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2D & 3D garden planner – list of free & paid softwares online or for download

You have fulfilled your dream of your own garden and finally want to start planning for beds , shrubs, trees and all the other details? What seems like a simple task at first, suddenly turns out to be a challenge for many. And this applies not only to the new, but also to a possible redesign of the garden. Not everyone has the imagination needed to get an idea of where to plant what. And if you don’t want to invest in a garden designer right away, but prefer to do it yourself, fortunately you can rely on technology: 2D and 3D garden planners are the perfect helpers when it comes to garden planning and make it easier for us to get an idea of our own future garden and visualize it.

2D and 3D garden planner for DIY garden designs - plan your outdoor space

2D and 3D garden planners can be found in numerous versions. You have software and freeware at your disposal, apps for the smartphone or tablet and those for the PC. Finding the right one among all these programs can be as difficult as the garden planning itself. That’s why we’ve put together a great selection of useful garden planners to give you an overview.

Use 3D Garden Planner for free

3D garden planner and 2D programs to download or use online

Are you looking for a 3D garden planner freeware you have a wide range of choices, among which there are programs both for online use, and for download.

Virtual Garden

Virtual Garden as 3D garden planner with virtual walk through the finished design

Virtual Garden is a relatively simple free software, with not too good graphics. Besides, it is only available in English. Nevertheless, it is perfectly suitable for planning for the amateur gardener, because it provides all the necessary basics. You can draw your garden shape or choose from pre-made ones and then select ground coverings . Different types of plants are also available, so on the whole you can plan and design your beds in the best possible way. Another handy feature that 3D Garden Planner offers is that you can “walk” through your finished garden design at the end.

To the Virtual Garden Software .

Gardena Garden Planner 3D

Gardena app to plan online with buildings, beds, houses and other garden elements

Although not in 3D , but still highly recommended because of the many options: The Gardena my Garden planner does not need to be downloaded, but is used via the Internet browser. One very practical feature here is that the app is also available in German. And a lot can be planned here: Create your individual project by distributing bushes and hedges, designing an earth or lawn area and arranging plants and beds, or other garden elements such as ponds and a terrace. Even the irrigation can be planned perfectly with the garden planner app. You can also use one of the pre-designed gardens as a basis and at the end you will receive a shopping list including installation tips.

To the Gardena App .

Garden planner from OBI

OBI 3D garden planner - plan outdoors on a budget

You can also do your garden planning online on OBI’s website. The “OBI Garden Planner” is free and you can set a budget for your garden design and then track your spending as you plan. By and large, you can plan almost everything for your garden: plants and beds, patio, front garden and even pool and balcony. Choose any ground design and arrange everything the way you want, move or replace conveniently. Finally, as with Gardena, you get a shopping list of OBI products and can even have instructions sent to you by email.

To the OBI Online App .

Free 3D garden planner – Plan-a-Garden

Plan-a-Garden is a 3D garden planner for use online on PC or mobile devices.

Plan-a-Garden is an online software from “Better Homes and Gardens” that you can use for free after registering, although only in English. Here you have the choice of using the 3D garden planner online on your PC or on your smartphone or tablet. So it also works perfectly on mobile devices and is therefore very practical when you are on the go. You can visualize and design the garden completely new or use a self-made photo of your garden for this purpose. Place and move various garden elements like plants and furniture, garden sheds, fences, fountains, fireplaces and even garden decorations and accessories like garden gnomes or basketball nets. The makers of this planner really seem to have thought of everything.

You can find the Plan-a-Garden online app here .

Marshall’s Garden Visualizer

Free 3D garden planner Marshall's Garden Visualizer to use online or on computer

One of the best free softwares is Marshall’s Garden Visualizer. It is rich in tools and features, some of which are a bit complicated to implement. Nevertheless, it is worth to try the free online tool once. It works via the browser, but does not support Google Chrome. Alternatively, you can simply download another browser for this purpose. Then register for free and use the many advantages of this 3D garden planner to design your dream garden.

Go to Marshall’s Garden Visualizer .

Home Outside

Home Outside app for hobby gardeners for landscape design

Home Outside is an app for Android and iOS, that is, for mobile devices, and due to its user-friendliness, it is also perfectly suitable for amateur gardeners and for non-professional use. The many tools and features allow for convenient landscape design from the comfort of your sofa. A whole 700 elements are at your disposal and will make your project look really professional. With the help of Google Maps, you can measure and transfer your plot to plan it through afterwards. And to make sure you get to grips with everything straight away, a tutorial is provided. One drawback is that errors do occur in the app, which can cause projects to be lost. However, the team behind the app is always ready to help you recover.

Home Outside App .

DreamPlan Home Design for home and garden design in 3D.

DreamPlan Home Design for Windows and Mac for planning your home and garden

You can plan both the house and the garden and landscape around it with this free program. It is suitable for Windows and Mac. Working with this 3D garden planner is really very simple, so it is good for any user. It helps you to plan the existing area of your garden well and gives you an idea of how the garden will eventually look like. A wide variety of garden elements can be inserted, including pools in addition to plants.

DreamPlan Home Design . to plan a scheme in the form of a mind map

A garden planner of a different kind can be found in this free tool. Instead of visualizing the garden as in other programs, it is more about structuring and bundling all your ideas. This is done in the form of a mind map. In order for this to be elaborated, you must first specify your ideas about your dream garden – what style should it have, should it be child-friendly, what materials should it be made of and what equipment and planting do you value? With this type of garden planning you will get inspiration and then you can be referred to a professional.

