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Winter Garden Decorating Ideas: Decorate the winter terrace in a style that suits you best

Winter garden is a beautiful room in the greenery, which is both outdoors and indoors. Despite its name, you can spend time in this room in any season. Whether in winter to catch the few rays of the sun or in summer to open like a terrace, the possibilities for the design of the winter garden are almost endless. If you are just looking for ideas for a conservatory decoration that will match the style of your outdoor room, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find many tips on how to furnish and decorate your winter garden.

Designing a year-round winter garden: Decoration ideas on different styles

Winter garden in black and white plants as an accent

Who wouldn’t want to sit in a lush garden and drink coffee even when the snow is deep outside? You can do that in a conservatory. Glazed conservatories have been around since the 18th century, when it became popular in manor houses and castles to set up a conservatory where people could enjoy themselves among wintering perennials.

Small winter garden design and decorate

In Scandinavian countries, for example, the veranda has a similar function, although it can be difficult to fully heat it if the glass is old and a little drafty. But how should you furnish and decorate a conservatory so that it can be used all year round? Here are some inspirations of beautiful conservatories from around the world.

Greenery outside or inside

Baroque style conservatory white furniture chandelier

If your conservatory is surrounded by greenery, you can keep it pretty bare in the summer if you wish – there’s still plenty to see outside the windows! With a large dining table and a spectacular ceiling light, the conservatory will look even more spacious. In winter, on the other hand, you can overwinter your plants there to compensate for the bare winter landscape outside.

Winter garden decoration with nostalgic flair

White winter garden with picture frames and roses as decoration

On a classic Nordic porch with geraniums and roses, rag rugs, flea market finds and old furniture feel right. Vintage picture frames without pictures can add a nostalgic flair to the decoration, and colorful textiles with floral patterns add wonderfully to the grandmotherly feeling.

Exotic all white

Winter garden decoration with retro flair all in white

A cool retro feel prevails in this conservatory, where classic rattan furniture was combined with chairs from the 1960s. Lots of plants, both standing and hanging, give the room a tropical feel and provide natural accents even in winter.

Stylish and modern

Idea for winter garden with folding glass wall

In this villa in Sweden was created a winter garden with a large folding wall – a great option for those who have a house model where four glass walls are not possible, but still want to have the feeling of a winter garden. Since this room is part of the main building, it was decorated like a living room extension itself, with stylish modern furniture, but with a sofa and a comfortable armchair to create a vacation feeling. In such a conservatory, you can use large potted plants to blur the line between outdoors and indoors.

Furnish a winter garden: Create a relaxing corner

Green chaise lounge and large plants in the winter garden

Since conservatories are warm and cozy, they are a great place to relax with a book. Why not put a daybed or chaise longue here for the ultimate relaxation corner? Garden furniture made of lightweight materials is popular because it can be lifted up and carried around to follow the warming rays of the sun.

Classically beautiful conservatory decor

Classic conservatory with dining and seating area and lemon tree as decoration

This large conservatory is a rather classic example of the outdoor covered room. Two corners were created – a dining area and a cozy corner with a sofa and upholstered furniture. Vibrant lights in lanterns make the room cozy all year round, but if you decorate the conservatory with tall trees, like here, it will create a real summer feeling. Exotic varieties, like the lemon tree pictured here, thrive best when you guarantee the optimal temperature at all times.

Built-in greenhouse

Winter garden decorate with plants as own greenhouse

A greenhouse built into the wall of the house, accessible through the house, gives the same feeling as a conservatory and is a good choice for the amateur gardener who spends a lot of time with his plants. Of course, you can also set up a plant bench in a conservatory and conduct growing experiments with different plants, as long as you don’t mind getting dirty. Opt for plastic chairs with nice upholstery that can be easily wiped down or washed if your conservatory is used more for growing than for drinking coffee.

Wild decoration

Wild decoration in winter garden large plant folding chairs

Elegant folding chairs are handy for the conservatory – you can keep a few of them folded up against the wall and bring them out when you have guests. Sometimes a single large plant is all you need for conservatory decor, as in this picture. If the plant is eye-catching enough, the rest of the decor can be kept very simple; it still feels a bit Mediterranean to sit here.

Old fashioned elegance

Victorian style winter garden decoration vintage chairs

If you want a traditionally designed conservatory, reminiscent of the beautiful Victorian rooms in London, then rounded window details are the right choice. The more decorative the window trim is, the more elegant the conservatory will look. If you prefer this style in your garden, keep the furniture a little old-fashioned – rattan furniture is beautiful in a classic conservatory, and if it has squiggly details, like here, you will perfectly complete the interior.

Light and shade

Modern winter garden decorate with curtains

In this dining room/conservatory in Turkey, the owners chose to hang long curtains in front of the windows. If you don’t want too much transparency in the conservatory or need to protect some plants from the blazing midday sun, this is a good option. Large screens made of bamboo or folding walls made of wood can also be an attractive solution. We also think the built-in shelf on the wall is great, which not only provides additional storage space, but is also a beautiful eye-catcher.

Winter garden decoration with natural material: the stone wall as an accent.

Winter garden with stone wall and floor

Finally, sometimes the simple is the most beautiful. This small conservatory was decorated with three different types of stone – on the floor, on the wall and on the windowsill. Black, simple furniture creates a nice contrast and allows the focus to be on the different textures in the room. Natural materials bring out green plants especially well and are well suited for the winter garden.