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What indoor plants trends 2023 choose? – Create your own indoor jungle with lush plants

To keep up with the latest trends in home design, you can consider some houseplant trends 2023. Green plants in your home can not only be a feast for the eyes, but also provide numerous decorative and health benefits. In addition, some of them are air purifying, while others are suitable for cooking or tea making. As with interior design, there are trendy varieties when choosing plants for the home that drive current styles and modern living concepts. If you’re looking to breathe some life into your own four walls, you can draw inspiration from the following examples.

Look for the latest houseplant trends 2023

gum tree and window leaf as common plant varieties in modern and stylish interior design

So in the current year, houseplants are still an integral part of modern interior design . Not only do they add color and texture to a room, but they also have proven health benefits, as mentioned earlier. From absorbing radiation from screens to purifying the air to lowering stress levels, it will always be stylish to bring nature into play.

follow the most popular indoor plant trends 2023 and choose low-maintenance plant varieties

But what are the most common types of plants that fit perfectly into modern interiors? This year’s trends include hanging plants, colorful foliage and many arum plants. While some of these plants are already established in home decor, there are new ones taking the lead. From big, bold foliage to emphasizing sustainability to showcasing houseplants in a trendy way, there are some suggestions everyone can look forward to.

Create a bottle garden with small plants in the living room

create your own bottle gardens according to the current indoor plant trends 2023

Currently, bottle gardens, where you can place a series of small plants in a glass vase or globe, are all the rage. These mini-gardens are suitable for any home and don’t require much water, as evaporation condenses on the side of the glass and runs into the compost. However, the plants need a bright place, just not too hot. So it would be ideal to place them on a desk away from the window. Compact plant varieties such as moss fern, small-leaved ivy, or small orchids are suitable for this purpose.

Choose bird of paradise plant as a lively decorative element.

give a touch of green to a living room with strelitzia or bird of paradise plant and design it

If you have a room with bright indirect light to full sun, then you can consider the bird of paradise plant. Stylish and with a tropical flair, its large glossy green leaves are the perfect filler for any otherwise unsightly corner.

thick green leaves and flower in exotic colors with the bird of paradise as a trendy indoor plant

These plants are structurally very interesting, even more so than the classic Monstera. Their extra-large leaves instantly add dynamism and presence to home decor. In addition, bird of paradise flowers, also known as strelitzias, are the perfect way to add a touch of the exotic to your home.

Tall rubber trees and monstera as houseplants trends 2023

scandinavian style minimalist decorated room with retro style indoor plant and cabinet

The evergreen rubber tree and the so-called window leaf or monstera are uncomplicated and low-maintenance indoor plants. They look stylish with almost any home decor and can create the desired trendy jungle effect in the room in combination with other plants. In addition, rubber trees have air-purifying properties that make them even more beneficial for indoor spaces. Their dark, glossy leaves add dramatic contrast to a plant landscape full of traditional greens.

choose monstera or window leaf and other indoor plant trends 2023 according to your own taste

As for Monstera, this large plant variety also makes its mark on the style trends when designing a modern home. For example, it also makes a great housewarming gift that will instantly add the desired wow factor to a living room or bedroom. Such a tall plant can also work well in smaller living spaces. You could even use a row of tall houseplants to create a living plant wall and zone your space with it.

Add color to a room subtly with a mosaic plant

red green leaves of a mosaic plant can beautify any living space

This is a slightly more demanding plant variety, as it requires a constant temperature of 20 to 25 degrees. However, it shouldn’t be a problem for most homes if you prefer it warm at home. You will be rewarded for your efforts with an explosion of colorful leaves. Thus, the so-called fittonias are suitable as lush houseplants trends 2023 for any modern living space and give it a lively touch.

Epiphytes or pineapple plants as houseplants trends 2023.

modern composition of bromeliads and decoration on a table in the living room

Instead of seeing plants on shelves or hanging on a curtain rod, you can present more interesting. Sitting epiphytic varieties that don’t need to be rooted in the ground are accordingly becoming increasingly popular with plant lovers. Whether it’s a deer antler fern on a wall, or an orchid on a totem that would add more texture, there are numerous creative designs. The most common houseplants that look good in the air are pineapple plants, also known as bromeliads, which you can place almost anywhere between your own four walls.

Opt for classic bow hemp or edible plants.

place bow hemp in the bedroom and benefit from air purifying advantages

Keep lush foliage houseplant trends 2023, such as Sansevieria trifasciata, on your radar as well. If you’re new to plant ownership or just looking for a low-maintenance houseplant, you can choose this classic. This is another common houseplant that doesn’t require much water. It also has the added benefit of removing toxins from the atmosphere. In addition, bow hemp needs a bright location, but don’t put it in a south-facing window.

neon colored leaves as indoor plant trends 2023 still current for any living space with style

Since own gardening as a sustainable option is preferred by many people nowadays, herbs, tangerines, cherry tomatoes or even bananas are also among the indoor plant trends 2023. Moreover, currently it is totally trendy to grow vegetables and herbs indoors on a sunny windowsill.

palm or banana as tall indoor plant trends 2023 suitable for living room

Anyone who has the right conditions can grow such plant varieties in their own home. Accordingly, growing edibles can be quite inexpensive on a small budget. All you need is some compost in the apartment, as well as seeds and some recycled plastic pots or trays.