpet sealing

Laying stone carpet around garden and patio ideas

If you want to weatherproof the stone carpet, you should seal it. Apply the surface sealer with a paint roller and let it dry for a week. By the way, you can also seal stone carpets that have already been laid, but you must let the protective agent dry for several days. Only then will the surface be ready to be walked on and driven on again. So choose a sunny day and apply the sealant early in the morning.

1.4 Stone carpet colors and patterns

Terrace with stone carpet with spiral motif ideas

Stone carpet is much more than a functional covering for the patio and balcony. There are numerous colors to choose from at home improvement stores. However, choose only natural colors – colored pebbles will fade or yellow over time.

Combining two or more colors can create interesting patterns. There are also manufacturers who sell ready-made elements such as a compass or a star. But you can also realize an individual project. For the terrace, balcony or garden path, it is possible to incorporate LED strips in the pavement.

1.5 Clean stone carpet

Laying stone carpet for outdoor stairs ideas and colors

Cleaning the stone carpet is quick and uncomplicated. Heavily used areas such as garden paths and outdoor stairs should be cleaned thoroughly at least three times a year. You should clean the balcony and terrace at the beginning and end of the garden season. Dust and dirt (except for grease and stains) can be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner or swept with a broom. You can clean grease and stains with a soft brush and mild soap. You can remove stubborn deposits with a cleaning agent for stone carpet. Then rinse the area with a garden hose. Avoid using high-pressure cleaners and floor cleaning machines. These could damage the stone carpet. Also, a steam vacuum should only be used if the manufacturer allows it.

2. laying stone carpet outside: possible applications

Stone carpet for outdoor stairs ideas for modern family home

A stone carpet is not the first choice for many when it comes to a covering for the exterior. In what cases does it make sense to install a stone carpet?

1. patio renovation is necessary. A weathered plank floor, tiles with cracks, loosened concrete slabs and leaking joints: if the old flooring is unsightly or even broken, then patio renovation is necessary. The stone carpet offers itself as a variant that saves time and effort. The stone carpet can be applied directly over the old flooring.

2. you want to create a cozy sitting area in the garden and need a covering with irregular shape. Instead of cutting wooden planks and tiles, you can simply compact the base, pour concrete and then lay the stone carpet.

3.If you want to build a terrace, but the floor level is too high. So that the patio door can open, the flooring should have a low construction height.

2. 1. stone carpet for the terrace

Laying terrace with stone carpet ideas for outdoor area

Wetness, frost and heat: a terrace covering must be able to withstand a lot. The stone carpet is weather-resistant and also suitable for use as a pool surround. However, it should not be laid near an open fireplace. So, the fire bowl and the garden grill are out of place on the stone carpet.

Otherwise, the flooring is quite undemanding and can be cleaned quickly. Weeding can also be omitted, because the stone carpet has no joints.

2.2 Stone carpet for the balcony

Stone carpet for balcony ideas for laying

Stone carpet is also suitable for balconies at home. It is especially suitable for uncovered balconies with a larger area. However, a floating seal is essential for the balcony. If you do not want to remove the old flooring, then be sure to consult a professional about the installation.

Stone carpet for outdoor balcony flooring ideas

2.3. stone carpet for outdoor stairs

Stone carpet for outdoor stairs as flooring ideas

Non-slip, very durable and with excellent insulating properties: Stone carpet is the perfect step covering for outdoor stairs. Another advantage is the fact that you can incorporate an LED strip and thus always have well-lit steps in the evening.

Stone carpet laying instructions step by step

The individual steps look especially attractive if they are designed in two colors. Also, certain patterns and motifs can be placed in front of the entrance to the house. The stone carpet can also incorporate vases, water features and flower pots in XXL format in the design.

Laying stairs for outdoor with stone carpet semicircular steps

No matter what shape the outdoor staircase is, you can lay the steps with stone carpet and incorporate matching floor lights.

2.4 Stone carpet around the pool

Laying stone carpet around pool ideas for outdoor area

The area around the pool is a big challenge in the design. It should be waterproof and non-slip, water should drain well and algae should not accumulate. Stone carpet meets all these requirements and therefore proves to be a good choice for pool edging.

2.5. stone carpet for the garden path

Stone carpet garden path flooring ideas

More rarely, the stone carpet is considered for the garden path. This is mainly because there are many cheaper alternatives. However, those who want to save the weeds in the joints, rely on the covering. It is also suitable for the front garden or small garden.

2.6 Stone carpet for the driveway

Laying stone carpet on driveway ideas

If the base is compacted and the stone carpet is sealed, then it is also suitable for heavily used areas such as the driveway. Also in its favor is the fact that it heats up less in the summer than concrete or natural stone slabs.

There are, of course, numerous designs possible in the front garden. For example, the stone carpet can connect the house, driveway and garden or guest house.

3. advantages and disadvantages of the stone carpet

stone carpet for terrace choose colors and motifs

Like any pavement, stone carpet has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages:

  • durable, resistant,
  • resistant to mechanical stress
  • heat resistant
  • frost-proof
  • anti-slip
  • lightfast
  • warm underfoot in summer
  • easy to clean
  • available in many colors

The disadvantages include:

  • Installation has its pitfalls and inexperienced do-it-yourselfers would be better off hiring a professional to do the job.
  • Mistakes made during installation are difficult to correct.
  • Removal of the covering is very time-consuming and costly.

Stone carpet is a practical, durable and versatile floor covering for outdoor use. With it you can perfectly lay terraces, outdoor stairs and balconies with irregular shape. In doing so, one should follow some basic rules. Always lay the flooring on sunny days, the stones should be completely dry when laying. Mix the binder immediately before laying, as it hardens very quickly. Allow sufficient time for drying before walking or driving on the surface.