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Low-maintenance garden – that’s the trend. Helpful ideas and tips on how to make it beautiful.

A beautiful garden is one thing, but if you have to invest a lot of time in its maintenance, the joy of it is quickly lost. That’s why a low-maintenance garden is ideal if you don’t feel like gardening, or if you really never have time for it. Striking the right balance between aesthetics and effort is key to creating an outdoor space you love to spend time in. Now may be the perfect time to tackle a new landscaping project. Take a look at our modern garden ideas and tips. We’ll explain how to easily create a low-maintenance garden.

Design an outdoor living area

Low-maintenance garden - good ideas on how to make it fast.

The best garden is an extension of the home. You don’t need elaborate flower beds and huge lawns to create a stunning oasis. It’s enough to create a beautiful area outside in your low-maintenance garden to spend your free time in, and to relax with family and friends. More outdoor space means more opportunities for warm weather entertaining, which leads to less work for you. When you design an outdoor living room , it also means you have fewer lawns to maintain.

Outdoor living space - tip for your low-maintenance garden

Decorate your backyard in a modern way by buying beautiful garden furniture. You should opt for hardwood rather than softwood, because softwood requires more maintenance. For example, a decorative parasol will provide protection from the midday sun while being a pretty focal point. Add some potted plants and outdoor cushions and you have the perfect place for easy indoor-outdoor living. You can install low-maintenance pavers that prevent weeds.

Good tips - outdoor room furnishings

Low-maintenance garden: choose insensitive plants.

Choose insensitive plants for your garden

Bring bright colors to your garden without breaking a sweat. To have a truly low-maintenance garden, there is one simple measure: limit the number of different plants you have. The fewer you have, the less maintenance you will need. Try to limit yourself to 5 to 10 varieties. You’ll know very well what care and attention they need, and you’ll be able to spot weeds more easily and control them faster.

Low maintenance garden - avoid certain plants

Be sure to grow climate-specific grasses and plants. You should consider what grasses grow naturally in your area. If you plant a grass that is acclimated to your climate, it won’t do much work later. This can save you money on watering, fertilizing and other maintenance.

Climate-specific plants in a low-maintenance garden

There are many plants that should be avoided if you want to have a low-maintenance garden. That means no annuals and tender plants, so no bedding plants or vegetables. Also avoid plants that need to be supported. Don’t put in climbing plants; they add a surprising workload. Shrubs, preferably evergreens, for example, are a good idea for a simple garden.

Opt for a low-maintenance lawn

Opt for a low maintenance lawn

Maintaining a lawn is probably the most time-consuming of all gardening tasks. However, you can create just a small area of short grass in the most formal area of the garden and let the rest become wilder and more natural. You will then only need to mow it once a year at the end of summer. Both high quality lawns and very poor lawns need to be aerated , scarified, and mowed regularly to keep them looking good. However, more durable lawn mixtures are much better able to take care of themselves.

Robot lawn mower as a tip for your garden

If you want to mow your entire lawn regularly, and don’t mind spending a little money, a robotic lawn mower will do all the work for you. It can be programmed to go out at specific times and return to its charging station when it’s done mowing. You don’t even have to be home at that time.

Drought-tolerant plants as a tip

Lavender is a drought tolerant plant

However, if your garden soil tends to get dry, consider this an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Instead of trying to keep it moist, plant it with drought-tolerant plants that will thrive without supplemental watering – try man-straw and lavender, for example.

Low-maintenance garden with potted plants

Flower pots as an additional color accent

Incorporating pots into your landscaping not only makes a garden easier to maintain, but also more versatile. If you want to have different colors, use pots. To add an extra pop of color, you can match the flowers to the season. Try white and pink in the spring and summer, and switch to yellow and red in the fall.

Low maintenance garden – mulch against weeds.

Mulch against weeds in the garden

Around your outdoor living space, create beds with mulch instead of grass. Mulch decomposes, fertilizes your plants and prevents weeds to boot. You know that weeding is the biggest chore in the garden, so you should take preventative measures. A good layer of mulch on the beds will help stop stubborn weeds and nourish the beds. Two for the price of one. Mulch isn’t much work because you don’t have to mow or water it. You only need to replace it in the spring. Plus, mulch also adds a nice aroma to your garden.

Automatic irrigation system

Easy care garden - automatic irrigation system is a must

If you have some plants that need regular watering, installing an automatic watering system can save you time every day. It also allows you to reduce the waste of water.