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Cheap garden paths: complete these DIY projects in a weekend!

Garden paths serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose in the garden. They provide a safe and easy path to and from the house and garden, and give you the opportunity to visually connect the two. Garden paths also help to delineate the outdoor space and can beautify the property overall. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the material and design of a garden path. From pavers to stepping stones to simple mulch, there’s something for every budget. And the best part is that you can create a garden path quite inexpensively.

Create garden path cheap simple DIY project

Depending on the material you choose and the topography of your yard, creating a garden path is a very simple DIY project that is suitable even for beginners and doesn’t take much time at all. In this post, we have collected some ideas for simple DIY projects that can be completed in a weekend.

Create garden path: General tips that guarantee success

Tips garden path cheap do it yourself from gravel

Whether you’re laying stone or spreading gravel, there are a few general tips that will contribute to the success of your garden path project.

  • Line your path with spray paint or a garden hose before you begin work.
  • Make sure the walkway is wide enough for an adult to walk on comfortably.
  • Remember to level the area so your materials are properly placed and your garden path is safe for guests and family to walk on.
  • Hard surface materials such as bricks or pavers need to be laid at a slope of 2 inches per meter away from your home to ensure proper drainage.
  • Also, don’t forget to place a weed barrier (such as weed fleece) under the path to minimize maintenance in the future.
  • Even if you don’t want to install lighting when you lay out your garden path, it’s a good idea to lay a power cable above the ground so you can add lights later if needed.

Create an inexpensive garden path: 7 easy projects for the weekend.

DIY garden path cheap at the weekend from bark mulch

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for attractive and affordable garden paths. Read on to discover inexpensive DIY projects for the weekend.

Garden path made of gravel or chippings

Garden path cheap to create from gravel or chippings

Gravel is perhaps the cheapest of all and is easy to lay yourself. This is partly due to the fact that the loose stones are permeable and do not pose problems with drainage. In addition, the gravel garden path is low maintenance: besides weeding, the gravel may only need to be refilled once a year. Just be sure to provide a border for the stones on both sides of the path. Also note that gravel is not the best choice if the path needs to be cleared after snowfalls. It may also not be the best option for steep slopes.

Decorated stepping stones made of concrete

Cheap concrete garden path decorate stepping stones with paint and template

Custom concrete stepping stones are a perfect summer project for kids, but this fancy design is all grown up! All you need are standard concrete stepping stones, a stencil, and spray paint to transform an ordinary walkway into a rustic gem – no concrete mixing required!

Inexpensive walkway made from euro pallets

Garden path ideas cheap DIY project from wood euro pallets

A short rustic garden path could be the next pallet DIY on your to-do list! Be sure to treat the boards beforehand so they will last for years and withstand moisture and weathering that could otherwise cause wood rot. Installation is really simple: you need to dig a level path and lay the pallets. You will certainly do the job in a weekend.

Create garden path cheaply from old bricks

Garden path cheap create from old bricks

If you decide to use recycled bricks, you can add a worn charm to your landscape in no time and, depending on the agreement, save money on the construction of the garden path. Don’t have any old bricks on hand? Then check out your local scrap yard for used materials or simply look for specialty retailers that offer recycled bricks.

Make your own garden path quickly and inexpensively from mulch

Create garden path quickly simple and cheap at the weekend from mulch

Mulch is known for its supportive role in manicured garden beds, but it also has its own unique strengths as an inexpensive material for walkways. Bark mulch is a natural weed killer, so maintenance is relatively low: just add new chips each year and border the path with bedding plants or bricks to keep everything neat.

Inexpensive and rustic: create a garden path out of wooden slices

Garden path fast and cheap from wooden discs

When it comes to creating a rustic outdoor space, nothing beats the look of real wood. Here, cross-cut logs are laid side by side to create a walkable work of art. This inexpensive DIY becomes even more affordable when you use storm-damaged branches. Best of all, it’s not complicated to install at all. To create an even surface, place the wooden slices on the flat ground and then fill them with soil, sweeping between the pieces to fill in the gaps. However, you should treat the tree slices first.

DIY concrete sidewalk

Cheap garden path from concrete create paving stone optics

You think concrete sidewalks are passé? Quite the opposite! Concrete forms in a variety of shapes and styles can help take boring cement to new heights. For example, in the picture above, the concrete sidewalk is disguised as classic pavers. If you decide to do it yourself, use a template to plan and customize the garden path before you get to work.