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Winter door decorations for outside: decorate the front door in winter with one of these ideas!

Winter is slowly but surely arriving and the beautiful colors of autumn are giving way to winter greenery. If you already feel like a suitable decoration for the winter, you can start with the outdoor area and more precisely with the entrance to the house. With a beautiful door decoration for outside, you will welcome the cold season and give the gray surroundings an atmospheric touch.

What should you consider when decorating your front door?

Classic door decoration for outside in winter door wreath

When choosing your outdoor door decorations, you should consider a few important points. First, the decoration should be color-coordinated with the front door and the facade. You can either go for a uniform look or seek out contrast. Secondly, the size of the deco should be considered, otherwise the whole effect may be lost. If your front door has glass elements, you should also consider them when decorating the door.

How to put the decoration on the door?

Simple door decoration for outside in winter small door braid

This question is certainly asked by everyone who decorates their front door for the first time. The answer, of course, depends on the door model. For example, if the front door has a knocker, you can attach the decoration to it. Otherwise, door hooks are a good option for attaching door wreaths, braids and other decorations . Rubber suction hooks are also suitable, but in this case there is a risk that they will come loose and the decoration will end up on the floor.

Front door decoration in winter door wreath festive

Wreaths made of natural materials, for example, bring quite a bit of weight and often pose a problem. In this case, the door hook is a better option. Of course, you can also nail a ribbon to the door and hang the decoration on it. Pick an inconspicuous place for it, for example, the door rabbet. Then tie a sturdy hook to the ribbon and attach the decoration to it.

Winter door decorations for outside: the most beautiful ideas to copy.

Door decoration for outside with fairy lights

To decorate the front door in winter, there are numerous ideas. We have collected here some of the most beautiful examples that you can use as inspiration for your winter door decoration for outside 2021. Whether you choose a classic door wreath or go for a fancy decoration is up to you.

Festive door decoration for outside

Front door decoration in winter with green door wreath

If you are still putting up your winter decorations in November, you can also add some festive elements. For example, you can spice up a classic door wreath made of fir greenery with Christmas decorations such as decorative balls, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, cookies and Secret Santa. To attach the decorations to the wreath, hot glue gun is the best tool.

Tie door wreath from evergreen branches and decorate with festive motifs

How to tie and decorate a door wreath from conifer branches

Snowflake door wreath as winter decoration for outside

Snowflake door wreath as winter decoration for front door

Instead of the classic door wreath, you can opt for a door decoration in different shapes. The snowflake is a popular motif for winter and with some styrofoam or floral foam you can make the wreath in the shape of a snowflake. For this you still need some artificial branches fir greenery and other decorative elements as you like. How exactly to make the snowflake is illustrated in the instructions below.

Here’s how to make the snowflake door wreath step by step:

Instructions snowflake door wreath tinker

From several plastic snowflakes in different sizes, you can also make a beautiful door decoration for the front door

Door decoration for outside with snowflakes DIY

Door decoration for outside from knitwear: creative DIY ideas

Door wreath from old sweaters

Door decoration for outside do it yourself from old sweater door wreath

Do you like upcycling? With old clothes and accessories you can also conjure up a beautiful door decoration for outside. Get out those old sweaters, cut them into strips and wrap them around a Styrofoam ring. Add a bow made of fabric and some greenery and your beautiful door wreath for winter is ready.

DIY winter door ornaments made from gloves or from a hat.

Winter decoration for the front door with knitting gloves and hat planting

Another original idea are these pretty arrangements arranged in gloves or a hat. Artificial branches and decorations are best for a similar arrangement. If you want to use real greenery, you can arrange the arrangement on floral foam and put it in a suitable container such as a vase. Then just put the vase in the cap and you’re done.

Decorate the front door in winter with a wreath made of balls of wool

Winter outdoor door decoration make your own wreath from yarn and jute

If you want to make a decoration for the front door yourself that gives a feeling of coziness, then this wreath made of balls of wool is a beautiful idea. You don’t have to sacrifice whole balls for this, you can use a simple trick. Wrap some styrofoam balls of different sizes with some yarn to make fake wool balls. For the base, you can wrap a blank Styrofoam wreath with jute. You then glue the balls to the base. You can also use some snow cones as accents.

Instructions DIY door wreath from yarn balls

Do-it-yourself front door decorations for winter with natural materials

Natural material door decoration for front door do it yourself from branch and twigs

Are you looking for ideas for door decorations made from natural materials? There are many beautiful ideas that are not necessarily a wreath. Instead, you can hang some green branches on a branch and decorate the front door with them.

The willow wreath is perfect for a decoration with a rustic look

Door decoration for outside DIY door wreath with white fir trees

For a simple door decoration, glue some large cones to beautiful fabric ribbons and hang them on the front door

Simple hanging decoration for the front door with pine cones

Instead of door wreath: hang decorated basket on the front door

Festive decoration for the front door in winter basket decorated with flowers and bells

If you are looking for an alternative to the wreath, you can also consider this idea. For this you need a hanging basket, which you fill with decorations of your choice, such as some conifer branches. You can decorate the basket as you like, so that it matches the rest of the decoration at the entrance to the house.

Winter decoration for front door arrange in basket