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Wintering hydrangea in a pot: with these tips it can be wintered even on the balcony and terrace

Your potted hydrangea has been your pride and joy this year and, of course, you want to be able to admire it in the coming season. In order for the wintering to work out well, you only need to observe and comply with a few things. You are lucky: this plant is not too sensitive, so even beginners can easily get it through the cold winter. We briefly summarize how to overwinter the hydrangea in a pot.

Are hydrangeas hardy?

Wintering hydrangea in a pot - tips for balcony, terrace and house.

Compared to some other potted plants, they are actually relatively hardy. For this reason, it is also quite possible to overwinter hydrangeas directly on the balcony or terrace – perfect if you do not have the necessary space in the apartment. Nevertheless, the hydrangea can not withstand frost in the long term, if it is in the container and does not receive additional protection. But even this is not a big science, as you will learn below.

Wintering hydrangea in a pot – what you should do in advance.

Hydrangea in the pot overwinter - The tub must be large with thick edge

Before your potted hydrangea goes into winter quarters or is suitably “dressed”, there are a few things you need to consider and do regarding its care. This is important:

Prune hydrangea

Before winter, you should clean your plant, so to speak. This means that you should remove all the parts of the plant that have dried up or are rotting. In this way, you will make it more resistant to diseases, for which diseased parts are the ideal base to develop. However, here really limit yourself to damaged parts of the plant and do not remove more than is necessary. Radical pruning, in particular, is extremely inappropriate at this time, as this would require an enormous amount of energy from the hydrangea afterwards – energy that it will have to use in other ways during the winter.

Cut hydrangea to remove dried and rotting parts

Hydrangea care in the pot – Until when can you fertilize?

Fertilizer promotes growth, which is desirable in the warm season, of course. However, in winter young shoots are weak points, sensitive to frost and will die. For this reason, stop fertilizing already in the fall. Then the plants still have enough time to mature their youngest shoots and make them more resistant to frost.

Get rid of pests

Frost protection for the tub and the above-ground parts of the plant

Take a closer look at your potted plant. Before you can overwinter the hydrangea in the pot, you should make sure that there is also no pest infestation or disease. You might as well do that if you’re going to cut them anyway. After all, many pests and fungal diseases can overwinter without a problem and then return in full force as soon as it gets warmer. And it doesn’t matter whether you overwinter the potted plant outside or in a warmer winter quarters. For this reason, you should still eliminate everything in time.

How to winter the hydrangea in a pot.

Next comes the actual preparations for the winter quarters: the right container and possibly insulation, for example. What to consider when you winter hydrangea in a pot ?

Which pot is the right one?

Yes, hydrangeas are quite hardy, but if they are in a container, their frost resistance is also lower. For this reason, you need to support them with the right container. It is important that the roots are protected from the cold, and for this the size of the container plays the biggest role. Namely, it should have a diameter of at least 40 centimeters. Only in this way you can guarantee that the potting soil will not completely freeze through and the roots will die. If you also choose a pot that has thick walls, all the better. Because these will serve as additional insulation.

Wintering hydrangea in a pot - take care of the plant properly beforehand

What if the pot is not big enough?

You can risk it and provide the pot with further frost protection (see below), or you’d better play it safe and find the potted plant suitable winter quarters, where temperatures do not fall below 5 degrees, but are not higher. The location should also be bright. If you want to winter indoors hydrangea in a pot, you should move it before the first frost.

Wintering hydrangea in a pot: additional frost protection measures for outdoors.

Hydrangeas are only conditionally hardy in the tub

Does your plant remain outside, since you have given it a suitable pot? Keep in mind that you still need to winterize hydrangeas by taking some additional measures. These are:

  • Place the tub against a house wall. The location should be protected from both wind and sunlight, but bright.
  • Insulate the pot from the outside as well. Simple bubble wrap is suitable for this purpose. If you have jute available, you can also use it.
  • Also protect the above-ground parts of the plant from frost during particularly cold periods. Special plant fleece is available in stores, which protects, but still does not deprive the plant of light and air. Brushwood is also suitable.

ATTENTION: No matter whether you overwinter the hydrangea in a pot outdoors or indoors, it should be watered regularly even in winter so that it does not dry out. Therefore, always regularly check whether the soil is still moist.

Overwinter hydrangea in a pot - Place indoors in a cool and bright place