Illustrate your future garden here .


Design your garden in 2D and bird's eye view with Edraw

Edraw is a free program for the PC that allows you to design your garden in 2D from a bird’s eye view. You have various symbols at your disposal for this purpose and you can use both your own garden dimensions and the given sample gardens. A comfortable work is guaranteed for you.

Download Edraw here .

3D garden planner software for sale

Paid 2D and 3D garden planners for great garden plans for the amateur gardener

If you are willing to spend a little money on a 3D garden planner, you can also buy software. It is not uncommon for these to have more detailed features, better graphics and tools.


3D garden planner GarDsign with subscription or free in 2D

This is a Dutch online planner that can also be used for free, but then only in 2D and after free registration. For the 3D version, a paid subscription is required. But then you can comfortably and mostly in German plan your garden and realize it virtually.

To the online planner GarDsign .

Garden design app for smartphones and tablets

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden as 3D garden planner and for house, terrace, pool and garden paths

If you are looking for a 3D garden designer to download to mobile devices, “Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden” does very well. With its help, you can design not only the garden, but also the house. There are many tools and options available for the outdoor area, including terraces, pools, garden paths and different types of plants. Add garden furniture and conveniently plan where which garden elements should go this way. You can plan the garden and house on different levels, which is perfect for high terraces, practical raised beds and gardens on slopes.

To download “Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden” .

Sketchup 3D Garden Planner

3D garden planner Sketchup with video tutorials and large library

Sketchup is one of the best garden design programs around and is available for a 30-day trial. It offers numerous options while being relatively easy to use. The manufacturers also provide video tutorials to explain and facilitate its use. Apart from the garden elements already added by the manufacturer, there is also a library where other users can put their designs online. Accordingly, you can also make your own designs.

Go to the Sketchup page .

VizTerra from Structure Studios

VizTerra by Structure Studios with free trial and great features and tools

Great graphics and a diverse library – this is the 3D garden planner from Structure Studios. Again, you have the option to try out a free trial version. The software really offers a wide range of possibilities. You can design terraces and decorate the garden with plants, plan fireplaces, pools, beautiful pergolas and other structures, garden lighting and much more, literally stretching your imagination. Once your project is ready, you can walk through your virtual garden and see everything from all angles – and even at different times of the day! What would the garden look like at sunset or how would the lighting work? You can try all that out.

You can find the 3D house and garden designer VizTerra here .


Draw and design garden and structures with Smartdraw

SmartDraw is not actually a 3D garden planner. In fact, it’s not even a garden planner. However, the software offers a wide range of possibilities to create various shapes and designs, with the help of which you can plan your garden from a bird’s eye view just as well. In this way, you can insert plants, draw patio areas and buildings or constructions for the garden, and thus divide the plot as easy as pie. Interested? Then visit the page in the following link:

Try and buy SmartDraw .

3D Garden Planner – GrowVeg

3D garden planner GrowVeg in English for PC or as an app for smartphones and tablet

This 3D garden planner is in English, but it is so simple that it is easy to use even if you don’t know much English. The planner is available both for the home PC and in the form of an app (but then only for iOS). You can test the app for 7 days for free, after which an annual subscription is possible for 27 euros. However, this subscription offers not only the planning of the garden, beds and plants, but other features. For example, it notifies you when it’s time to sow seeds and keeps you up to date on the likely harvest time. So, especially for planning the vegetable beds, this program is very useful.

Try or buy the software here .


3D garden planner Gardenplanner with bird's eye view option for purchase

Originally also available as an online planner, it can now only be downloaded. Gardenplanner is also a paid software, but you can try it for 15 days first. With its help, you can arrange various garden elements in 2D on white graph paper and in this way visualize your dream garden in a manageable way. The latest version also offers a 3D view. The handling of the program is really simple and practical, albeit in English. You can even print the finished project afterwards.

You can find the trial and full version here .


Shoot with great plant variety and care tips via email

The layout of Shoot is quite similar to Gardenplanner. Here, too, you can get a trial version first, if you wish, before you possibly decide to buy it. You can choose from over 10,000 plants and place them in your virtual garden, while also receiving useful information about each variety (e.g. conditions to the location). In addition, the producers are always available to ensure new plants of your choice. Every month you will receive care tips by e-mail for the plants you have chosen. Just register and get started!

Shoot Gardenplanner here .

3D Garden

3D Garden is a free software to download

For 30 euros you can get this software from Amazon, but it takes a little more time. So if you want to design your garden in a hurry, you might not find the right thing in this software. Because you might need some time to get familiar with the layout, tools and functions. But otherwise, 3D Garden Planner is a really helpful program that will give you a very good idea of your future garden. Flower and vegetable beds, pools and ponds, terraces and play areas for the kids are all no problem and even the terrain of the property can be recreated, albeit laboriously, but ideally. So if you are willing to invest more time in digital garden planning, this software is also a great choice.

You can purchase the 3D garden software here .

Online 3D Garden Planner – Garden Puzzle

Garden Puzzle 3D garden planner offers numerous plants to plan on a photo of the garden

You can use this 3D garden planner online or you can install it on your computer. Either way, working with the planner is really convenient. You have a wide selection of plant species and varieties (entirely filterable for your own climate zone) as well as various garden elements such as lawns, structures, water features, paths and more. For your personal garden design, you can even upload a real photo of your garden and then decorate it any way you like. What better way to jumpstart your imagination? Get a picture of any plant you choose at any time of year to know exactly what your garden will look like and when.

Learn more and download on the page of Garden Puzzle .