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Winter decoration for the front door: 20 of the most beautiful ideas for front door and entrance area 2021

Welcome your guests in winter with an abundance of inviting colors and textures. These winter decorating ideas for front door and front entrance feature natural elements and festive accents. Get inspired by the DIY projects and decorating ideas in our article and create a wonderful winter decoration for the front door that suits your own home style.

Natural materials for a cozy atmosphere in the entrance area

Scandinavian inspired winter decoration for the front door from several elements

Also this year, decorations with reference to nature are very much in vogue. Whether evergreen trees, cones, logs or berry branches, you simply can’t go wrong with natural materials. These elements add coziness to the outdoor space and also combine wonderfully with classic Christmas decorations.

Decorate the entrance to the house with winter arrangements

Beautiful winter flower arrangement to decorate the entrance of the house

Beautiful winter arrangements can be made from evergreen branches, which will put both the house and the garden in a festive mood. There are many options to choose from – from cedar, spruce and pine to cypress or magnolia. We’ve put together some pretty do-it-yourself floral arrangements, as well as lots of ideas to inspire you, in this post.

Winter decoration in nature look combine with beautiful sign

The finished arrangements are wonderful as decoration in front of the front door and can of course be combined with other decorative elements. Very nice we find this idea with a wooden sign, on which is a beautiful Christmas greeting. And you?

Alternative to the winter flower arrangement: fill buckets with cones, logs and cotton branches and make them glow with a string of lights.

Alternative to winter arrangement cones in buckets decorated with fairy lights

Simple and practical winter decoration for the entrance to the house assemble yourself

Simple winter decoration idea 2021 for the entrance area

Decorating the entrance to the house does not necessarily mean buying expensive decorative items or spending many hours on handicrafts. Even with simple objects and materials you can beautify the area in front of the front door and even make it practical. For example, you can turn a simple wooden bench into a stylish storage for firewood. The wood stacked under it will look very decorative, especially if it contrasts with the bench. Furthermore, fill some wire baskets with cones or branches and hang a boxwood wreath on top to finish your winter decoration.

Natural winter decoration for the entrance

Idea for winter decoration 2021 in nature look

Use natural elements to create a beautiful winter decoration for your front entrance. On this festive porch, a decorated evergreen tree, wreaths and garlands stand out against an all-white background. A wire basket filled with firewood also emphasizes the natural coziness of the entrance here.

Decorate the entrance to the house in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian winter decoration for the front door that radiates coziness

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a natural winter decoration, check out how the Scandinavians do it. Use lots of greenery, elements of wood and light to give your home entrance warmth and coziness.

Winter decoration for the front entrance – Modern and minimalist.

Simple winter decoration for house entrance modern and minimalist

Wood accents add a charming, inviting warmth to your front door. You can also implement this look yourself. All you need is a hanging door decoration made of a branch and some greenery, minimalist skis and some logs in a stylish basket. For a modern accent, add some glass lanterns with a simple design.

Ideas for door decorations in winter 2021

Door braid as a decoration for the front door

Christmas tree in a tub evergreen branches and fairy lights to decorate the entrance area

A classic wreath is not the only way to decorate your front door festively. A few green branches tied together with a festive bow and hung on the door will look very natural and inviting. A garland of evergreens will go just beautifully with it, and the inserted fairy lights will add sparkling accents in the evening hours.

Minimalist door wreath made of wood and eucalyptus.

Winter decoration door wreath in Scandinavian style from wood and eucalyptus

If you do not want to do without a pretty door wreath after all, then you can create a change with a minimalist wreath in Scandinavian style. For a simple DIY door wreath, you can use some bendable wire, wooden beads and some eucalyptus branches. So it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Alternative to the door wreath: hanging basket with branches.

House entrance decorate in winter with natural material and basket with wood instead of door wreath

Festive winter decoration for the entrance to the house 2021

Colorful lantern decoration

Festive winter decoration for the front door with colorful Christmas balls in glass lanterns

To put your entryway in a festive mood, fill large glass lanterns with colorful Christmas baubles and use them as part of your winter decorations for the front entrance. A few vintage sleighs and Christmas-wrapped boxes will go just perfectly with this.

Garland made of pine cones and Christmas balls.

Pine cone garland as decoration for the front door in winter

Or decorate your front door with a spectacular pine cone garland! For this, you can hot glue colored Christmas balls (to match your front door) onto a pre-made garland, and make the natural look of the garland more festive. For another accent, you can also sprinkle some artificial snow on top. Then hang the garland with self-adhesive hooks or clips attached above the door frame, and you’re done with Advent and Christmas decorations.

Secret Santa decoration for the entrance to the house

Winter decoration house entrance gnome make yourself

For more Christmas spirit, you can also add some pixies to your winter home entrance decorations. These cute figurines are very popular and will add a playful accent to your entryway. If you want to decorate the outdoor area 2021 with Christmas gnomes made of natural materials, be sure to check out our tips and DIY ideas in this article !

Secret Santa made of evergreen branches are a real highlight at the entrance to the house

Cute pixies as home entrance decoration to welcome guests

Winter decoration for the house entrance: more ideas for inspiration

House entrance lighting with fir green decorate

In the following pictures you will find some more ideas for winter decoration, which you can implement yourself without much effort. So get inspired and choose a decoration concept for your winter house entrance!

Decorate a ladder at the entrance with evergreen branches, lights and skates

Winter decoration for small entrance ladder decorate with candles green branches and skates

Combine asymmetrical garland of fir greenery and cones with an evergreen door wreath with bells

Asymmetrical garland of fir greenery as decoration for the front door

Winter decorations of evergreens with red accents will go wonderfully with white front door and facade

White front door and facade decorate with greenery in winter

Decorate the entrance to the house in winter festively with lights

Winter decoration for front door with lights