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How to plant and design car tires – DIY ideas for home & garden.

When it’s time to replace the car tires , you do not need to immediately throw away the old ones. They are wonderful for planting and can decorate the garden in bright colors. We explain how to plant car tires with the help of instructions and give you a few design ideas for the garden.

Planting car tires with edible plants?

Plant, colorfully paint and stack car tires for the garden

Especially those who like to plant small vegetable beds in tubs will surely ask themselves whether edible plants are also suitable for tires. Don’t tires give off pollutants as they gradually decompose? Yes, tires contain chemicals and metals that are harmful to the body. For this reason, they are not recommended as containers for edible plants. Therefore, for fruits and vegetables, it is better to leave it at the classic bed or raised bed made of harmless materials, and prefer to plant tires only ornamental plants. But even then you should keep in mind that the pollutants will get into the soil. Therefore, if you decoratively plant car tires, it is best to choose a place in the garden that you will not design with useful plants in the future.

Planting car tires with green and flowering ornamental plants

The advantage of planting car tires is that the plants in the tires will need less water and fertilizer than, for example, in a normal bed. In addition, the tires warm up quickly and then pass this heat through the soil to the plants.

Make flower pots from old tires yourself

Planting car tires – instructions

Planting car tires - instructions for creative tubs

And when it comes to using the tires for planting, you can get really creative. After all, they can be used not only individually like tubs. You can also stack them staggered to create a low wall or even create a pyramid and then plant the car tires. Also, two or three car tires stacked on top of each other are suitable for use as flower pots. Do you want the tires to decorate not only the garden , but also the terrace? How about hanging them on the wall and then planting the car tires?

Decorate walls or trees with hanging flower decoration in tire

For this, simply fill the lower part with a drainage layer and above it with potting soil and you can put the flowers inside. Since this type of planter has no drainage holes, you should always water sparingly – despite the drainage layer! Alternatively, you could wedge a small board inside and simply spread small flower pots on it or place the pots directly in the tire. If your planted car tire decoration will hang freely in the garden, you can of course add drainage holes with the help of a drill.

Stack tires in a staggered fashion for a pyramid as a divider

If you want to use the tires as a flower bed or raised bed, proceed as with the raised bed: Lay a drainage layer and then fill the cavity with high-quality potting soil or a mixture you make yourself. Then you can plant your hoop bed.

Planting succulents in car tires with plywood for indoors

Feel free to provide the hoop with a plywood board that you drill into the hoop. You can line the inside with a permeable fabric to keep potting soil from falling through any holes or cracks. Then fill it up with soil, after which you can plant the car tire. This option is also good for terraces, balconies or even indoors. To avoid overwatering, we recommend drought-loving plants that you need to water sparingly.

Wavy or jagged edges

DIY planter made from recycled tires with wavy pattern

You can spice up tires not only with colors , but also by waving or serrating the edge. With chalk or a pencil, simply draw out the desired pattern and carefully cut the edge along the line with a jigsaw or sharp knife. You can now plant the car tire or paint it beforehand. Another variant is to turn the tire once upside down, which will give you a bucket. The cut off part is suitable as a foot and can be glued to the tub.

Garden upcycling - instructions for DIY buckets

Painting planters from car tires.

Plant privacy walls with the help of car tires

Not only that – since tires aren’t exactly pretty to look at, it would also be a great idea if you painted planted car tires. Whether monochrome or with beautiful patterns and motifs – there are no limits to your imagination and in this way the project also turns into a fun activity for children . After all, what child does not love to work with colors? To paint the tires, you should first apply an oil or shellac primer. Then it can be really colorful with acrylic paints for facades.

Cool garden idea with tires and lawn in a stone bed

Instead of flowers, you can also plant the car tires with grass. These look decorative both in a flower bed as an accent, and in the form of stepping stones after you dig them into the ground. So recycled car tires are versatile and can be planted in any way. For example, combine flowers and grasses, but also make sure you choose the right ones in terms of site conditions. Plants that are in the same tire should also have similar requirements.

Put flowers in the hoop

Plant old car tires and hang them on the wall as patio or balcony decoration

Decorate bare or unsightly walls.

Plant old tires for colorful accents on walls

White tire with purple petunias

Car tires as flower boxes with petunias - recycling idea for the garden

Use motorcycle tires instead of car tires

Wall decoration for outside or mini rock garden in tire

Upcycling for garden decoration

Ideas for designing old tires for garden, terrace and balcony

Paint ladybugs on tires

Painting ladybugs on tires for small, decorative raised beds

Stacked tires for a small raised bed

Design tires with dots and stack them for narrow raised beds

Tires instead of flower boxes in bright colors

Alternative to flower boxes in bright summer colors and with pansies

White tire decorated with rope

White hoop decorated with rope and planted cyclamen

Make high flower bed yourself with halved tires

Flower bed from car tires in bright colors as garden decoration

Tires in mint green

Mint green car tire planting with fuchsias

Fancy more decorations with car tires? Why not build a fountain out of old tires !