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What helps against flies in the garden? Drive away the pesky insects with these home remedies and DIY ideas!

The weather is gorgeous and we all enjoy getting outside. But who would have thought that flies can nearly ruin a family barbecue, annoy the dog, and make us all want to flee inside. How can we enjoy our gardens if one hand has to keep waving away those pesky pests? If you find yourself in this situation, you’re probably wondering what to do about flies in your garden so you don’t have to deal with these pesky insects anymore. While an occasional visit from these tiny creatures is pretty much unavoidable, especially in the summer, there are a few things you can do to curb their population in front of your home.

What to do about flies in the garden?

What to do against flies in the garden?

Here are some tried and true methods you can use to keep flies away from your food this summer.

Repel flies outdoors with electric fans

Drive away flies outdoors with electric fans

One of the most effective ways to keep flies away from a particular area , is to create a breeze strong enough to make it difficult for the insects to fly. They sense the breeze blowing toward them and will fly in another direction rather than fight their way through it. It doesn’t matter if you use a pre-installed ceiling fan or simply plug in a stand fan on your patio, this method works wonders.

What helps fight flies outside?

What helps against flies outside - fly trap

It’s old hat, but a classic. Fly traps have been around for years. These sticky traps attract flies with the promise of a sweet treat, but then cause them to stick to the paper and become poisoned.

What scares the insects away?

Craft some scented fly strips! You can deter the pests with essential oils hated by flies. You will need a piece of fabric that you cut into strips (30 cm x 3 cm). Then you should moisten the strips with an essential oil – a few drops of the following are enough – mint, rosemary, lavender, citronella or eucalyptus. Hang the fabric strips around your patio and in your garden: The scent of the oil successfully drives away bugs .

Candles keep the pesky bugs away

Drive away flies outdoors - DIY ideas and tips

Lighting a few citrus-scented candles and placing them on your dining table or near your barbecue area can deter flies. You can also use a plug-in air freshener that smells like citrus if you can’t find candles.

Herbs as natural remedies for flies in the garden

Candles and herbs keep the pesky vermin away

Some herbs that you can plant to get rid of garden flies are: the bay, clove, mint, rosemary, woodruff and tansy. These plants keep these pesky insects away and are also annoying to other pests.

What else you can do against flies in the garden

What you can do about flies in the garden

Flies are attracted to malodorous scents (and repelled by pepper and dry spirits). Cut the top off a plastic bottle and turn it upside down to keep the insects out. Fill the bottle with vinegar and sugar. Finally, add liquid dishwashing detergent and place the bottle in the garden. Secure the bottle so pets (and larger pests) can’t tip it over.

Vodka against pests

Vodka is another familiar scent that flies don’t seem to like. Filling a few plastic bags a quarter full and then hanging them around the barbecue area can keep the insects away.

Make your own fly trap

Make fly trap yourself - idea

Get a used soda can or plastic bottle that still has the sweet sugar in it. The dregs will do just fine. Place it in a fly-prone location. The insects will get in easily and won’t be able to get out.

You can also throw banana pieces and candy in a bottle. The flies will have a hard time climbing up the sides of the bottle.

Clever ways to prevent flies from returning.

Once you’ve given pests the boot, you can prevent flies and maggots from coming back in with these clever strategies.

Keep clean to keep flies out of the garden

If you take care to keep your outdoor space clean and tidy, you can keep a lot of flies from coming into your garden. Washing out your garbage cans regularly with a hose to prevent bad odors that would attract insects in droves helps. For the same reason, have garbage cans and garbage bags that close tightly. Also, keep garbage cans off your property.

If you own a pet, especially a dog, you need to be aware that dog poop lying around will attract flies to your yard. It’s not just the piles, a pet’s food or water bowl can also attract them.

Your compost or manure pile should also be considered. If it’s not covered, it’s a prime target for flies.

Mow regularly

Ways to prevent insects from returning - mow and keep clean outside

Flies often lay their eggs in tall grass, which provides moisture and shelter. Mow your lawn weekly during the peak summer season to prevent infestations.

Watch for standing water

Repel flies in the garden - be sure to water

Don’t leave puddles of water in your yard. Flies need to drink water, so they are attracted to puddles, birdbaths and damp spots caused by dripping sprinklers.