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Garden design trends 2022: transform the garden into a dreamy area for summer with these ideas

Now that spring has already arrived, garden trends are starting to blossom – from new design styles and ideas for outdoor spaces to the way you approach gardening itself. And since you’ll love using your garden in 2022, you’re ready to turn it into a stylish extension of your home – another space to enjoy and relax in. Think about how everything in your garden – every plant, piece of garden art or furniture, material, pot and more – contributes to your space as a whole. We’ll give you some ideas on what the 2022 garden design trends are so you can make your outdoor space beautiful.

Garden design trends: mixing indoor and outdoor

Garden design trends 2022 - what is fashionable in the summer

You’ve heard about bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out. Since people usually spend a lot of time at home, gardeners have realized that the boundaries between indoors and outdoors are blurring. This expands the living space. By treating your entire property as your home, you can create a strong sense of home and connection to the natural world.

Garden beautiful design - modern trends for the outdoor area.

Set up a “garden room” to expand your living space so you can cozy up in the fresh air. You can screen off areas with tall shrubs or hanging plants to create the sense of enclosure you have indoors. Provide adequate lighting with fairy lights, overhead lights, lanterns or outdoor lamps. Make it comfortable. A lounge chair or hammock will make your space even more inviting.

Furnishing outdoor area in style - ideas and tips 2022

It is expected that in 2022, the idea of creating a continuous space will become more prominent again. The goal is to open up the interior to the light and fresh air outside, rather than creating the illusion that the interior is outside.

Bright colors in the garden

Garden tips - planting outdoor area with colorful flowers

After the stress and strain of the pandemic, we all need color in our lives. Planting plans are moving away from the tasteful pastels and muted colors that have been in vogue for the past decade to something much bolder. Bright colors are in vogue for the spring and summer of 2022. The planting is haphazard and natural, like a stylized meadow meant more for pollinators than people.

Colorful flowers in the garden - trends for spring and summer 2022

Feel free to get sentimental and if there is a plant that brings back fond memories of a loved one, find a place for it. Use colors that make you feel comfortable. Decide what colors you like and don’t like, and take that into account when choosing plants. Place fragrant plants near places where you spend a lot of time.

Garden design trends – country style

Country style is trendy in 2022 - garden design

Country style gardens are usually created in the countryside. However, this traditional garden style is making its way into urban and suburban outdoor spaces this year. This look is all about growing new and unusual plants in the gardens to create a wild, rustic country feel. You don’t need a lot of space to recreate the romantic country garden in your outdoor space. You just need to be smart with your plant selection. To achieve this look, plant delphiniums, coneflowers or foxgloves, among others.

Living walls

Garden design trends - natural living walls

If you’ve always wondered how to build a vertical garden, this is the year to finally give it a try. Overgrown living walls look much more natural than solid fences. They are in line with current gardening trends that use all available space for plants, including the vertical space in your garden. Plus, plant walls serve as the perfect privacy screen so you can block out privacy. And if you already have a garden wall or fence, this may be the right year to plant them with rampant roses or cover them with trees and shrubs.

Vertical garden is a garden design trend 2022

Separate garden room as an office or gym

Use separate garden room as an office or gym - garden trends 2022

A garden room is always a luxury. For those of us who work primarily from home today, having a separate garden room is an invaluable opportunity. It can be set up as an office or gym to create some separation between home and work or workout life.

Geometric shapes are in

Geometric shapes in the garden for furniture and design

One of the biggest trends seen is the use of geometric shapes in paving, outdoor furniture and design. This is due to more natural shapes and materials being used in both interior and exterior design. This trend, moreover, carries over to standard products such as planters.

Multiple levels as one of the garden design trends

Garden design - beautiful idea for terracing

A garden that spans more than one level can offer much more than a single level. Different levels help to zone areas. They provide a wonderful opportunity to play with materials. Levels also lend themselves to division when it comes to planting. With built-in beds at different heights, plantings can be designed to fill every sightline.

Terracing is the optimal way to deal with a height difference. Terracing allows you to create usable, level spaces instead of impractical sloping areas.