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Flower bed in purple and white: get a romantic look for the garden!

Is there anything more beautiful than a lush flowering garden ? Flowers, perennials and shrubs in different colors are simply the best decoration for the outdoor space. Today we will show you how beautiful and romantic can look flower bed in purple and white. What plants you can put together for a purple and white flower bed, we explain in the article.

The purple flower bed

Natural garden flower bed in purple and white lavender

The color purple may not play a big role in your wardrobe or home decor. But in a garden, purple flowers are essential to add depth, richness and interest in spring, summer and fall.

In art and literature, purple is often associated with royalty, spirituality, serenity and knowledge. Some people find that simply looking at this color promotes feelings of inner peace and tranquility. Purple can be bold and dramatic or calm and restful, depending on its shade and hue.

planting combination for flowerbed in purple and white

A distinction is made between cool and warm shades of purple. The blue-violet, for example, is an intense, dark shade, sometimes called indigo or ultraviolet . One experiences flowers in this color range as muted, peaceful, calming and sophisticated. The warm shades of purple, on the other hand, such as mauve and magenta, are vibrant and energetic. What all these shades have in common is that when combined with bright colors and especially white, they look really good in the garden.

Here are a few examples of purple-flowering plants for the garden:

  • Bulbous plants: crocuses, hyacinths, ornamental leeks, tulips, splendid species, dahlias, anemones, decorative lilies.
  • Annuals: petunias, verbenas, liverworts, cornflowers, beach lilacs, showy bindweed, magic bells, torenias
  • Perennials: clematis (woodland vines), lupines, irises, bellflowers, sage, asters, phlox, perennial geraniums, lavender, delphinium, catmint
  • Shrubs: lilacs, blue rain, hydrangeas, monk’s pepper, sackflowers, azalea, rhododendron

So beautiful and romantic looks the color combination of white and purple in the garden

romantic garden design with flowers in purple and white

To set the scene for the purple-flowering plants, white flowers are an excellent choice. This delicate color combination looks gorgeous in any flower bed, small or large. The flower bed in purple and white is pleasant to look at and has a calming effect. The combination is perfect for a romantic cottage garden , but would also suit almost any other garden style.

What plants for the flower bed in purple and white?

white and purple flowers and perennials for the garden

If you want to create a flower bed in purple and white, you can choose from many plant combinations. For example, you can:

  • Combine several flowers, perennials and shrubs in shades of white and purple.
  • Plant different colors of the same flower
  • Choose a multicolored flower that has purple and white flowers

The look of the flower bed also plays an important role. For example, if it should be a low flower bed, then opt for low-growing plants such as groundcovers. Flowerbeds with different heights look equally beautiful. For this, you can combine ground covers with perennial plants. The choice of plants can also vary depending on the season. In our picture gallery you will find many planting combinations for purple and white in the flower bed. Let yourself be inspired!

The most beautiful planting combinations of spring flowers

purple tulips and white daffodils for spring flower bed

There are many spring flowers that bloom both in white and in beautiful shades of purple. We will now give you some examples of how to create the flower bed in the spring in this wonderful color combination.

Combine white tulips with purple ornamental leeks.

white tulips and ornamental leeks for the garden bed

From lilac to purple to magenta, ornamental leeks come in many different shades of purple. Less well known but equally beautiful is the white ornamental leek. Both can also be planted together in the flower bed.

Combine tulips in white and purple for the flower beds in the spring.

Flowerbed purple and white tulips

In combination with dark purple hyacinths white tulips come out quite well

combine white tulips and dark purple hyacinths

White and purple flowering hyacinths look beautiful in the flower bed and smell wonderful

blooming hyacinths in spring

Combine white and purple ornamental leeks in the garden

Purple and white plants for the garden ornamental leeks

In spring crocuses also bloom in beautiful white and purple shades

white purple and bicolor crocus in flower bed

Yellow crocuses beautifully complement the purple and white color palette

small flower bed planting crocuses purple white yellow

Create flower bed in purple and white with two-tone tulips

multicolored tulips for spring garden

A small bed with pansies in white-purple

multicolored pansies in small flower bed

Combine purple alliums with white peonies for beautiful late spring blooms

idea for flowerbed purple and white ornamental leeks and peonies

Color combination white-purple for beautiful flowering in summer and autumn

which perennials for flower bed purple white delphinium

The spring flowers have already faded? Don’t worry, because there are also many flowers and perennials that impress in summer and fall with their beautiful blooms in white and purple.

Snapdragons in different shades are perfect for the flower bed in bloom

lush flower bed with snapdragons white purple pink

Sage with purple and white flowers for the flower bed in summer

Sage flower bed in garden purple white

Delphinium in purple, white and purple shades is perfect for more height in the flower bed

purple flowering perennials for the garden delphinium

A pretty flowerbed of purple petunias, white lobelia and purple verbena

Petunia lobelia and verbena for flowerbed in purple and white

Geraniums and petunias are a classic planting combination for the flower bed

flower bed purple white planting with geraniums and petunias

Hydrangeas are the perfect ornamental shrubs for summer flower bed

Flowerbed purple and white with hydrangeas

Flower bed with lavender and white ground cover roses

Flower bed lavender ground cover roses purple white color combination